My focus this summer is to slow down. I actually started slowing down a month or so ago and have been feeling great. After six years of running at 200% every day with 90+ hour work weeks between my marketing career and business, I needed to reprioritize my tasks. After a few adjustments, I am feeling like I can actually breathe! If you are working yourself into the ground,  I suggest taking a step back and reevaluate your priorities and remove anything that doesn’t serve them. 

All that to say, slowing down means more quality time! I can’t wait to make memories with friends, S and my Cheeseball this summer. Below is what is on my summer bucket list. What’s on yours?

+See a movie at a drive in theater: Have you ever done this? I used to go all the time with my family growing up, but I’ve never been with my husband. I found a couple local ones to try!

+See the fireworks in our new town: Since moving in last August, S and I have been counting down until the 4th of July! Our cute little town has a “4th of July Headquarters” building so you know that means they take this super seriously haha. We’re pumped to be able to walk to the show from our house and not have to del with parking or any headaches. 

+Run, run, run: After my half marathon last week, I’m now over the hump of miles I have run before and start entering marathon training milage. Woof. I am very excited and super nervous at the same time, but have four more months to train. That said, I’m going to take it day by day and mile by mile, but surely will be running five days a week!

And yes, I’ll be recapping my half marathon next week for you!

+Have lots of camp fires: Growing up I went camping all summer with my family which means our weekends were surrounded by a campfire. I knew when we bought our first house that once Spring hit, we’d need to figure out our campfire plan! We bought ours in May, so we’ve already had lots of fire time, but we’ll be having one basically every Saturday or Friday that we are home. 

+Explore cocktail recipes: When we are around the campfire, S and I have been having fun making cocktails. So far we have done blueberry mojitos and melon pina coladas! I’m not a big alcohol drinker, so mine tend to be mocktails  😛  What’s your favorite summer cocktail?

+Celebrate our wedding anniversary in Portland: Our anniversary tradition is to head back to where we got married to reminisce and make new memories. We were there last weekend, but I can’t wait to visit the beginning of September as well! I think weekend getaways are my favorite over long trips! What about you?

+Visit NYC + Take a Live Peloton Class: NYC in the summer is so fun. I haven’t been for a couple years so we are due back PLUS I want to take an in-person ride at the Peloton studio. 

+Annual Bestie Kennebunk Weekend: Every year we have an annual weekend trip in Kennebunk, Maine with our best friends. One has a family home right near the water so we have a huge sleepover, eat good food, lounge at the beach. It’s always our favorite weekend of the summer! Do you do an annual trip with your best friends?

+Visit Austin, Texas: I can’t wait to explore Austin in August! I have a work visit and am thinking to extend my stay with S.

+Eat from our own garden: We made a raised garden bed back in April and finally planted Memorial Day Weekend. We have already been eating our own romaine lettuce and herbs [cilantro, mint, basil and chives], but I can’t wait for the rest.. strawberries, zucchinni, eggplant, cucumber, sugar snap peas, jalepenos, red and green peppers and beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. Lol.

We really enjoy gardening and have found it to be so fun and rewarding! I also want to learn how to store/prep anything we have in excess.. like pickling and things! What plants do you have?!

+Shop our local farmer’s market: And on the flip side, for other kitchen items we need I want to shop our local farmer’s market. IT’s just a short walk fro our home and it a great way to eat farm to table and support local farmers. 

I’d love to hear what’s on your summer bucket list. Tell me below! Xo Mindy



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