Healthy Protein Packed Snacks I Always Pack for Road Trips


Anytime we head out on a road trip or a weekend stay somewhere, I had a list of snacks I pack to ensure I’m getting in my protein for the day and so that I don’t have to resort to junk food to fill my belly. This is also really key when traveling with large groups like bachelorette parties! If you’re in a new area and going on a schedule with other people, you may be in a hunger crunch so happy healthy, protein packed snacks on hand is key.

I wanted to share a healthy snacks few with you today that are easy to throw in your duffle bag and go!

I focus on high protein, moderate to low carbs and low fat. I track macros (protein, carbs, fat) to ensure I am giving my body the right mix of nutrients and protein is the hardest for me to hit each day! Before macros I thought I was eating a lot of protein, but I had a reality check. I was eating 1/8 of what I should be! I can easily hit my carb and healthy fat goals, so I have to be strategic to get all my protein in.

If you’re in a snack rut, keep reading!


YUM, YUM ,YUM. These turkey sticks are super healthy and free of gluten, soy, dairy MSG, nitrate, artificial colors and preservatives.

If I’m going to eat something processed, that’s what I want to know! The flavor is really great and with 7g of protein, they are a great snack to have when hunger gets you on the go.

All the flavors are super yummy, but my personal favorite is ‘Chocolate Mint’. I put it in my freezer and have it for a 3PM pick me up when I need some carbs for energy! Who else used to freeze their Girl Scout cookie thn mints? This tastes just like it! The peanut butter would be my second fave and S’ #1.

I like that it has 13g of protein! The texture is really great too. I have a texture thing. I do like RXBars sometimes and the ingredients are clean, but sometimes the thought of a gooey bar makes my stomach turn and I’m going through one of those times lately. These re crunchy like a cookie, but only have 5g of sugar!

If you don’t use collagen, you can read my blog post here and here all about it, how I consume it and the differences I’ve seen from incorporating it into my daily routine.

I’ve used it for over two years. I always have these travel sticks on hand while on the go.



I’m a Tone It Up protein fan and have a full review of it here. When I’m headed on a trip, I opt for pre mixed protein shakes, rather than traveling with the powder. I have done that in the past and just make sure to bring these pea milks with me to mix!

Oftentimes if you are staying in an AirBNB with girlfriends, the house usually has coffee grounds, but will likely not have milk so if I don’t pack pea protein, I’ll use a vanilla protein shake for my milk!

For pre mixed protein shakes I like:

Tone It Up Protein Shake – Vanilla, Chocolate: Both flavors taste great, 5g sugar, plant based, 10g protein

Ripple Protein Shake – Vanilla, Chocolate: I was reluctant to try this brand because their powdered protein is really gross, but these premade shakes are REALLY good! I’ve only had vanilla and it’s super yummy! Plant based, low sugar, 9g sugar, 20g protein (double TIU). This is the largest container of all three.

Premier Protein – Vanilla: Okay these taste great, but since I like to understand every ingredient on my nutrition label and since they are whey [not plant based], I probably won’t buy them again. That said, if you want dairy protein and don’t care about clean ingredients, they are super tasty! The best part.. there is 1g sugar and 30g protein. Whoa! Again, they taste really great, really fill me up, but the ingredients label just gives me anxiety and I prefer pea protein.

S and I first tried these when we were visiting my in laws in Florida. The first day we ran to the grocery store to grab some healthy snacks and decided to try these since I needed quick protein in between meals. They had 13g protein, 6g fat and are low in carbs.

I like that they are Whole 30 approved which means the ingredients are whole and things I can understand without googling with no added sugar.

We have since bought them every single week because they are really yummy!

I only eat the chicken sairacha, but S says the bison and turkey are really good too.

I always travel with these packets to add onto hotel apples, top off hotel oatmeal or just eat by itself for protein. It’s an easy way to get in my fats and protein! The little peanut butter packet has 7g of protein.

I get the ‘classic’ as I don’t like my peanut butter sweet, but they have these with honey if you do. There is also almond butter with 7g protein.

Tell me what your favorite healthy, on the go snacks are! xo Mindy




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