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For years, a staple in my beauty routine has been eyelash growth serum! Since my lashes are now so long and thick, I’m frequently asked if they are real or just gifted genes. While they are certainly 100% mine, I cannot let genetics take all the credit 😉 I use an eyelash growth serum to achieve long, thick falsey-looking lashes! 

If you have naturally thin, sparse eyelashes and are looking for a way to give yours a bit more “oomph”, keep reading because today I’m partnering with Rory to spill all the deetz on how you can get your hands on my favorite doctor prescribed eyelash growth serum without even leaving your house!

A few years ago I was looking for ways to get some extra va-va-voom from my lashes. Though my research, I immediately wrote off eyelash extensions due to the cost, hygienic concerns and also because I wanted to focus on enhancing my natural lashes. That’s when I stumbled upon eyelash growth serum! While I’ve tried a couple different brands over the years, I prefer and recommend Latisse. 


Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved treatment to grow thin, sparse eyelashes which is one of the many reasons it is now my go-to.

I prefer this serum as it’s FDA-approved, prescribed by a doctor and the applicators are single-use. Many other brands’ applicator go right back into the serum which can harbor bacteria. 

As an FDA-approved solution, there’s a lot of safety research behind Latisse. See below for more information on side effects and safety information.

Just like follicles on our head, the hair follicles on our eyelids go through cycles of rest and growth. Although not fully understood, the leading hypothesis is that Latisse works by lengthening the duration of the growth phase which allows your lashes to grow longer, stronger and thicker.

And you ladies know I’m all about the data so here it is:

In clinical trials, Latisse made eyelashes 106 percent fuller, 25 percent longer, and 18 percent darker. Source WHOA!


The application is super easy! After my nighttime skin care routine is done, I just use the applicator wand to apply the Latisse serum to roots of my lashes. It takes all of 20 seconds!

You’ll see full results in 16 weeks. That said, I started noticing a difference at week four and full results in four months. 


So how do you get your hands on Latisse? Well, it requires a prescription, but I have a way for you to connect with a doctor and, if prescribed, get your Latisse delivered to your front door without even leaving your house! 

Let me introduce you to Rory. 

Have you heard of Rory? It’s a modern healthcare organization founded by women, focused on caring for female-specific medical issues ranging from cold sores to thin eye lashes. Think of Rory as your online doctor’s office!

A trip to the dermatologist for a Latisse prescription can be expensive. With Rory, your first online doctor’s visit is on the house, you will get $20 off your first Latisse order and free shipping 2-day shipping. 

With everything being done at home from your computer or phone, it’s super easy and efficient! Plus, you have access to a doctor for any medical questions regarding Latisse or a range of other health concerns.

So tell me, are you going to try Latisse via Rory? You can get started here! Xo Mindy

Safety information on Latisse® Latisse is FDA approved for the treatment of thin or not enough eyelashes (eyelash hypotrichosis). Do not use Latisse if you are pregnant, possibly pregnant, or breastfeeding, if you are allergic to Latisse or its ingredients, or if you have glaucoma or are currently using medicated drops for glaucoma. Latisse may cause brown darkening of the colored part of the eye (iris) which is likely permanent or eyelid skin darkening which may be reversible. If discontinued, lashes gradually return to previous appearance. For more risk information, please see the important safety information here.



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