Styling a Monochromatic OutfitCan you tell what my favorite color is? 😉 Can ya?! I wish I could wear pink from head to toe everyday! S always jokes about this because I’m typically a pink blob, even when I’m just lounging at home. My loungewear, made up of mostly old college gear, has one consistent color to it – pink!

Today’s outfit looks a tad more put together than my pink college sweats and tshirt, but hey either works for me. I saw these pants online and knew I needed to grab them. I knew the sleekest way to style them would be in a monochromatic way.
Styling a Monochromatic OutfitWhat is a monochromatic outfit? The word “monochromatic” breaks down into two pieces: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning color. So a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one color. That doesn’t mean one exact shade all the way through. That wouldn’t be as fun! The best way to style monochromatic look is to pair together varying shades of one color.
Styling a Monochromatic OutfitMy pants are light pink, so I knew a bright pink top would pair together perfectly. This one for under $70 caught my eye a couple weeks ago so I snagged it up. I can pictures styling it with denim cut offs this summer or throwing a blazer over it for work too! It fits true to size.

For my pants, I went down one size and they are under $80. I like that the material is thick, so that they are flattering and everything is smoothed out 😉 . They aren’t see through and will be a fun pop of color for the office! Plus, they are comfy!
I weighed out throwing on my blush pink heels, but I think to make a pink shoe work they’d need to be magenta or hot pink like my top. The blush heel is too close to the pants color. To make monochromatic work, each “layer” of your outfit is a contrasting shade than the one it’ closet to. So if my pants were neon and my top were light pink, the blush heels may have worked! Ultimately I decided on my old reliable block heel sandals that I think every girl should own! The nude color and ankle strap give the illusion of a higher heel and elongate your legs.

I grabbed this clutch while headed out the door and love how it complements the entire look, plus adds a touch of print and texture. While this brand is a splurge, I use this and this clutch every single week. Since I normally wear solid colors, they add a quick pop of print and are surprisingly versatile! I don’t know a single weekend outfit I’ve worn that this one doesn’t go with. As a tip – I usually wait for a ShopBop sale to invest in her handbags because you’ll receive about 30% off 😉
Styling a Monochromatic OutfitI hope this look inspires you to pair together a few items you may not have originally! Monochromatic looks are chic and sleek so give it a try. If you want this exact look, you can shop it below as always. I’m also linking up some of my favorite Baublebar pieces as there is a huge sitewide sale where you can get up to 30% off right now! Xo Mindy



  1. Annaliese says:

    Oooooh love this pink on pink look!! I love wearing pink outfits all spring and summer long. 🙂 Happy wednesday mindy!

    xoxo A

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