Happy Friday! Although I had yesterday off, I’m so ready for the weekend. We have zero plans at the moment, which I’m sure will change, but aren’t those weekends the best?! Anything you do is on a whim, which for us usually means dinner with our besties Hayden and Taryn, rose by the pool, long runs through town and Hulu binging with thai food haha.

Tonight we are hanging at home outside, grilling up dinner and popping a bottle of champagne! You may have seen on Instagram stories last Friday that S and I were celebrating something. S was promoted!! It officially kicked in last week so I surprised him with a dinner reservation at our favorite Italian restaurant. Since it was officially communicated this week I feel like we need another smaller celebration since it feels more real. Bring on the champs. I’m so so so proud of him!!

On another note, we’re also on the house hunt! Our rent lease ends in October so we’re keeping our eyes open, but not getting our hopes up either. Massachusetts real estate is simply insane. For $700k [number is just for simply stating the insanity here], you get a house that needs to be totally gutted. We both are just too busy to deal with a renovation overhaul, but then any houses that have been renovated are gone before even being posted online!

nordstrom bow blouse

We’re looking for location over size since we don’t need a 4+ bedroom house right now. We just want to be in the five minutes radius of where we already live being really close town. Who knows! We are kicking off the process [whatever that is/means], this weekend! Hopefully we can snag something in the next couple months and if not, we love our current apartment and one more year isn’t a biggie!

What’s so ironic about this is that my dad has built houses through my life! He has built every house I’ve ever lived in and is so talented. Before his current job, he had his own business building new homes and selling. Massachusetts has strict codes on who builds, so since he lives in Maine and isn’t a Massachusetts contractor, we can’t have him build us anything even if everything else aligned. Although a plot of land here within itself is $400k. Lol.

I heard a quote a couple years ago that constantly rings in the back of my mind, especially in a time of life full of so much love.

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

While it’s easy to get focused on the next “step” or “milestone” in life, it’s so important to remember the bright side of every situation or chapter! One day you’ll look back at yourself right now – whether a single girl in the city, nervously starting a new job, starting to date what may be the love of your life – and get those bittersweet emotions. Whatever chapter you’re currently in, don’t focus on where you are running to. Just think of enjoying how you’re going to get there, whenever that may be.

Right now life feels so at ease, in the very best way. I know we are currently in the “good old days” and I want to soak up every minute of it. We live in such a great area, are blessed with the best group of friends, have amazing, healthy parents [and Grampy Thompson!] and a furbaby that makes every day filled with sunshine. Count ya blessins’.

Well lol – I came on here to chat about a bow blouse, but apparently my mind had other things to chat through! I hope you either 1. enjoy this 40% off blouse or 2. enjoy a little positivity chat.Thanks for stopping by! Xo Mindy



  1. Annaliese says:

    Best of luck to y’all with the house hunt! My best friend from high school is still in maine- she and her boyfriend have been hunting for two whole years and still can’t find anything in first time buyer budget!! New england is nuts 🙁 Love that quote though!

    xoxo A

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