3 Tips for Long, Thick, Natural Lashes

“Are your eye lashes real?!” 
This is by far one my #1 most common question, not only by readers, but in real life. Like while running errands or getting my hair blown out “real life”, haha. The last time I was at DryBar during my Bachelorette party, my stylist called over her coworkers to take a peek and they all couldn’t believe my lashes were real. My lashes are part genetics, part serum and many parts mascara ;-).

Many girls swear by and love eyelash extensions and that’s awesome! They just aren’t my thing. I would rather use a serum that takes a bit of time to show results, then get immediate results with extensions that will ultimately damage my natural lashes. On top of the damage, the expense really adds up quickly. If I added extensions as a line item in our monthly budget S would definitely side eye me. I’m also way too busy to be able to hop into a salon every two to three weeks.. hence why my nails are never done professionally. That’s just me! If extensions are intriguing to you, try them out girl! Everyone has a different routine, but if you’re interested in long, thick natural lashes this post is for you.

Since I’ve received so many questions on my eyelashes, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks for you to achieve long, thick REAL lashes.

Back in March I decided to try out a lash growth serum Neulash. While I knew I’d be wearing faslies on my wedding day, I wanted my lashes to be the best they could be on their own for our honeymoon. While pricey, I justified the bottle since it’s the same price as a starter extension set, but is a six months supply instead of only lasting two weeks. After eight months of continued use, I cannot suggest it enough for growing your lashes out.

I apply five times a week at night before bed. I just run the little applicator brush along my top lash line like you would with a  liquid eyeliner. I started seeing a difference in only two weeks which was enough to intrigue me to keep this in my nightly routine. Then after four weeks of nightly application, I had the full on results. While products always vary in results for different girls, I really cannot suggest this product enough! After my first bottle was empty after six months, I stock up during the NSale since it’s always included in the sale.

Lash primer is a serious game changer. Not only will it lengthen your lashes, it makes them appear very thick and for $9 it’s worth testing out. Anytime you ever see me with mascara on, I always have this lash primer on underneath. IF the serum is out of your budget right now, trying this step will be a huge game chgnger for you!

So I apply this lash primer from lash base to tip in a very precise manner. It’s important you take a few minutes to make sure the primer is applied in a good manner without clumps because your mascara will lie on top of the product and accentuate whatever it has to grab into, whether that be lashes or clumps. Then I let it sit for about two minutes to get tacky, but not dry. To fill the time, I’ll fill in my eyebrows. That takes me about two minutes, so once my brows are done the primer is the perfect amount of tacky.

I always preach mixing mascaras. I actually learned this from one of my college roommates! She had the most gorgeous, long lashes and her main trick was mixing mascaras. This tip makes perfect sense because each mascara has a different strength whether it be length, volume, thickness or separation. When I’m going all out for a fun night in Boston with friends or a date night with Sergio, I use a mix MANY mascaras which I’ll list out below, bur for right now let’s just chat a realistic everyday combo. I have two go-to everyday mascaras that both perform double duty jobs meaning they lift and lengthen or separate and thicken which is hard to come by in one tube.

LENGTH & SEPARATION: After primer, I apply this drugstore mascara. It’s my #1. My lashes are very sad without it. When traveling home to visit my dad recently, I misplaced this tube and ran out to repurchase, but Wegmans was out! The whole stock was purchased which shows just how awesome it is. I finally tracked a replacement down so my lashes are living up to their full potential again 😉

Okay I love this mascara because it is a gem. Not only does it provide serious length, it separates lashes as well. I typically can’t find a separating mascara that I enjoy because the bristles on the applicator are always so small and very fine so they can’t even comb through my thick lashes. While this brush was created to volumize and create length, it gets an A+ in lash separation too! The pigmentation is amazing, it doesn’t flake through the day and it’s $7 so you can’t beat it.

THICKNESS & LIFT: I then immediately move onto applying this mascara. Mascara is an area that I typically choose to “save” rather than “splurge”, but I get this pretty little tube as a gift from S in my Christmas stocking and other times through the year. He’s so cute! I haven’t found a drugstore mascara that delivers the same results in thickness, but when I do I will report to you ladies first. I have two other mascaras that work in the thickness department: this one and this one. Both create dark, thick lashes. The second one also is also a lengthening megastar.

Anywho, the reason I love this mascara is because it’s another gem. It provides intense thickness and will lift lashes. My lashes tend to stick straight out and I don’t like to use a curler everyday because I find that curlers can snips the lashes on my outter eye corner. I personally only use a curler for big events. This mascara will pull your lashes from sticking straight out and lift them with a sight curl. Love, love, love it.
Also, for those that have asked for our wedding day I wore these strip lashes. They are stunning and only $6 for a pack of three sets. I wanted my make up to be very “me” and natural, but I wanted my eyelashes to be seen a mile away and these babies did exactly that! I have a couple sets stashed for big events and I cannot wait to wear them since they are just so glam and gorgeous.

I hope today’s post helps you achieve long, thick lashes! Send me any questions you have. Thanks so much for reading! Xo Mindy

PS – If you want to see 100% God’s made lashes that don’t need any mascara or help growing? Then I need to show you my sisters. She can’t even wear mascara or else they look freakishly long! For those of us that need a little assistance, I linked up my favorite mascaras and products to length and thicken your lashes below. Xo Mindy


  1. Belinda says:

    Your lashes look amazing! Have you heard of any other serums that are a bit cheaper? If not, I may ask for this serum for xmas. Thanks


  2. Sara says:

    WOW! Pretty lashes girl. I have extensions are my lashes are seriously torn to shreds. I’m so scared to not get them filled because I feel like I’ll be left with nothing. I am grabbing Neulash today in hope that I can get mine healthy again. Thank you for this post! Sara

  3. Leanne B says:

    LOVE the Too faced mascara!! I need to get the primer tho becaue your lashes are gorgeous!!!! Leanne

  4. Rikki says:

    The L’Oréal lash paradise is a drugstore dupe for the too face better than sex

  5. I’m so glad that you shared this, because I am always admiring your lashes! I had eyelash extensions for a summer, and they wrecked my eyes. I used Neulash in the beginning, and it made an absolute world of difference. You’ve inspired me to get back into my routine 🙂

    Also, I started taking my makeup off with coconut oil, and while it was kind of a pain, it made my eyelashes grow so quickly. Might be something worth trying if you’re looking for another step in your lash routine!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • Min says:

      Hey girl!!! NO WAY! I have heard coconut oil is great make up remover, but I didn’t even think about the added benefits of lengthening your lashes I need to try this! Thank you for reading and for your sweet comment Xo Mindy

  6. Ashley DTKAustin says:

    I definitely need to try these tips out! Im always down for fuller lashes!!

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