Summer is here and in my beauty book, that means cream blush, anti-humidity spray and up do season! With the heat, I just feel more comfortable with my hair up, off my neck and out of my face. What about you?! I personally love sleek ponys, double french braids, low buns and high, beachy ponys to name a few.

Today I wanted to share a tips for achieving an effortless, volumized high pony!

Curl your hair, just to throw it in a pony? Yup! For slicked back, chic pony tails straight hair is beautiful. For beachy, effortless ponys, curls are needed. Plus, curls give your pony nice volume and a bit of bounce.

With your hair down, quickly throw a few curls in it. They don’t need to be perfect since you’ll be throwing them up to the top of your head in a minute.

To curl, I spray my hair before applying the curling iron with this flexible hold hair spray. Then I use this 1″ curling iron and I seriously can’t go back to any without a rotating barrel. I’ve used it for 3+ years and it’s so good. Then, after all the curls are done, I lightly spray them again with this.

The best part of a high pony and what “makes it” is the volume at the hair tie. I have a trick that will take your high pony from looking sad and droopy, to volumized and perky.

Tip #1: This hair tie is the game changer. S stuffed a bunch of them in my Christmas stocking and they are key for reducing that kink in your strands that typical hair ties make. You get a set of three ties for $8. Anyways, they are also the #1 high pony volume booster!

To pin your hair up, you’ll lean over and tilt your head down towards the ground. From here, you’ll gather all the hair with your hands, grouping it to where you want it to lie on your head.

Tip #2:  unless you are going for a slicked pany pony, don’t gather your hair with your fingers together. If you’re going for an effortless, piecey, beachy style, you will gather your hair with your fingers a part and they will run through your strands like a thick toothed comb 🙂

Once the hair is gathered together, stand up straight and look into the mirror. Take this hair tie and wrap is around three times. The hair tie layers on op of itself with each wrap around, making you achieve hat major volume.

If I’m going to the gym, I leave it as is and head out the door. If I’m going out, I will hide the hair tie with a piece a small chunk of hair. To do this, you will take a small chunk of hair from the pony, wrap it around the hair tie and secure it with a bobby pin that matches your hair color.

And voila! It only takes about 10 minutes and then you’re out the door! Xo Mindy

PS – Here is a post where I share eight tips for making your curls last




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