Mini bikini haul – full coverage, cute + affordable!

Hi gf! I’m hear writing this after our return flight from Florida to Boston. We spent the last week with my in laws at their house in Florida and it was so fun! We golfed 18 holes, visited Siesta Key beach, ate lots of great food and went to a MLB training game on top of lots of pool time. We had a blast!

While in Florida, we did a lot of swimming in the ocean and pool so I packed a few bathing suits of course. I wanted to share with you since they are not only great quality and affordable, but also provide great coverage. I love that the bikini tops I share in this post are functional so you don’t need to constantly adjust anything and that the bottoms are full coverage.

Usually shopping for swimsuits isn’t all that enjoyable, but this brand changed my mind. Most retailers offer swimsuits that are so skimpy, just not practical or are super expensive!

After ordering from this brand I had a hard time deciding what to return because I really enjoyed each I tried. I ended up with the suits below and wore them all vacation long. The last two will be perfect for the 4th of July too. I’m not counting down until summer or anything… 😉

You’ll see throughout my review of each that there are some common themes. Each of these swimsuits are:

Modest – both the tops and bottoms have great chest and booty coverage.
Affordable – most pieces are each under $25 and some even only $12
Versatile – You’ll find that I only bough two bottoms and have four tops because you can mix and match!
Practical – When I’m at the pool, I’m actually swimming. When I’m at the beach, I’m actually swimming. Lol. That requires movement and most bikinis cause me to fidget because I’m worried my top has moved around. The tops below allow movement and everything to stay in place!
True sizing – I found that the tops run true to size and I went up one in bottoms. That honestly is usually how I run for clothing that is tight, so I found that they fit as expected BUT with that said they fit much better than more swimsuits. Usually I size up a couple in bottoms to fit my butt, but I only went up one in this brand.

I opted to wear cover ups on the bottom to not feel like I was blasting my whole body on the internet, but the bottoms are pretty standard styles so you should still have an idea of what they will look like, but email me with specific questions.

Alright, enjoy the mini try on!




How cute is this olive green bikini? You’ll find that it’s the perfect amount of coverage and light padding [just so nothing “shows” through, not for extra oomph ;-)]. I love that I can be active in it without worrying if anything is misplaced. It comes in countless colors, but I loved the olive. It’s currently $25!

I paired the top with black bottoms that have great coverage. I went up one size because I have large, bony hips and a butt. If you are more straight, grab your normal size. They are on sale today too!

For running around the beach, I’d throw on these boyfriend shorts that are a great rise, length and color.

Shop the entire look with the widget above.



For this pool look, you can double the palm print sarong as a shall! Or as a scarf with a different outfit! I just tied mine as a little skirt.

I’m wearing a cute $25 black bikini top that is similar to the olive at the beginning of today’s post. The differences for this one is that the straps are thinner, adjustable and there is a clasp in the back. Since the straps are thinner, the support is less so if you are large busted I’d suggest the other style. I am small chested so it works great.

You could pair it with any black bottoms, but I love this one since they are full coverage. If you need a new black bikini bottom, my favorite is on sale for $15 today!

My visor is sold out at ShopBop, but can be found on Amazon here. I wore this all vacation long and it’s perfect for travel. It rolls up and takes up minimal room. traveling with hats can be tricky so this visor is a great item to have on hand. I also like how i can wear my hair up, instead of in a low bun with a traditional hat.





Uh – cutest bikini ever!! This scoop neck top is the same style top as the olive green, but of course has a different print – red and navy gingham. The back actually has a clasp though, unlike the olive one.

I purchased this bottom to mix and match with the top you see here and below. They are a traditional bikini bottom, full coverage and I went up one size for my body.

It’s never too early to find your 4th of July bikini!! Hehe



How cute is this navy gingham?! Usually I stick to neutrals, but this print is so adorable. I love how the neckline has ruffles and that the straps tie for a custom fit.

I paired it with the same bottoms that I linked with the above red and navy top. You can mix and match all suits from this retailer!

They also have this bottom that is an exact match with a cute ruffle detailing. Since I have large bony hips, larger straps are more flattering on me. Smaller straps will make my hips look even larger. The key is knowing what tops and bottom styles work for your body type! For example, since I am small chested, I can get away with just about every style top, but I know bustier girls need more support.

I hope you enjoyed this little swimsuit review and round up. I couldn’t get over how amazing these suits looked and made me feel. Usually shopping for bikinis is a headache since I have a smaller top and curvy bottom, but this retailer makes you feel confident!




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