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Hi Guys! I’m so excited to give a wedding planning update today! We’ve been so busy, I haven’t updated since this post when we were six months away. It only seems fitting that today is not only #WeddingWednesday, but also exactly one month our from our wedding day. We’re now only six weeks away. SIX WEEKS! How crazy is that?

Since last chatting, here’s what we’ve been up to:

INVITATION SUITES // I’m so excited to share our wedding invitation suite with you all! S and I partnered with Minted on them and could not be more excited with how they turned out. They are so timeless, classic yet modern and simply “us”. I have the blog post ready to hit send, but since it has dates and locations, we are waiting to publish this until after our wedding date.
INVITATIONS SENT // What a huge moment! One part of our invitation aspects included a special project, so it took a month longer that we anticipated to get these out. Luckily we were still technically ‘on time’ since I set all our planning due dates four weeks ahead to account for any situations like this. One funny story – when we drove to the mailbox drop off to put the invitations in the mail, it started down pouring. We drove around for seriously 20 minutes thinking the torrential downpour would end. It’s didn’t so we drove back home and sent them the next day. It’s so funny because we have beens o excited to send them for months and then of course on a clear day, it downpours out of no where the moment we’re ready to drop them off!
RSVPS // Of course with sending out our invitations, we have been receiving RSVPs and it’s so fun! Everyday S and I jump to the mailbox to open up the cute little envelopes. We officially have everyone accounted for which us a huge relief as well. If you’re a bride-to-be just know that many, many people won’t send back their RSVP or will do so past the date. Why? I don’t know. It’s mind boggling, but I suggest splitting out the reply tracking amongst your parents and yourselves to get the answers quickly.
DAY OF STATIONARY // Since I’m versed in photoshop, I have created our wedding programs, menus, welcome bag stickers etc. I felt very limited with the options out there so I decided to make them myself which I really enjoyed. Now we just need to get them all printed.

FOOD & WINE TASTING // My dad, S and I met with our caterer to sample our menu and wine options. We had such a fun time and I’m so happy that my dad joined us for this. I don’t really eat meat, so it was great for S to have someone who can actually eat the food to narrow the options down.
MENU // After the tasting, we finalized the wine options, cocktail hour hors d’oeuvre and reception menu.

REHEARSAL DINNER // I was dreading finding a rehearsal dinner spot because the Old Port is made up of cute, quaint restaurants and I didn’t see how we’d find any place that could host the amount of people we needed, but we found one on our first round! My dad is hosting this event and we’re super excited that we have a private room and bar to ourselves for the celebrations. We have a preset menu so we gave our guests their options to choose from and omg, everyone was so into it! S and I stopped by to try out the food and it’s so yummy. We cannot wait for our wedding weekend!
BRIDAL SHOWER // My in laws hosted my bridal shower and you can see the entire event here!
BACHELOR & BACHELORETTE PARTIES // S and I both celebrated with our bridal parties which you can see more of here!

WEDDING DRESS // My dress fits like a glove, but I needed one adjustment and a bustle so I found a seamstress and am so excited to see the finished product!
MEN’S FORMAL WEAR // All S’ groomsmen, our fathers and my grandfather are sized up and ready to look dapper on the big day! We went with my dad and grampy to get their formalwear sizes and it was so fun.

TRIAL // I had a hair and make up trial a few weeks ago. If you’re a bride-to-be I highly suggest doing this. Spending that much money on something that I almost immediately washed off and disassembled felt wasteful, but I can’t imagine going through this on the morning of my wedding day. Through this, I learned that there are a few make up product tweaks I want to make and test before the day of. For example, I want to test how cream products work on me since it will be a hot day and I don’t want anything melting. Honestly, even after my trial I’m still undecided on my hair! I absolutely love the gorgeous hairstyle she did, but I cannot decide between an up do for the traditional bride feel/easy maintenance or a half down style that is more like my everyday self. Ahh! I need to decide soon.
SKINCARE // To ensure clear skin the day of, I have ditched refined sugar and have been very consistent with my night time skin care routine. Also, I have to say adding this to my drink has made my skin seriously GLOW!

DECOR // With the help of my friend Kelsey from BackBayBride I’m feeling great with the linens, escort card display and all the decor! I cannot wait to show the little details with you all including our florals!

For now, we’re working away on table seating and having our final vendor meetings. How crazy?! I cannot believe in a month we will be getting married! Thank you so much for following along on through this fun time. Xo Mindy

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