Home Sweet Servello: 4 Cyber Week Home Decor Purchases We Made!

Hi guys – I hope you have found my Guide to Black Friday helpful!

S and I really took advantage of home decor sales today and we’re super excited for the pieces to be delivered! Our home is feeling oh so cozy and I know these new additions will make it feel even more so.

I feel like it’s been awhile since I provided a Home Sweet Servello update, so  figured I’d pop in for a bit to share the Black Friday deals we got now so that if an item appeals to you, you can purchase with the steep discounts this weekend rather than full price once they get delivered to us!

As I mentioned in my last update, our home is an open concept so we are working on decorating our dining room and breakfast nook area first.

Once we feel good with the downstairs kitchen, breakfast book and dining room, we’ll move onto my office and our master!

Taking it one area at a time as allowed us to keep focus, not feel overwhelmed and prioritize purchases so that may be a helpful tip for you as well 🙂

I included our favorite home decor brands sales and promo codes below, but don’t forget that I have a Guide to Black Friday that dives into each more!

Alright, let’s dive in! For Cyber Week, we’ve made the following home decor purchases:


Ever since we put the offer in on our house, I knew I wanted to invest in these chairs and these chairs. I didn’t know which would be barstools for our island and which would be our dining chairs, so I waited until we found our table first.

We found this dining table in store while on our anniversary in Portland, Mane and fell in love. It mixes S and my style nicely while also meshing in with the color scheme I had in my mind! It’s actually on sale for 25% off today with code ‘SAVEMORE’ so here ares some details on why we really love it.

This table has a farmhouse-esque style to it and is also made of reclaimed wood. Both of these attributes tie in a sense of warmth to the room! The rustic feel of the reclaimed wood also brings in character which is something I didn’t even think of until after we owned it and now it’s one of my favorite aspects.

We also enjoy it because the cut is very modern.. so you’re mixing farmhouse style with modern which is hard to find! The legs are two large rectangle blocks, rather than a tradition four legged table if that makes sense.

And finally, the color is simply gorgeous. We own the ‘Stone Grey’ hue. Finding a grey table turned out to be nearly impossible, then when I saw this in person I was like “that’s the one!”. I love that the stain in dark in some areas and lighter in others – it’s not just one solid hue.

We decided on the 72″ which comfortably sits six, but can definitely fit eight. We debated on the 87″ for a bit, but we figured since my family is very small and S’ family isn’t nearby, six to eight seats would be the perfect size for us and it really is!

If you do have a large family, there is also an expandable version, but keep in mind that you lose the connecting bar between the legs in this style.

After making this purchase, it was easy to narrow down which of the two dining chairs styles we’d order along with the color.

We purchased these chairs in ‘Cream’. If you have a lighter table, the grey color is so stunning too. The cream was backordered for two months, but ended up being delivered in three weeks to store.. the day before Thanksgiving! Just in the nick of time for us hosting!

*Note – if you ship to store, you save hundreds on shipping! S has a mid size SUV and by removing them from the boxes, we were able to fit all six in his car. Over six, you may need a cargo van or just pay for home shipping 😀

Once we have a few more things in place, I will do an entire post reveling our dining room and reviewing each piece of furniture in depth, but all this to say.. I’m obsessed with how our dining room is coming together!

That long novel to say, we purchased the other style chair I’m obsessed with for our barstools!

The brand is my all time favorite for home decor inspiration. When their catalogue gets delivered in the mail, I get all giddy, grab my tea, and sit at our island and flip through ooing and ahhing at legit every editorial.

Honestly, with the prices it’s typically an inspiration avenue for me, but with the insane Black Friday deal we bought these counter stools in shade ‘Fog’.

This dreamy brand has 25% off everything this Black Friday with code ‘CELEBRATE’ which is insane. They really never run sales!

The counter stools also come in these sunwashed colors which I find cute, but S wasn’t a fan. He enjoyed these much more and I too think they will look great in our space!

With our home’s open concept, we figured that the ‘Fog’ color [which has grey and white webbed together] will bounce off our cream dining chairs and grey dining table nicely along while also complimenting our kitchen where they will live since our cabinets are white and our counters are a moonlight granite [mix of white, grey with a speckle or burgundy].

This dreamy brand has 25% off everything with code ‘CELEBRATE’ which is insane. They really never run sales! We saved $250!

They recently sent me these gorgeous napkins in fog as a little housewarming gift which was so sweet and would make a beautiful gift for a new home owner.

We need curtains STAT. The entire town can see our late night dance parties, early morning sleepy heads and overall our general life via our breakfast nook sliding door that leads out to our deck. During the summer, it wasn’t as urgent since our tree blocked the view for the most part, but with the leaves gone everyone can see us which isn’t great for privacy!

I couldn’t commit to freaking curtains for the longest time. OMG. V V V thankful for S’ patience! Something you’d think is so simple – wasn’t looking for anything elaborate or fancy – wasn’t so simple.

All that to say, many hours later [like so many hours of my eyes going dry from staring at curtains, many failed HomeGoods trips and one Target return later] – we finally think we found a keeper!

We ordered these curtains for our little nook and I am ecstatic for them to be delivered! I like how they mesh in with our white and grey color scheme, but also have a touch of personality with the subtle design! We purchased the 96′ in length, but they come both shorter and taller. An added bonus is that they come in a two pack when most from this retailer don’t.

This retailer that we love for home decor is having a tiered sale up to 30% off with code ‘SAVEMORE’. We hit the lowest tier which saved us 15%, but the larger your order is, the more you save!

Other items we own from this retailer are: this duvet covervelvet throw pillowspillow insertsblush throw blanket and velvet curtains. The curtains were in our apartment and haven’t yet found a home in our new house, but they are gorgeous!

To hang the curtains, we grabbed this modern, sleek rod. I like how the nickel color will bounce off our kitchen nicely and also leaves a blank canvas for us to do a cream, brass or black light fixture in our dining room.

I looked at Target and other places, but this rod was worth the tad bit more in price because of the sleek, modern design flows with the rest of our home. So many curtain rods have a lot going on or designs with too much going on.

While watching LivePD after our family left post-Thanksigiving, I decided to search for dining room rugs. I found this one that would look gorgeous in our house.

And guess what? It’s a Black Friday featured item for 37% off! We opted for the 8X10 size since this will fit nicely in our space with enough room for our chairs to slide back a foot or more. I am thinking about layering a 9X12 jute rug underneath to add in some texture along with mesh our hardwood floor stain in nicely, but that will be a purchase for a different month!


Anthropologie:  30% off everything, no code needed
Nordstrom: Tons of Early Savings and extra 20% off selected sale items! No Code Needed!
Serena & Lily: 25% off your purchase // CODE: CELEBRATE
West Elm: 15% off $100, 20% off $500 // Code: SAVEMORE




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