Hi ladies! Today we are chatting about a topic that I’ve received a lot of IG messages about -registries. While at first S and I felt weird curating a list of items for other’s to buy us, it really makes it easier for traditional gift givers. You’ll be swarmed with gift questions either way, so creating a registry is a way to ensure you receive items that are useful to you and that you’ll actually use. Oh and this way you won’t be left with 12 toasters ;-).

Back in July, I chatted about our registry through Zola in this post. We loved using Zola because we liked items from all different retailers and traditional registries tend to be clunky. With that said, research the best way for you to organize your registry whether through a third party site like Zola or a traditional registry through retailers. While Zola worked well for us, do what works for you!

Now that we’ve been back from our Honeymoon and using all our generous wedding gifts, I feel like I’m in a place to give some advice which is how today’s post came about.

Today I’m sharing the 15 wedding registry essentials.

PS – I often get questions on Instagram about our blendermarble lazy Susan and wine glasses so I linked a bunch of items we received in the bottom of this post in case you were looking for a specific item you’ve seen me share on IG stories or are looking to curate your own registry.

wedding registry essentials

By having a Nespresso, Keurig or traditional coffee brewer on hand, your Starbucks expense will drastically go down. I love espresso so we registered for the Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine by De’Longhi. While S isn’t a coffee drinker, he does use it every morning and night to brew hot water for his green/herbal tea. I seriously love that it comes with an attachment to froth milk for hot or cold lattes. If you’re a coffee lover, registering for a Nespresso, or another option that suits, you is a no-brainer!


wedding registry essentials

Not only do mixers look pretty on your countertop, they make cooking and baking easy and SUPER FUN! I LOVE mine and use it five+ times a week.

Selecting the stand mixer you enjoy is all about personal preference. I really vetted through KitchenAid’s varying models and decided on the 5 Qt. Artisan Design Series in the gorgeous Frosted Pearl hue. The main differences between the Artisan and the Classic is that that Artisan is more powerful [325 watts compared to 275], holds more [5 quarts vs 4.5], can be locked in both ‘up’ and ‘down’ positions and comes with the glass bowl and pouring shield. It’s the bridge between a regular and a professional mixer. While I opted for the metallic white color and there are a bunch of other neutrals available like this champagne hue or statement-making pink!

wedding registry essentials FLATWEAR: Shop now
If you’re like us, most of your kitchen items were mix matched hand me downs, including silverware. Now, having matching utensils in our kitchen is a game changer! There are many different options like one huge budget-friendly set for around $100 or real 18/10 stainless steel that are more of an investment ringing in around 150+ for a 12 piece set.

We went the latter route and requested three 12 piece sets so that we could treasure them for years to come, but there are so many options for all budgets. I suggest looking through Crate & Barrel’s vast selection.

wedding registry essentials

China? Everyday plates? Decision, decisions. We personally opted to not register for china and instead found a beautiful set of everyday dishes that were neutral, but dressy enough for formal dinning. We really loved the unique, but classic look of this set and they are super durable. Another deciding factor is to consider if the set you enjoy has matching serving dishes to complete your set if you’d Type A like me and want everything to match. This one has has a lot of serving pieces and another reason I love it!

Many couples nowadays skip on china, but you may have always wanted a set so do what you feel is right for you!

wedding registry essentials

I had honestly never really had any fancy cheese spreads growing up, but S’ family loves them and now they are our favorite thing to put together when friends come over or to bring when we visit his aunts. We’ll grab hard and soft cheese, roasted red pepper, marinated mushrooms, prosciutto, olive, capicola, fig jam, nuts and crackers for a great mix. Having a pretty piece to serve it on is the fun part though. We registered and were gifted this one and this one with these cheese utensils. There is just something about white marble that makes everything look so glam, but if it’s not your style there are so many wood or black slate options out there too.


wedding registry essentials

Salads are just way more fun to put together in a big, pretty serving bowl. I hunted for FOREVER to find one that came with matching serving claw utensils and found this gem. We love it for making salads even if it’s just the two of us, or for serving out friends.


wedding registry essentialsCOOKWEAR SET: Shop now
As with anything on your registry, make sure to research your options for cookwear! There are nonstick, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and more. While each serves a different purpose and in reality it’s good to have a mix, starting with a matching set of essentials is a great idea. We hated our nonstick set and the employee at Williams-Sonoma said they are actually phasing off the market, so decided to that ceramic was best for us. We love this set.


wedding registry essentialsEVERYDAY GLASSWARE: Shop now
I definitely suggest looking at glassware in-person. Online they all look great, but then they are far too heavy or look really brittle. We registered for two sets of these and two sets of these and love them.



wedding registry essentialsBAKING DISH: Shop now
Another top used item in our kitchen! I cannot suggest Le Creuset enough and it was a brand all over our registry because they are the highest quality and can be handed down to your daughter or grandchildren in the future. This baking pan is our most used Le Creuset item and S even says that it cooks so much better than any other dish we own.


Probably our most used kitchen appliance is this amazing slow cooker. Crockpots make everything taste AMAZING and allows you to make dinner in a snap. You throw all the ingredients in and it sits for eight hours. So easy.



wedding registry essentialsTUPPERWARE: Shop now
The best way to stay organized in your fridge is by having lots of Tupperware on hand. S and I pack our lunches for work and also cook in bulk, so having two of these glass sets and this plastic set which have both been really handy. They are really high quality and the snap lid makes them leak free. For lunches that need to be warmed up or for leftover that will stain plastic, we use the glass ones.


wedding registry essentialsKNIFE SET: Shop now
A really nice knife set can totally change up your enjoyment of cooking. While at Williams-Sonoma we learned that building you knife set individually is ideal, not everyone has the budget or a want for that. A block set may be all you need and this one is perfect!




wedding registry essentialsMATCHING TOWEL SET: Shop now
A nice set of towels is something you’ll use everyday and very practical so make sure you add them! After reading a bunch of reviews, we decided on this type from Pottery Barn in white.




wedding registry essentialsBEDDING: Shop now
Upgrade your bedding situation by registering for nice sheets. Finding a set that’s 400+ thread count will ensure they withstand the test of time. We love this grey set since the color pairs seamlessly with our white comforter, but won’t show my self tanner as much as a white set would. They are budget-friendly and last years too!


wedding registry essentialsVACUUM: Shop now
While a Dyson price tag may make you cringe, many guests want to go in on a large gift, so don’t feel guilty listing a pricier item that you have dreamed about owning. This one is cordless which is such a nice luxury! I’ve heard awesome reviews on the Shark brand as well.






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