Hi girlfriend! I hope you’ve been having a great week. Mine has been so refreshing because as of Tuesday I’m finally out of my work’s busy season and onto my regular work routine. At the beginning of every quarter I have a busy time for three weeks when I’m putting together and then presenting my campaign QBRs (quarterly business reviews) on top of trying to execute the actual day-to-day of my job, but now that those are complete for my campaigns, I’m back to a normal work life balance. Phew!

Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes live to the public tomorrow, I wanted to round up the best of beauty. The deals this year are really great and a lot of my tried and true beauty staples are included!

All of these beauty picks are still in stock and I bet they will be come Friday once anyone can shop the sale! If you want to shop the  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on Friday, I suggest bookmarking this page then come back on Friday to open each product you want in a tab to check out as soon as the sale goes live! Things will sellout super fast. I’m crossing my fingers that some of the clothing picks get restocked for you girls!

Okay, let’s chat BEAUTY!


ORIGINAL: $57, SALE: $38

This brand never goes on sale! I purchased this set of sunscreen because it has all clean ingredients. With the lean beauty movement, sun screen has been under a microscope this year and it’s been thought that it’s one of the most easily absorbed.

I want to protect my and S’ skin against the sun’s ray, but don’t want to be doing even more damage by applying toxic sunscreen so I bought this Goop three pack. The sale price allows you to get three for the price of two.


ORIGINAL: $142, SALE: $89

All throughout my blog, I rave about Living Proof. This was the first brand I saved and purchased post-college once I could afford to shop at Sephora. They are headquartered out of Cambridge, MA so I’ve also been so lucky to attend events that go through their testing lab and the science behind their products.

During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you can grab a huge liter of their Perfect Hair Day [PFD] shampoo, conditioner and a full size bottle of dry shampoo.

This shampoo and conditioner is great for all hair types. It’s light so it won’t weight down any volume, does a fabulous job repairing your hair from damage and smells HEAVENLY! And this dry shampoo is the only one on the market that actually cleans your hair. Just search it in my search bar because I rave about it all the time.

ORIGINAL: $88, SALE: $48

I’m always asked about my self tanner and this is my holy grail! I use it once a week year round to get a healthy, natural looking glow.

I prefer mousse over lotion self tanners because when it’s setting in, you don’t feel as sticky and it’s easier to blend. Just note that a mousse isn’t hydrating, so make sure to apply body lotion all week after you shower. This one is my favorite.

I also prefer this overt he 20+ other self tanners I’ve tested over the years because you only need to leave it on for four hours to get a deep, dark tan. The “original” takes eight hours and I’m not into that! I like efficiency lol.

This bottle is nice because it’s a jumbo size. One bottle lasts me over six months with applying every a week. The price of this self tanner is the same as one in-store spray tan ;-), but ya get months worth of tans for your money!

ORIGINAL: $99, SALE: $66

I’ve raved about this facial cleansing device all week!

So many of you said you hoped Clarisonic was included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. While that brand is not included this year, I have something better!

This silicone cleansing device is amazing because it’s more hygienic than a Clarisonic. Those bristles on traditional cleansing devices harbor bacteria. Silicone cleansing devices can be disinfected after each use!

Plus, you don’t have the recurring charge of replacing any bristle heads. Win!

During the sale, you can grab this $100 cleansing device for $66.


ORIGINAL: $190, SALE: $117

Silk pillows cases. A bit extra? Um, nope! If you have super textured hair, I swear by these pillow cases. I used to wake up with frizzies all along my hairline every single morning on matter what products I used. I’d cause damage by straightening my hairline every morning! Once I started sleeping on these silk pillow cases, I could wake up without frizzy hair.

Not only does this cause less friction on your hair and in turn less damage, but they also prevent wrinkles.

At the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale price, you’re getting two silk pillow cases for the price of one.

ORIGINAL: $78, SALE: $60

According to Charlotte Tilbury statistics for 2017, one Pillow Talk lipstick is sold every two minutes! Whoa!

Why the cult following? Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Lipstick is a universally flattering, warm rosy-mauve lipstick with a soft matte finish that makes your lips look full and flush. AKA it’s the PERFECT every day lipstick.

I have a whole review of the lipstick here too!

You can grab the set of lipstick, liner and gloss for $60 here!




Are you grabbing any beauty picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? If so, tell me in the comments below! Xo Mindy




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