If there was only one company I’d use to decorate our entire house from top to bottom, it’d be Serena & Lily. Their airy, coastal style is all I’d ever need! I’m always asked about specific Serena & Lily products I own so I’m planning to review each here to make your shopping experience easier. Today, by popular demand, I’m reviewing the Serena & Lily Riviera Counter Stool. 

Serena & Lily Riviera Counter Stool Review

Serena Lily Riviera Counter Stool Review
Serena Lily Riviera Counter Stool Review


  • 18″W x 24″D x 42.25″H overall
  • Inner Seat: 18.5”W x 15.5”D
  • Seat Height: 26″
  • Footrest Height: 8”


  • Style: If you love Parisian flare or coastal vibes, both are achieved from the Serena & Lily Riviera Stool. You can achieve the tre chic Parisian vibes from the checkered style available in navy, grey, black or all white. For a more costal vibe, opt for the sun-washed style that come in a stunning coastal blue, natural or grey.
  • Color selection: Serena & Lily expands their color variations and options for the Riviera Counter Stool constantly. Since I purchased, they launched black and also the entire sunwashed collection! There is a color combination for any home.
  • Material: Rattan is my favorite furniture material because it’s very sturdy, adds in a coastal vibe and the organic material brings warmth to a room. The rattan on the Serena & Lily Riviera Stools is also sustainable!
  • Quality: Superb! I would rather wait and invest in home pieces that truly bring me joy over rushing a purchase or settling for something of less quality. This is the perfect example. I eyed the Serena & Lily Riviera Counter Stools for four years before finally moving into a home for them to live! We’ve owned these since moving into our first home over two years ago and they are still in the same shape as when I first got them delivered. They get a lot of use too. We currently have formal dining and barstools, no in between (until my breakfast nook orders come in!) so we have sat here for so many meals.
  • Comfort: Don’t take my word for how deceivingly comfy these are. Listen to my dad! He is a big guy at over 6’4″ and has sat on the Serena & Lily Riviera Counter Stools many, many times and repeatedly says they are very comfortable. 
  • Options: From formal armchairs to casual backless stools or classic checkers to timeless sunwashed neutrals, there are so many options for your specific home style or needs! Like I noted before, the Serena & Lily Riviera Stools also come in a sunwashed, neutral colors. Plus, both styles come in classic dining chairs (I just bought these in ‘naural’) and swivel stools that are newly launched. 

  • Cleaning: I LOVE how easy these are to clean! Just use a gentle, damp cloth to tidy it up. If you has children, these are very realistic due to the ease of cleaning. 


  • Price: While they are worth every penny and will last for decades, the Serena & Lily Riviera Counter Stool cost $348 per chair. I don’t find that price too shocking within the home decor space, but they are certainly an investment whether you have a small bar or large island to cover with seating. I always suggest waiting for long weekends or the holidays to take advantage of their sales as Serena & Lily typically offers 20-25% off the entire site. The Serena & Lily Riviera Counter Stools are also the most affordable option of the brand’s chair offerings. Other types are $450+.

Overall I cannot suggest the Serena & Lily Riviera Counter Stools enough. They will last for years and years, are easy to clean up and are so cute. They come in a vast selection of colors, features and styles. While they can add up quickly, take advantage of sales! If you really love these, they’ll brighten your day every time you see them.

Leave any more questions in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you. Xo Mindy


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