Hi ladies – I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend surrounded by friends and family!

Over the long weekend, S and I both celebrated our bachelor and bachelorette parties! Brace yourself for all the exclamation marks, because I can hold them back, haha. Right after we asked our besties to stand by our sides, S’ best man and my maid of honor got to planning our parties. That means that planning started last October! They both asked us where we wanted to go and planned the rest from there with our bridal parties.
dry bar boston bachelorette party
For S’ location, he wanted to travel. Since two of his groomsmen live on the West Coast, he figured meeting them on that side of the country was best since they’d be flying to the East Coast for our wedding day. S and his groomsmen are all best friends from college, so he wanted to rent a cabin together! They originally planned to go to the Grand Canyon, but due to logistics and realizing they’d spend way too much time in the car throughout the weekend, they went back to the drawing board. They found a breathtakingly beautiful cabin in Montana right by Yellow Stone National Park. Seriously guys, the view he sent us was so gorgeous! The Rockies were right outside their window. He flies back in tonight and I’m so excited to hear about his weekend! Two of my bridesmaids are dating/engaged to two guys in his party, so we were comparing snapchats from our boys all weekend getting sneak peaks of their activities! They spent a lot of time in Yellowstone seeing geysers and bison and of course doing guy stuff like visiting saloons with live music and eating steak, ha!

For the location of my Bachelorette, I wanted to stay in New England. My MOH and I debated between Kennebunk, The Cape and Boston. We landed on Boston for a few reasons. All my girls are traveling for our wedding, so Boston was local for four out of six of them. Plus, I really wanted my party the same weekend as S and the beach could have either been a hit or huge miss weather wise, so Boston it was!

My entire weekend was full of surprise after surprise. I still can’t get over how much thought and time my girls put into planning this. They made me feel like the most special girl in the world!

Starting with Friday, my bridesmaid Taryn came over to my apartment and we grabbed dinner together. Her boyfriend is S’ best man so we chatted up about our silly guys leaving at 2AM that morning to catch their flights! From there, we picked up my double mint twin, Hannah, from the airport! She flew in from North Carolina. We have frequent “family” facetimes with her and her fiance [another one of S’ groomsmen], but we hadn’t seen one another in person for so long so we were so excited! We popped champagne and had a big girls sleepover in my living room with Muenster Cheese. He was so excited to be one of the girls, haha.

Right in the morning, my MOH Amanda drove down from Maine and met us at my apartment. From there, we started the day with my first surprise, brunch at Dillon’s! When we walked in my three other bridesmaids, Lauren, Rachel and Jaime were waiting for us. A few of my girls know one another, but other than talking with each other every week to plan out this weekend, many had never met in person. Starting with brunch was a great way for everyone to have some girl talk and get to know one another some more! Naturally we loaded up on mimosas and bloody mary’s. I had been so nervous about the weather since it was down pouring all week, but it was 75 degrees and sunny!
boston bachelorette
From here we walked a couple blocks past the Prudential Center to check into our hotel. We stayed right in Copley Square! Even though I’ve lived in Boston for four years now, I realized at that moment that this was the first time I’d ever stayed in a Boston hotel. When I walked into our room, it was full of cute bridal pieces, snack bar and any handle of drink you could think off HAHA! I was bachelorette ready with two different sashes [Hannah made one by hand!], glittery tiara and a cute veil that I wore out at night. The room was so cute! My MOH made everyone cute little goodie bags for everyone too. Taryn made sure we had every liquor possible and Amanda created a snack bar!
bachelorette party boston bachelorette party boston
From there we settled into the room, drank a couple spiked seltzers [my go-to drink!] and freshened up. I switched into this dress, these fun earrings and these heels. We headed to the next surprise – getting blow outs at the Dry Bar on Newbury Street! Although I use a lot of Dry bar products, I’ve actually never been to a location and have my hair done, EVER! Amanda made us seven appointments so we all were getting our hair washed and styled right by one another. We felt so pampered and relaxed. We all got curls and glammed up for our night out!
dry bar boston bachelorette party drybar boston bachelorette party
After leaving DryBar, we hopped back to the hotel to get ready for the night. While I wore white, all my girls planned to wear black! We walked a couple blocks to dinner at Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar. I cannot suggest this restaurant enough! I had never been because you need to make reservations three months in advance to get in. When we sat down, they served up a grapefuit, tequila and ice concoction that was lit with dry ice. We all ordered mixd drinks, pitchers of tequila and tacos galore. Seriously, I had the best chicken tacos of my life. We ended our meal with a huge green apple cotton candy dessert, topped with POP ROCKS! That was woofed down real quick.
lolita's boston lolita's boston lolita's boston
Everyone was so excited for our next surprise, but I had no idea what it was! We hopped in an Uber and our driver as so awesome, blasting some tunes! Once we got out, it took me a few seconds to process what we were doing because the building was pretty unmarked. Then I saw a posted and realized we were at a DRAG SHOW at Jacques Cabaret! Seriously we laughed SO HARD. Taryn and I are already planning on bringing the guys back. They sang to three different Taylor Swift songs, so naturally I was really in my element. They even called all the bride-to-be’s in the building up to the stage which was so fun!
boston bachelorette
We returned to our hotel room to enjoy the snack bar, make a few drinks and put on bride tribe temporary tattoos haha! We popped another bottle of champagne and played some card games! My bridesmaid Rachel made a personalized game that was so cute! It had cards like “drink up if you know the groom” and “take a dink if you took a nap this week” #guilty. Everyone started talking about how this was such an awesome group of girls. This was me.

The next surprise was where we were going out for the night. After only walking a block, we were there! I looked up and was so excited to be at Storyville Nightclub! After many attempts through college and the last couple years, I’ve still never gotten into this nightclub/speakeasy. The line is always sixty people deep which was the same situation we saw one arriving. I was so surprise to find, we were VIPs and skipped the line! Jaime and Taryn got us our own table and bottle service!!! The whole night was one huge dance party with my girls!
boston bachelorette
I’ve spent today cuddling with my favorite little boy, Muenster. We recently got a pet cam, so I was the crazy cat momma checking in on him through the weekend. Cuddling with him was the icing on the cake for this weekend! We’re waiting for S to get home and exchange weekend stories!!! After reflecting on this weekend, I know I’m so lucky to have such supportive, amazing girlfriends that will travel to celebrate me and no matter where I go, I  can come home to the most amazing man FOREVER! Me right now.

Thanks so much for stopping by and following along for all your wedding festivities! Xo Mindy

  1. This looks like such a fun time! Girls night out is always the best! Hugs, Kait Elizabeth

  2. Jenna says:

    It looks like you had a blast!! Wish I could do mine all over again too.

  3. hope it was the best weekend ever!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    it looks and sounds like you had the best time! i hope when it comes time for me to have a bachelorette party, it’s this awesome!

  5. Amanda Kruse says:

    So much fun! I attended a Bachelorette party over the weekend too and it was so much fun!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  6. Oh my gosh so much fun! Congratulations!!

  7. Mollie says:

    Sounds like you had a blast! Happy bachelorette!

    xx Mollie

  8. Such exciting celebrations! Congrats babe!

  9. This is so adorable! Glad it was such a blast!

  10. KatWalkSF says:

    Looks like you had a blast!



  11. Alice says:

    Looks like such a good time!! Your wedding is so soon, excited for you!

    Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass

  12. Nicholle Brainard says:

    So cute!!! I love the idea of getting your hair done. I so wish I would have done that!

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