Bridal Accessories 101 with David’s Bridal

Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post. All opinions are authentically my own. 

Hi ladies! Today’s blog post is all about bridal accessories!
Bridal Accessories 101 with David's BridalAfter finding the dress of your dreams, you search for the perfect heels, veil and jewels to compliment it. Maybe you even play with the idea of a satin belt or an embellished flirty hair piece. While saying yes to the dress is a special moment you’ll never forget, piecing together your complete look withe bridal accessories may turn out to be your favorite bridal experience!

To start the process of finding the perfect accessories to compliment your gown, I suggest starting with the one ‘must have’ piece. Just with any outfit, you don’t want it to get too busy. If you’ve always dreamed of a head to toe lace veil, maybe you forgo an eye catching belt to let the veil speak on it’s own. If you want to strut in a bight pink pump, ensure that’s the statement and allow all other accessories to be understated and neutral. If you have a gorgeous “something borrowed” necklace, you’ll write off the dangly earring options and opt for a simple stud that compliments and doesn’t compete.

Building your look around your dress material/style and that one ‘must-have, totally can’t picture yourself getting married without’ accessory will allow you to easily build a cohesive look that’s not too busy. Your accessories will be complimenting on another, not competing.

I had the opportunity to stop by my local David’s Bridal and take a peek at their accessory collection. I was blown away by the options! I found my dress at a local boutique and spent time piecing together my accessories over our year engagement. An advantage of making an appointment at David’s Bridal is that you could walk out the door with your complete look – dress, heels, jewels, veil AND clutch! I didn’t even see my complete look until I was about to walk down the aisle, so this is such a great option.

With that, I wanted to showcase some varying types of accessories:

Bridal Accessories 101 with David's BridalBelts: Depending on your dress, a belt may be exactly what it needs to being your look up a notch. Some brides want a simple satin gown and that’s totally timeless and gorgeous. Some may love the look, but want a little pop of somethin’ somethin’, A belt may do just the trick! From rose gold detailing, dainty jeweled options to thick, eye catching pearl embellishments, David’s Bridal has a huge selection of bridal belts!

Clutch: Every bride needs her essentials on hand throughout the day for touch ups. Grabbing a cute clutch is a great idea so that you don’t need to rely on other people to store away your lipstick or your everyday purse isn’t in eyesore in unexpected photos!

Jewels: I opted for a large, yet timeless earring on my wedding day and nixed a necklace. I encourage you to keep those two things we previously chatted about in mind when selecting your jewels.

Always think though 1. your dress. For example, does this necklace length flatter the dress neckline? And 2. your must-have accessory. ex: does this necklace distract from my the earrings I’ve always dreamed of wearing? Maybe you’re even considering wearing a crystal hair barrette too. Layering on a lot of jewels is where things can often get a little busy, but keeping those two pointers in mind will help build a cohesive look.

Bridal accessories 101 with David's BridalBridal accessories 101 with David's BridalHair Barrette: If the rest of your look is pretty simple, dressing up your hair do with fresh flowers or an embellished barrette may be just what you need to complete your look!

Take your time vetting through bridal accessories and know that while shopping at a retailer like David’s Bridal, you may say yes to the dress AND all your bridal accessories in one stop! What piece shared today is your favorite? Xo Mindy

Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring this post. All opinions are authentically my own. 

  1. Sofiyat says:

    Now i want to get married!!

  2. ahhh bridal belts are my jam!! love them so much haha my wedding day accessories were super simple since we were at the beach and i wanted a very casual feel

  3. Grace says:

    All of the accessories you featured are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. the sophia diaries says:

    omg, so many pretty things, although those shoes have got to be some of my favorites <3 i love the detail! too bad they might not be there by the time i get married xD

  5. Bella says:

    So many stunning accessories!! I need to go here one I get married lol!

  6. Deborah says:

    Oh these are all so pretty!

  7. Deb Savage says:

    It is so great when you find a bridal shop that has such amazing accessories. I am in love with that clutch bag.

  8. Ooh a hair barrett, yes! I wore a headband that had pearls at my wedding and I loved it! This makes me want to get married all over again. < 3

  9. Leanna says:

    I loved shopping for wedding stuff! I got my garter at davids bridal!

  10. These are gorgeous accessories. I wish that I had one of these when I got married.

  11. I was just at David’s Bridal this weekend and didn’t think to check out their accessories! Based on your pics they are definitely worth a look!

  12. Shaguna says:

    That clutch looks amazing! I would drive myself crazy with all the decisions that come with a wedding!

  13. Sahra says:

    wow I had no idea they had such dreamy accessories! Thanks for sharing – now I wish I could get married all over again!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

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