Whenever I upgrade me phone, I do two things 1. immediately find the cutest cell phone case possible [uh this one just spoke to me and 2. cleanse my apps. Bye bye Candy Crush. I’m always curious what apps my girlfriends use that could possibly save me time, help me manage something better or just have fun!  With that, I reflected on the apps I use on a daily basis that may be useful for you as well! I have anything from an app that helps manage your finances, to working on your abs or helpful social media apps.

Mint is an app that helps you manage your money easily and on the go. My MOH introduced this to me four years ago and I’ve used it ever since. You can connect your credit cards, debit cards and savings accounts along with inputting a budget. The app will take what’s in your savings or checking accounts and negate your bills and credit card balance. This way, you aren’t accounting for money all month in your bank account, when in reality some needs to pay off your bills. While S is a spreadsheet guy, I’m not about to open up a file and manually input all my expenses every day, so this app is so helpful for managing our finances, having a realistic look at them on a daily basis with minimal effort. It just runs itself! It also helps you see where you spend your money and where you can cut back if you’re trying to save up for something.

If you’re a social media manager or fellow blogger, Snug is for you. As an influencer, maintaining an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is a priority. Snug allows you to plan your feed ahead by uploading images before posting them on Instagram in order to ensure it fits with your brand and looks pleasing. The best part? It’s free. I searched high and low for a feed planning app that worked great and was free. As a little story, I was running through these apps with S while typing out this post. He goes wait, you can’t just move around your Instagram pictures after you post? HAHA. He doens’t have an account or really use social media, so it was so cute and as someone who makes a living off social media, thought it was so funny.

WhenToPost is another free app that is useful for bloggers or individuals that work within the social media world because it pulls in your Instagram’s engagement stats and reports on the best times to post each day. If you’re not a blogger, this may sound silly, but with Instagram’s new algorithm, posting at a time where you can get peak engagement and have your social fans se your post is important. The app pulls in your own unique info, so the three suggested times to post each day are tailored for you and your fans activity levels. Mine tend to be 10:30 AM and 10PM.

When it comes to brainstorming, organizing ideas and bringing them to life, I like to use Evernote. You can collect, nurture and share your ideas on your desktop and phone. Sometimes I need to do a blog post idea brain dump or need to make a to-do list for my marketing job. I like that I can make these lists while I’m out and about or about to go to sleep, but then can seamlessly pick back up on them from my MacBook in the morning. I then will take these to-do lists and idea dumps and build from them within Evernote with blog post drafts or meeting notes. I love that all my ideas and content are on one platform and easily accessible via any device.

When it comes to photo editing, my favorite app to lightly make tweaks to images is Google’s SnapSeed. My two favorite features that set this apart form the rest is that is has an ‘ambiance’ edit which can help lighten background and bring clothing colors to life. The second is the ‘selective’ tool. This feature let’s you select which are of the photo you want to edit, for example if you want to brighten your face, but not the whole image you can just select that area!

I’ve been a TIU Nutrition Member since 2013 and the app makes my life so much easier for completing work outs. When I wake up in the morning, I like to get active even for only 20 minutes. I love that Katrina and Karena recently updated the app for an ease of finding work outs. If you want to do a HIIT, select that filter and all their HIIT work outs. Or if you’re looking to tone your abs, select that! They also store some of their recipes in there, so if I’m craving something sweet I’ll browse through their new recipes to curb my sweet tooth. I store all my TIU Nutritional Plans in my iBooks because S and I leverage them while in the grocery store shopping on Sunday. I think you have to be a plan member, but I wanted to mention it because it’s one of my most used apps!

What apps do you use on a daily basis!? I’d love to hear in the comment below. Xo Mindy



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