One of the first things I did when I found out my husband and I were expecting was evaluate my skincare routine. I said goodbye to my beloved AHA cleanser and retinol and evaluated the ingredients within the remaining products. Today I wanted to share the products I used and how I liked them in case you also are expecting or are just looking for some high quality products for your skin care routine! 

I’m not a health professional. The products I am sharing were approved by my medical team and myself. Please seek advisement from a dermatologist and/or OB on your products and body specifically!

pregnancy skincare

Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Cleansers

1.Kopari Cleansing Oil
Since I double cleanse my skin, this is this oil-based cleanser I use. It seems to have been discontinued as I can only locate it on Amazon now, but if it ever comes back or you snag it off Amazon, it is a really great, light cleanser that does it’s job. Kopari is a clean beauty brand as well. After running out, I tried this balm and love it! It’s another great clean beauty option for removing oil, dirt and make up form the day. 

Double cleansing is a two-step process that includes and oil-based cleanser first followed by a water-based cleanser. An oil-based cleanser will remove oil-based impurities like makeup, sunscreen and sebum (an oil produced by your body’s sebaceous glands). The water-based cleaner will remove water-based impurities like dirt and sweat. In order to remove the oil-based and water-based impurities, you need both types of cleanser. A water-based cleanser will not effectively remove oil-based impurities and vice versa. 

2. Tula Purifying Cleanser
This is the water based cleanser I use. I’ve used this for five+ years now at this point and it will always be my favorite cleanser because it is very effective, gentle on the skin and doesn’t make skin feel ‘tight’. It’s light, refreshing and effective. 

Use code ‘MINDY’ for 15% off Tula products. 

3.Skinceuticals Exfoliator Scrub
I exfoliate my skin a couple times a week and since my old one was not pregnancy approved, I grabbed this one. I like it better than my old one by Tula honestly! I found that it’s the perfect balance of exfoliation without overdoing it. The Tula sugar scrubs dissolve so fast at times that I am unsure if they are truly doing much exfoliation.. although they smell amazing 😉

I can’t suggest this one enough! A little goes a very long way so the bottle will last awhile and for being from a medial-grade company it is pretty affordable. 

4. PMD Cleansing Device
This device is what I use in combo with my Tula Purifying Cleanser in order to get a super deep clean. When it comes to facial brushes, this one is the best I’ve tried! Vanity Planet cleansing brushes are horrible for your skin because they actually circulate which cases harm to your skin. You really want to replace with a facial brush that vibrates. Clarisonic is now out of business, but many of us still own them as they are the OG! While their brushes vibrate, they are super unhygienic and expensive. You must keep buying replacement heads or else you’re just spreading germs onto your skin. The PMD Cleansing Device is super hygienic because it’s silicone so you can disinfect whenever you want, doesn’t require any repeat purchases and vibrates for skin safety. You can wait to grab this at Sephora during their insider beauty sales for 15-20% off or during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale during the summer as it’s typically included for $40 off.

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Toners

1.FAB Facial Radiance Pads
This is my favorite product discovery of 2021. These facial pads are the BEST at getting your skin super clean and reducing break outs. I was so relieved when I found out I could use them during my pregnancy, but consult your own dermatologist! Remember Stridex pads from high school? I never really use them, but some of my girlfriends did! These are the grown up, not harsh version of those. They are little pads that are soaked in toner. You just wipe your face and neck all over after you cleanse. They do a great job at keeping my pores clean. If you don’t double cleanse, this step will also show you how much make up you have left on your face after cleansing! The pack of 60 pads is $36, but I often cut them in half to get double the use. I always stock up during the seasonal Sephora sale!

2. Barbara Sturm Balancing Toner
I use the above radiance pads at night and to reduce over exfoliation, stick to something gentle and soothing for morning. My boss often gifts me Sephora gift cards so I used part of one towards this toner to try. I ca’t say I notice a huge difference, like I do with the FAB Facial Radiance Pads, but it seems to do it’s job. 

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Serums

1. Dermologica Smart Response Serum
This brand produces medical grade skin care and their products never disappoint. They sent me this serum to try and I have repurchased because it is SO hydrating! They claim that it works on each person differently, delivering the perfect amount of hydration for your unique skin. Since I wasn’t able to use retinol, AHA, etc. during pregnancy, this splurge serum was a treat. I applied this at night after my face was cleansed and toned.

2.SkinCeutical CE Ferulic
This serums has a cult following and for a reason. Inside you’ll find Vitamin C and Vitamin E  which even and brighten your skin tone. After using an entire bottle and battling pregnancy melasma, I can say that it makes a difference. Since it has vitamin C in it which protects your skin again free radical, so you want to apply in the morning in order to receive skin protection during the day!

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Moisturizers

1.Hydrating Day and Night Cream
This has been my go to moisturizer for five+ years and I was so apply that Tula removed the retinol from it a couple years ago with a new and improved formula. That means I didn’t need to ditch it during pregnancy. This face cream is just so light, but impactful. You’ll find that it soaks in quickly and is very hydrating. I use this morning and night during the warm months, but in the winter I usually find a heftier moisturizer for night.

Use code ‘MINDY’ for 15% off Tula products. 

2.SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Face Cream
My pregnancy started through the winter months which is when my skin gets super parched. I usually use the Tula overnight moisturizer, but that wasn’t pregnancy safe so I needed to find a new night time face cream. I tried this and went through an entire bottle. SUPER hydrating, but itns’t greasy and heavy. I’ll be buying it again this winter.

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Eye

1. Tula Eye Renewal Serum
I never found an eye cream that was pregnancy safe and impactful, but I did use my typical eye serum. This formula is super light, silky and hydrating. The applicator tip provides a cooling sensation which also depuffs, and with summer pregnancy bloating, that is a nice benefit. 

Use code ‘MINDY’ for 15% off Tula products. 

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Sunscreen

1.Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen
I needed to replace my Tula sunscreen because that was not pregnancy safe. I heard such great things about this brand and have really enjoyed this sunscreen! The product is clear with no white cast which is great. The formula is silky and works great under make up!

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Lip

1.Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner
If you want to ever treat yourself for under $30, get this lip product! OMG it is my favorite. I discovered it via. Sephora sample and immediately purchased.  This formula is super hydrating, smells like roses and gives the perfect touch of subtle pink color. It’s such a treat and would make a wonderful gift. 

2.Laneige Lip Mask
I’ve used this for years and apply before bed. It’s a thick lip mask that is very hydrating. This also makes a wonderful gift and the bottle lasts 6+ months.

3.Kopari coconut Lip Glossy
I’ve used this one for years and it so such a nice color-free gloss. You’ll find that it’s hydrating and great for every day wear. now that I’m a momma, I love this because it doesn’t leave much of anything on Baby with all the kisses going on 😛 and it’s clean beauty so no worries about ingredients on his skin. 

Pregnancy Skincare Routine – Body

1.CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
The BEST body moisturizer! On top of being clean and super hydrating, this lotion is in a jar which I find way better than a squeeze bottle. That way, you get every last drop out. Just make sure you have freshly washed hands so that you aren’t contaminating the product when scooping it out. S and I both use this and love how it’s not greasy and soaks in fast. I will add in a few drops of this self tanner to get a bit of a body glow. I use shade “dark” and just use on drop per body area. You could start with a lighter one if you’re new to self tanning! Drops are great because you customize your tan and you can build gradually each day if you’d like. 

A couple more notable products for body that I greatly enjoyed while pregnant and postpartum were the Necessaire body wash and Necessaire body exfoliator in scent “Eucalyptus”. I usually can’t use fragrant body washes because my skin is too sensitive, but this clean beauty brand doesn’t bother my skin. This combo is such a treat! IF you know of a new momma postpartum, this combo would be a really thoughtful gift to send her. She will have five minutes to jump in and out of the shower during the newborn stage and this brings a touch of spa to that part of her day. 

So that completes what I used for skin care during pregnancy. Remember to take any of these suggestions you our doctor and dermatologist for approval. Below are a few products I removed and why, just in case you needed some spark notes!

Products I removed from my skin care routine due to non pregnancy safe ingredients- 

  • Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum: Licorice Root
  • Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream: Retinoid, Licorice Root
  • Tula Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer: Licorice Root
    I used to use this on “no make up days” since it is light and tinted.
  • Tula Daily Sunscreen Gel SPF 30: Chemical Sunscreen, Salicylate
    This was a bummer because it’s my favorite face sunscreen! I still need to find and purchase one that is pregnancy safe. 
  • Tula Acne Spot Treatment: Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Licorice Root
  • Tula Exfoliating Sugar Scrub: Salicylate
  • Tula So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub: Willow Bark
  • Tula So Smooth Resurfacing & Brightening Fruit Enzyme Mask: Glycolic Acid, Willow Bark
  • Tula The Instant Facial Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads: Willow Bark (Salicylate)
  • Tula Signature Glow Refreshing & Brightening Face Mist: Gluconolactone

I hope this post was helpful! If you’re an expecting momma, soak up all the time feeling that sweet baby move around 🙂 Xo Mindy


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