A few months ago I was seeing Vital Proteins collagen peptides all over social media. After awhile I was like “What is this powdering stuff everyone is adding to their coffee?!”. After some research, I was very intrigued enough to purchase a container to try this out for myself and have since repurchased.

Once my shipment was delivered, I shared my unboxing on Instagram stories. So many of you messaged me either already being hooked yourself or being like me, wondering what the hype was all about. So here we are four months later! Enough time has past now for me to give an authentic review sharing the benefits of collagen peptides, my personal results and how I incorporated them into my everyday routine. Literally EVERYDAY!
my experience taking vital proteins collagen peptides review
Before becoming collagen peptides obsessed, I had no idea that collagen is the most prevalent protein in our bodies! Essentially collagen is what holds our bodies together. It’s a building block for our bones, hair, nails, skin and joints so if you want any of these to thrive and be strong, your body needs collagen. Without collagen, our body loses firmness, causing saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Amino acids in collagen assist in creating younger looking, moisturized skin. Not only is it important for our outward appearance, but it helps ease intestinal digestion, repair muscles post-work out, creates strong joints and aids in more restful sleep.

As we get older, our body does not create collagen at the rate we loose it and in today’s society of processed foods, we often don’t get enough collagen from the foods we eat. The best way to ensure you’re getting enough collage is to take a supplement.

I take Vital Proteins collagen peptides which is a powdery white substance. It comes wit a little scoop and I like to add 1 scoop, two times a day to my water. So each day, I consume one to two scoops. Many people add it to their coffees which I did try at first, but it grossed me out. I could taste the product in my coffee and it formed into a gooey looking substance that I couldn’t stomach haha. I found this really interesting because many people feel the opposite! So try both avenues – both hot and cold to see what works for you! You can also add collagen peptides to your baking and smoothies.


About four years ago while half marathon training, I took a crazy fall down a huge concrete hill in Boston. Very long story short, if I wouldn’t have blocked my head it would have been severely cracked. From that fall, my right knee has been irritated every since… and I run a lot! While we aren’t currently training and logging massive miles, S and I still put in ten to fifteen miles on average a week. My knee from earlier this year to know is crazy. CRAZY. It hasn’t been hurting on ground impact like it used to and I really feel ties into the cartilage health that collagen provides.

I can’t believe that I didn’t read this in any of my research. I realized a week into taking collagen peptides that I wasn’t reaching for snacks and I LOVE SNACKS. Since girl’s hormones affect us so much I figured I was just having a great week. Then the next week rolled around and I realized I still wasn’t reaching for snacks and always felt great in between meals which was odd. I was intrigued and literally googled “Are collagen peptides an appetite suppressant”. Bingo. Collagen peptides has severely limited my urge to snack and I feel full in between meals which I really freaking LOVE.

Getting great skin involves a combination of things. Collagen was one of those factors for me! I have seen an increase in overall health, hydration and radiance over the last three months – just in time for my wedding! While this is of course a combination of efforts – two HydraFacials, eating very clean/no gluten or sugar, Tula skin care line, lots of H20 – I can most definitely attribute collagen proteins to much of the moisture and suppleness that’s been put back into my skin. My skin is normal/dry, but leans towards the dry end which means it’s oftentimes wicked dull. Now my skin is very moisturized and bright. I know that collagen proteins has helped played a huge part in this.

Since I’m always so excited each day to get my collagen proteins in, I now drink so much more water. I love to track my water intake within my FitBit Blaze and aim to get 90 ounces every day. This water bottle also helps because I love the built in shaker that helps quickly disintegrate the collagen peptides and the built in straw is awesome

I have honestly been in a hair funk for over a year. Between a new salon, this product line and collagen proteins I can say that my hair had such a huge turnaround in health and I love it! This all happened in a matter of weeks too. My hair is super shiny, full of moisture, doesn’t break and is just so healthy.

Overall my body feels great, my skin looks the best it ever has and my hair is so healthy. After taking Vital Proteins for four months I can say that it’s part of my daily routine and ‘m happy to know that I’m providing my body with extra nutrients to help it now, but also as preventive maintenance for the future. Have you tried collagen peptides? I’d love to hear your experience! Xo Mindy

PS – Keep in mind, my degree is is Marketing and I have absolutely zero background in science… I took astronomy as my science credit in college lol. Please consult with your doctor before consuming this product and know that I have no background in the health field. I’m simply sharing my personal experience. 


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