We’re back! After a week in Paris, S and I are reunited with our baby Muenster and settled into home. I thought after the festivities concluded that I’d be sad, but it’s the opposite! We had the absolute best day ever for our wedding day and I wouldn’t change a thing! The last day of our honeymoon, I kept telling S that I’m so excited to get back and have forever with him by my side. We’re both lovers of structure and routine, so getting back into the swing of things has been nice. And WOW – Muenster missed us so much! He had a blast with Cloe [my family cat] at my Dad’s house, but he was so excited to see us. He has been glued to my hip, cuddling up a storm [not like him at all] and purring for over 24 hours straight.

With the excitement of settling in and gearing up for fall, I’m recharged for the months ahead! October kicks off my holiday content creation which is of course the best time [and busiest] of year. This is when I start curating gift collages, digging into upcoming retailer holiday sales and of course sharing fall best pieces with you all. I cannot wait to get back to shooting this weekend and bring you some cute and affordable fall looks! With that, I also have a huge chunk set aside each month for my popular series, Wedding Wednesday, and honeymoon topics! S and I learned for much near the tail end of planning, the day of our wedding and lots of interesting post ideas pertaining to Paris. I cannot wait to share this with you all! I had a few posts geared up to go live while we were gone, like what I packed for our honeymoon and such, but I’m so glad I waited to reflect and post them after our trip because guess what? This girl packed ALL wrong. Thank goodness for there being and H&M on every corner. That post has been completely rewritten haha! One topic though that still stands true to what I wrote pre-honeymoon is on the topic of what’s needed to have a somewhat tolerable international flight.

Up until our honeymoon, S and I haven’t been abroad for a couple years, but we have been many times together. When S and I first started dating at 16, I had never been on a plane! From then on, S’ family has generously brought me on many of their family vacations, my favorite being to Italy for his parents thirtieth wedding anniversary. We visited Rome and Calbria, which is where S’ dad and siblings were born and raised. We even met his extended family! When we walked around the little town, “Servello” [his last name] was everywhere! Anyways, with that said I have a few essentials for international, overnight travel. While packing for our honeymoon, I figured I’d share these essentials for any of you ladies with abroad trips planned.

Also, before I get into this post I just wanted to mention something! I have had a huge influx of requests for packing efficiently for business trips which I definitely have tips for since I’ve mastered getting a weeks worth of items in an 18″ suitcase haha. If you follow along on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I oftentimes travel to Denver since that is where my work’s headquarters is. I also hop around the country for conferences every now and then. In addition to packing for work trips, I’ve also been requested for a travel post on eating healthy which I I most definitely have tips for. It’s not lost on me that you’ve requested these two posts and they are scheduled in my editorial calendar for Q4 😃I just didn’t want you ladies thinking I jumped over your travel request.

Anytime I’m traveling, I have two requirements: comfiness and efficiency. I refuse to wear a face full of make up on a plane and you’ll never catch me in jeans – even for a two hour flight haha. That’s just me! I think planes are uncomfortable enough so trying to bring any sense of comfort is needed. As for efficiency, I mean this in the way that I refuse to overpack. I think my biggest pet peeve is if I pack an item and lug it it in my bag across the world or country and then don’t even wear it! Is it just me? I feel like it was a total waste of my energy. So whether packing for business or leisure, I always make sure I only pack what I’ll 100% wear along with ensuring my outfit pieces are super versatile and can be worn multiple times [ex: I’m not about to pack a pair of heels made only for one outfit.. I reach for the pair that goes with four different dresses]. While long flights are not ideal, with some simple prep ahead of time you can make it a bit easier on yourself.

So without further ado, here are my essentials for an international, overnight flight.

LIGHT BLANKET // If you have a long flight or red eye where you are relying on sleep to attempt to avoid being jet lagged like crazy, a light blanket is so worth the space in your carry on! Planes are always freezing and having a blanket can help you feel a bit more cozy to gets some shut eye. You could also pack an oversized scarf that can double as a blanket or makeshift pillow!

SNAG THE RIGHT SEAT // When I have a quick 2-4 hour flights, I snag the aisle seat since I chug water and S says my bladder is the size of a baby’s, but when we’re on an international flight I snag the window seat and just try to not bug the person in the aisle to many times. Window seats are just so much more comfortable since you have the panel as a shoulder rest which let’s me sleep much better. On our way to Paris, S and I lucked out with being the only two in our row so we took advantage of the window seat, but could get up freely which was so nice.

FUZZY SOCKS // Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot sleep if my feet are cold! I usually sleep with my Old Navy fuzzy socks and pack them for flights to feel a bit more cozy. While they are simple $5 socks, they seriously feel like a piece of luxury when you’re on a plane! Old Navy seems to be out of stock right now, but these are only $2 from Target!

COMFY CLOTHES // Like I noted above, you’ll never catch me in jeans boarding a plane. EVER. If you plan on changing mid-flight, that’s also not ideal for many reasons. I highly suggest wearing clothes that are appropriate for public, but comfy enough to sleep in. I always wear comfortable sneakers [these are amazing], these leggings or these pants, a flowy tshirt [more here] and either wear a soft crewneck on the plane or have it in my carryon. Layers are you bff while traveling!

GOOD BOOK // This sounds like a no brainer, but S and I always grab a new book at Barnes & Noble before we travel. Whether you need to kill time or need something to put yourself to sleep, a good book will help! I also pack a bunch of magazines that I somehow have gotten subscribed to. I save them for months and stick them in my carry on!

SMALL COSMETIC CASES // If I’m traveling by myself, my #1 goal is to have one checked bag and one tote as my carry on because well, I only have two arms haha. If I am traveling with S, I will typically still bring a carry on luggage. I just go this set and love it. I like to organize almost every product within my carry on into varying sized cosmetic bags so that I’m well organized and prepared. I have hair ties and clips in one, face cleanser and moisturizer in another, toothbrush and travel toothpaste in one and then another with my contact case and travel solution. I travel with Tula’s trial kit in my carry on since the product sizes are TSA approved 🙂 Use code MINDY for a discount!

GLASSES // This won’t pertain to everyone, but for long flights I wear my glasses and pack my contacts in my carry on. I can’t sleep with contacts in [and you’re not supposed to for most anyway], so I always wear my glasses. I get asked a lot on Snachat where I got my glasses. They are by Burberry, but I can’t find them online. They’re similar to this pair, but mine are tortoise.

FRESH FACE // If I have a short four hour flight to Denver and need to jump into meetings after landing, I’ll opt to just wear cc cream and mascara, but when traveling for leisure or internationally I wear zero make up. Our flights from Boston to Europe are typically six or seven hours long so that’s a long time. Then you go through customs which can take a horrid amount of time. Then you wait for your bags. Then you may need to search for public transit in a country that doesn’t speak English as their first language. Then you may need to fill your belly, etc. You get the point! By the time you get checked into your hotel, you’ll want to shower anyway,

After I get through customs, I will find a bathroom to freshen up. I quickly wash my face, moisturize, brush my teeth, mouthwash and reapply deodorant. My sister and S think I’m insane because I brush my teeth probably five times on a normal day. It’s just one of my ticks [which is actually bad for my enamel, but ehh]. While traveling, it just makes me feel fresh in a pinch. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just weird. IDK. As far as make up goes, I honestly always pack everything in my checked bag. I know the liquid requirement,s but my luck is that they’d throw them out and I’d be the drama queen crying over my $50 foundation being thrown out. I hate wasting money so I avoid any potential trashed make up products by not brining them in my carry on. But as I mentioned above, I do bring some face products to get refreshed quickly. Like mentioned above, I throw this set of Tula in my carry.

HEALTHY SNACKS // After I’m through security I like to grab a couple healthy snacks and a large water. On international flights, you’ll typically get a meal or two, but they are usually gross. When we flew AirFrance for our honeymoon, the meals were so fancy! We were served brie and unlimited champagne [what?!], but typically our abroad flight meals aren’t as great and are loaded with preservatives. I stock up on KIND bars, almonds and LOTS of H20. Planes and travel dehydrate you, so drink up. If you are eating the airline meals, grab some fiber-rich snacks since airlines serve food loaded with simple carbs that stalls your digestive system.

CHANGE OF SHOES // After a long flight, being able to let your feet loose can feel refreshing. Depending on our destination, I’ll throw my TB Millers or sandals into a dust bag that’s then tossed into my tote. This way when the flight ends, I can remove my fuzzy socks and throw on a comfy pair of flops.

I hope these tips are helpful for your upcoming international travels! Leave me any questions below. Xo Mindy

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