If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen me mention barre class recently. While my favorite work out will always be running outdoors, I love a great structured boutique studio work out class as well! In addition to barre classes, I’m also a huge fan of indoor spinning.
4 tips for staying committed to workout routine with secret deodorant4 tips for staying committed to workout routine with secret deodorantFitness is one area I find many people are two feet in on or no feet at all. The best physical and mental results come when we are consistent with a balanced routine, right?

Today I’m sharing four tips I’ve learned to stay committed to my workout routine that may be helpful to you!

1.AVOID BURNOUT: Switching up your type of workout throughout the week will allow you to not get burned out. If I solely spin, I start to dread going. If I solely run, I end up dreading it. Even if you love the specific workout, class or fitness video – you can easily burn out if you do it multiple times a week without switching it up.

For myself personally, I find that a great mix of indoor spinning classes, studio barre classes and outdoor runs is my preferred flow. When I mix it up between the three, I look consistently forward to them!

4-tips-stay-committed-workout-routine-secret-deoderant-3 2.GET ORGANIZED: Just with anything in life, being organized always helps reduce stress and aids in nailing things out. The same goes for workouts! Make your routine easy on yourself by preparing.

To stay organized, I do the following:

-Prep athletic clothes the day prior – no matter if it’s a 5AM, noon or 5PM class.

-Have a go-to water bottle. I realized one of my time sucks for getting out the door was having a water bottle geared up. I would waste time muddling through a pile of covers, trying to find the one that matched the random water bottle I grabbed. This one is my favorite since it keeps my water ice cold all day!
-Have a bag dedicated to studio classes or the gym. Inside I always have my barre socks, gym socks, facial cleanser, headbands and hair ties. I’ll throw my water bottle and ID in right when I’m leaving.

I also make sure to keep my Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Strength Deodorant stored in this bag. I start dry and stay dry with Clinical Strength Invisible Solid that goes on dry with a smooth, even application. With just one application, I’m sweat free all day!

Secret is a brand I’ve used and relied on all throughout my life. From high school tennis tournaments, late night college studying sessions all the way through business presentations in my marketing career, job interviews and of course workouts – Secret Deodorant has been there through all different phases of my life. Their formula not only performs, but also doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin!

I love that Secret Clinical Strength offers faster, extra effective protection from unexpected sweat. Plus, it’s the only deodorant brand made specifically for women! How cool is that?!

You too can use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once a day for all-day strong wetness protection by grabbing your own product via Amazon HERE.
Having these four items stored away together in this dedicated bag makes heading out the door for class much easier!
3.GRAB A WORKOUT BUDDY: My friend Molly and I have been trying out different types of workouts over the last couple months, including something totally out of my comfort zone – a boxing class!
Not only does having a girlfriend by your side give you confidence to test a new workout or studio, you’ll also hold one another accountable. Workouts now just feel like a girlfriend date! Plus, let’s be real – it’s easy to skip a class on your own, but when you have someone else relying on you, you make more of an effort to follow through, right?!

Finding a common work out between you and your significant other is also another great idea! S and I both love running, so that is our bonding time throughout the week and another way we hold each other accountable. If your spouse isn’t into fitness, start slow with a weekly walking date after dinner!

4.TRY A STUDIO CLASS: While I love running outdoors, I can often push it aside due to getting busy with work and other commitments that come up during the day. I find that this happens less with studio work out classes because they feel more like a solid commitment!

Clicking the ‘register’ button for a work out class makes me truly commit to working out on a specific day, at a certain time so I schedule it on my calendar and treat it just as any other appointment or meeting I have and have zero excuses for not nailing it out. Try that out and see if you follow through more consistently!

Staying active for me goes beyond the outward benefits. It’s my “me time” and stress reliever. Maintaining a consistent workout routine allows me to perform better at work, feel my best and honestly keeps me happy. I hope that these four tips aid you in maintaining a schedule as well!

Let me know your tips for staying consistent in the comments below. Xo Mindy

Sponsored by Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant.


  1. Michelle W says:

    THis is what i am the absolute worst at – sticking to a workout routine! I end up lasting a few times and then opting for netflix and popcorn instead. however i do love secret products!

  2. Deborah says:

    THese are all such great tips! I personally love working out!

  3. Annaliese says:

    Mindy I so needed this motivation- haha! Back in Vermont I had such a good gym routine this winter- it was a great thing to look forward to for staying active in the cold winter. Since I moved to Virginia, it’s been harder for me to build gym time back into my regular schedule. I did go this morning though!!

    xoxo A

  4. Hannah says:

    Barre sounds awesome! I like running outdoors too, but recently moved somewhere REALLY hot and have been struggling with the heat. I’ll have to check out spin or barre class. Maybe they would be a good running supplement until the heat breaks. I just LOVE Secret products…they are a lifesaver on super hot days. Thanks for sharing your workout motivation tips. Happy first day of summer, Mindy!!!

  5. Nicole says:

    These are such smart tips! When I was going to the gym all the time, I always needed everything to be ready to go. now i have a treadmill at home and do mostly home workouts but i still keep my gear organized!

  6. rachel says:

    I so needed some motivation to get moving again! HAVING A WORKOUT BUDDY IS A MUST FOR ME! AND I’M A BIG FAN OF SECRET TOO!

  7. I love walking but at the moment doing this activity outdoor is practically impossible due to the crazy weather, too hot! So I’m swimming a lot!

  8. I completely agree. I started my barre classes Almost two monThs ago and i am super OBSESSED. I am an AVID indoor cycling giRl but needed A change in my routine. Glad i was able to combine two amazing workouts! With barre i am definitely seeing chanGes. I agree, you need to stay committed, plan ahead, schedule your classes in advance, and have Workout buddy. this will allow you follow through your workouts. GreAt post!

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