Leading a Happy, Fulfilled LifeLeading a Happy, Fulfilled Life Leading a Happy, Fulfilled Life
I love mornings. They bring me peace, clarity and stillness which is probably why I’m up at 4AM writing this on a Saturday. There’s just something about sipping on a hot coffee and reflecting before the world is awake. Since we returned from Paris, I’ve been on an odd sleep cycle, but I sort of enjoy it. I am tired by 8PM and awake by 4M. With that, I’ve been able to enjoy many of these calm mornings lately before we head off for our AM run. Yesterday morning I reflected on how fulfilled I feel. I’m happy with my marketing career. I’m invigorated by my business. I’m blessed with the friends we have. I’m thankful for my amazing family support system. And of course, I’m excited for this new chapter with my loving husband. While I have a lot to come in life, right now I’m so fulfilled and simply – happy.

But how did I get to a point of sheer happiness? It takes work. If you’re feeling beaten down, lost, inadequate, discouraged – you too can choose happiness. You are in control of your life! Today I wanted to share a few ways I constantly choose happiness and lead a fulfilled life in hopes it can help you too!

1. Remove Negativity: If someone speaks ill of you and others, stirs the pot and/or is fake to your face – ditch them. Life is way too sweet to be surrounded by people living in their own misery. I guarantee if you reflect on some portion of why you’re feeling down, it’s due to a negative, jealous person spewing hate. My dad raised me to address issues to people directly so I have zero tolerance for people who constantly speak ill of others. There’s no reason to ever speak ill of someone behind their back when the only constructive way to address and issue and expect to move forward, is to speak to that individual themselves. Once you remove the individuals that throw jealousy and toxicity around, you will feel so much lighter and lead a happier, much more fulfilled life. People that live in their own misery thrive off one another [hence why bullies always gang up], so your bubbly, upbeat, positive self has zero reasons to be within that group, girl. Remove yourself from the toxic situation they’ve curated and be better than them. You’ll see how quickly you thrive without the negative energy! PS – if you’re one of those negative people, one way to change your attitude is to think before you speak. Don’t speak ill of someone that’s not present. There’s no excuse in the world for it and no matter where you point the finger, it’s you to blame. Pretty simple.

2. Attract Positivity: I read an article a few months ago that said “you attract the energy you put into the world”. Well isn’t that the truth, right? If you project happiness and love into the world, happy and loving people will be attracted to you! When I think about mine and S’ best friends, they all are very unique, but a few things are constant: they are loving, happy, selfless, caring, sweet, encouraging and genuine people. Reflect on the energy and attitude you put out into the world. If it’s negative, I bet you’re surrounded by negative people. If your energy is genuine and positive, I bet you’re surrounded by some gems.

3. Have You Time: People often ask how S and I grew as a together over the years and didn’t grow a part. While having common activities together is important, having you time is just as vital. Whatever your interests or hobbies are, make time for them because when you do get to the gym, get your degree, learn a trade or try a new recipe – you feel good. And what happens when you feel good? You send off those positive vibes into the world. Many times life gets busy or you can get so infatuated with a new boyfriend that you mold yourself to him at all times. These both lead you to losing your self identity. Keep your interest and hobbies alive.

4. Live in the Moment: Cliche, I know. But it’s needed. With the world so social media, it’s tempting to get sucked into your phone. And it’s even more challenging when you make your income from it! I set boundaries from my phone and social media to make sure that I’m living in the moment with friends, family and my boys because what’s more sad then reflecting five years from now and realizing you were never present? For myself, I always put my phone down when I’m with family and out with friends. While I may snap pictures or videos, I mean that I’m not mindlessly scrolling my Instagram feed. When S gets home from work, my phone goes in the other room to avoid being a distraction. Simple habits like this can allow you to really live in the moment with the ones you love and make memories.

5.Be Encouraging: When you go through a milestone in life or accomplish something you’re proud of, there are always the cheerleaders and the trolls. The quiet trolls are people that are fully aware this event or milestone happened, but will never acknowledge it due to jealousy. Don’t be a jealous troll. Be an encouraging person. To friends. To cousins. To acquaintances. There’s no reason to have a jealous bone in your body if you’re happy with yourself. My dad always taught me that everyone takes different paths in life and makes different decisions and if you’re not happy with yours then change it. Be happy for your friend that is going on vacation, even if you can’t take one this year. Be happy for your cousin that got a new job, even if yours is miserable right now. Shine light into the world and be genuinely happy to people and what they’re going through!

6. Give Gratitude: Saying thank you is easy, but why do so many people shy away from it? From the little things like someone holding a door for you or the big things like someone attending wedding. Give gratitude. There is no such thing as saying thank you too many times. Such a small phrase or simple card can make such a huge impression.

7. Be Your True Self:┬áThis is another thing I’m thankful my dad taught me. I was told to be unapologetically myself and if someone doens’t like it, who cares? If you morph yourself into someone new depending on who you’re with or dating, who are you? God made you for a reason. Let your personality shine.

8. Reflect and Make Changes: Take time to reflect on your life, career, state or mind, relationships and more. If you’re not feeling uplifted, fulfilled and happy in every area, narrow in on the issue and make a change. I myself recently reflected and made changes. I let cruel, negative people have another [I’d say second, but it’s more like fifteenth] chance in my life and their actions were seen and heard by many people.. who were all very appalled. Like my dad said about it [and he has so much patience for dealing with this exact issue for the 200th time] – the negativity only brings you down so move on and keep it that way.

9. Make Time for the Ones You Love: Spending time with those people that lift you up in life will make your heart so full. I always try to get in as much time as I can with my Grampy Thompson. He’s 87 and has the best stories of all time. Everyone that knows him says he’s the sweetest guy they’ve ever met. I love him so much and always leave home with a full heart after spending time with him. Same thing goes for my dad, S, Muenster and all our best friends. Make time for loved one, unplugged, and you’ll have a smile on your face.

If you’re looking to create your own happiness or lead a more fulfilled life, I hope my experiences and tips help you! Or if you have any additions to this list, please let me know too. Please email me if you’d like to chat further. I love hearing from you! Xo Mindy


  1. Kari says:

    Great advice, Mindy. My 17 year old daughter and I both enjoy your blog/Instagram. I’m going to make sure she reads your words, as I know they’ll be helpful will all the high school drama. Also, you offer some great guidance for her to stay true to herself as she charts her course for the college years and beyond.

    • Min says:

      Hi Kari – your comment made my day! Thank you so much for both you and your daughter reading and following along. I’m so happy that you find this helpful for your daughter as well. I can completely relate to the endeavors she’s going through and about to experience! Please let her know she can always email me if she’d like to chat. High school and college years can be challenging, but staying true to yourself and removing the drama is surely a couple ways to help. Thank you again! You are too sweet. Xo Mindy

  2. Sara says:

    Wow – what a great post! I totally agree with removing the negative. No one has time for that! I love your lifestyle posts. Thanks for the reminder!


    • Min says:

      Hi Sara- thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by! Xo Mindy

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