12 Beauty Products Worth Your Money + Sephora Sale!


We did it! Our apartment keys has been handed in and we are all moved into our new house. While we aren’t all settled just yet, we took this entire week off from work to get a bit unpacked and organized in our little home.

You probably saw on Instagram stories that my dad has stayed with us since last Friday and omg it’s been SO fun! We’ve been up early each day with Dunkin Donuts coffees in hand while truckin’ to Lowe’s. S was gone at a bachelor party in Nashville over the last weekend, so my dad got us all settled with a washer and dryer, custom shades hung in each window and a million things I didn’t even think of needing while he was gone – ladder, granite sealer, grout sealer, lawn mower, weed whacker.

My dad has built every house I’ve ever lived in and he does this for his profession, so he’s an expert in all things house! S and I were joking that we’d be sitting at home with blankets taped to the windows with piles of dirty laundry without my dad spending this time with us. We’ve learned so much from him and feel so settled after everything he did for us.

It’s also been really nice taking a break from social media and content creation this past week since I never take time off, but I’m all refreshed and ready to kick the weekend off with some shopping ala the Sephora’s Beauty Insider Appreciation Event! WOOP!

This year’s Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Event starts today August 24th and runs through September 3rd. Best part? Everything is 20% off! *insert red dress dancing emoji*

Here’s how the sale works:

SEPHORA ROUGE: You can shop N-O-W. You get exclusive access today – before anyone else – and receive 20% off in stores and online with the code “YESROUGE”.

SEPHORA VIB: You can shop starting August 30th and will receive 15% off with the code “YESVIB”.

BEAUTY INSIDERS: You can shop starting August 30th and will receive 10% off with the code “YESINSIDER”.

Not sure which status you are? Log into your Sephora account, hover over your name in the top right and click ‘Beauty Insider’. You’ll see one of the three listed on the banner.

Here’s the break down for each Sephora status as well:

VIB ROUGE = $1,000 spent in the last year
VIB = $350 spent in last year
INSIDER = $0 spent in the last year

Alright – need some guidance on what exactly to buy with your sale code? I rounded up the 10 beauty picks I think are worth your hard earned money. Some of these are fresh new beauty products I’ve tested since the last Sephora sale along with a few oldies, but goodies I’ve fallen in love with recently all over again.

Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event-7

I grabbed this beauty tool during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and am ecstatic that I did. If you purchase one item from the Sephora sale, I’d recommend this. What is it? It’s the PMD Personal Microderm is an at-home skin care tool you can use that can drive the same results as a professional, in-office microdermabrasion treatment.

I thought, ‘yeah, yeah.. sure’ when I read this, but gave it a go and dang it’s good! So much so that when S was packing up our apartment bathroom, I said I couldn’t live two weeks without this tool and stuck it in my duffle to have on hand.

What makes it unique is that it combines the power of patented spinning disc technology with a perfectly calibrated vacuum suction to brighten, smooth and even skin tone and texture.

The results I’ve seen so far? I have two baby wrinkles on my forehead and I’m not kidding when I say that after three weeks of using the PMD tool three times a week, I swear they are close to disappearing. I also have noticed a decrease in pore size, greater smoothness and overall my skin just feels gutted of junk and FRESH!

It’s worth every penny and I’m addicted.

Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event-4


When it comes to palettes, I usually say ‘Eh’. I don’t share many because I often don’t find them worth the price. There are always a chunk of colors I don’t use whether for eye shadows or contours/highlighters palettes and oftentimes the product consistency is mediocre AKA not worth your money.

This palette is different! It’s a complete gem. I’ve dipped into every single color which is a rarity. The product is easily blendable and super pigmented. It looks like a powder, applies like a cream and blends in an instant.

For bronze/contour – I use the bottom right when I’m recently self tanned. I use a mix of the top two when I’m not.

For highlighter, I am always playing with all three. They are such a gorgeous, light shimmer. Some highlighters can be over bearing, not blendable and are often drying of the skin which is the opposite of what it should be.

If you’re thinking ahead to the holidays [#sorrynotsorry], this product would be a wonderful gift for any beauty lover in your life. They will get so much use out of it!


Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event-2

My long time blog readers know that I’m a loyal user of IT Cosmetics CC Cream. It’s the best CC cream on the market because unlike most, it actually provides pigmentation and coverage. I reach for is much more ofte than foundation because my skin can actually breath, plus it has SPF 40+ providing sun protection. I’ve aways worn this one, but after being sent their new oil free matte formula I’ve made the switch to this.

I don’t have oil-prone skin at all. I actually lean dry if anything! I figured I’d test this line, but continue to purchase the regular line. Nope. There is something about this formula that makes my skin glow and I find that it stays fresh longer.. probably because it’s been tested to last through 12+ ours of intense heat.

I suggest anyone to try it, but especially if you’re a Southern girl since it’s tested to withstand serious heat and humidity.


Okay I’ve shared St Tropez all over the blog and while this product is an old classic for me, I recently repurchased and wondered why I ever strayed away from the ‘Express’.

I’m not sure if they revamped this formula, but I find the results of this bottle to be much more deep than when I used it years ago. I love that even after two hours you can walk out the door with a tan. With the original formula, I have to keep it on for 8+. While I suggest leaving this on for at least four hours, knowing you can have a nice touch of glow in only two hours is great if you’re in a pinch!

I’m almost complete with a three part self tanning quick series where I break down ll the details on what to do pre-tan, how to apply and how to maintain it post-tan, but until then I suggest grabbing this one to try for yourself!


Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event-1

I recently received a sample size of this cult favorite mascara and fall in love with it all over again. I have used it many times before, but recently was using a drug store mascara that simply does not compare.

If you want full, volumized, thick lashes this mascara will do the trick. I also enjoy this and this, but both of my recent bottles have become super  clumpy faster than normal and due to this, have less of a life than this Too Faced mascara.

CLICK HERE to read my entire mascara routine!

Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event-5


Since my skin leans dry, I’m not usually a ‘setting powder’ girl. I received this one in a PR box and don’t got a day without using it now.

If you lean oily, this will hold your make up in place. Keep it in your purse for spot treating any oil as well.

If you lean normal to dry like me, the benefit of this product is that is leaves a gorgeous airbrush look to your CC cream or foundation.

Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event-3


I’ve been testing the entire Moroccanoil Color Prevent and Protect line recently and one product I love is this spray. It’s an easy way to detangle, nourish and the best part – it maintains your hair color and avoids any brassy build up! I have really noticed a difference in the length of my highlight color while using this.

I will say that the pump was a little finkcky, so I put mine in a $1 travel spray bottle. That may just have been a defect with my bottle and not every one, but wanted to note that. It works so well that it’s worth pouring into a different sprayer bottle!

sephora-sale-clarins copy


If you’re a self tanner newbie, this is a great product to try out because it shows color within a few hours, but is less tedious than a St. Tropez. You won’t be able to notice any ‘missed spots’ and it’s a simple gel that’s easy to apply. It’s better than a Jorgenson’s in that it shows color within a few hours, rather than weeks and it’s less pigmented than a St. Tropez,so less tedious and less likely to show any mistakes.

I love applying mine before bed to build upon my St. Tropez tan or alone to wake up with a touch of sun. It does has a ‘syrup-y’ smell to it lol, but I don’t mind.




During the last Sephora sale, I splurged on this hair straightening brush. For as often as I straighten my hair, I hadn’t purchased a new iron in over a decade.. that’s how long my Chi has lasted!

I have been very happy with this product as it makes maintaining my hair style in between washes very simple. Even with a silk pillow case, I’ll wake up to frizzilies along my hair line simply because I have super textured hair. If you’re hair type is similar to mine, this may be a hair maintenance game changer for you, just as it has been for me!

In the morning, I quickly brush this through my hair and in a couple minutes, I’m good to run our the door.

In addition to touch ups, I’ve used it to straighten my hair from curls to styled and it works great! The temperature is adjustable, but I usually stick to 360*.



The best $6.50 I’ve ever spent! While in the shower, I use this mitt to remove my self tanner. The best way to get a great self tan is to remove old product build up and exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. You seriously watch the product melt away.

Even if you don’ self tan, this is a great product to have on hand to remove old skin cells. It’s just like dry brushing, but in the shower with a little, powerful mitt!

Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event-6


Last year before my wedding, I started drinking collagen peptides to increase the collagen in my skin, increase hair shine and nail growth. While I had originally thought that was the length to the benefits of collagen, I was totally wrong. I quickly saw other changes in my body from the inside out, like better sleep, less snacking and a reduction of knee pain from a prior running injury. Well good news is that you can now try them for yourself via the Sephora sale! Vital Proteins just recently launched at Sephora which is so exciting.

Whenever I get asked details about collagen peptides, I always suggest starting with the $25 original plain collagen powder which you can shop on sale HERE. I saw results before my first bottle was anywhere near empty.

CLICK HERE to read bout my experience with collagen peptides, changes I’ve seen in my body and how I drink them.



The best product to invest in if you have very thick, seriously textured, super curly hair like myself – a powerful, but protective blow dryer. I’ve always had CVS blow dryers, but then when Dry Bar sent me this one two years ago I kicked myself at waiting so long to try a high quality one!

My dry time is cut at least in half, much less damage is done to my hair and I get a salon quality blow out at home. All my girlfriends that have made the switch thank me!

So what’s in my cart,  ya ask!?
This $7 applicator mitt that I use to apply my self tanner. I’m well over due for a new one!
A restock on this product that I’ve used since ever since college that apply after shaving to reduce irritation.
This serum that I’ve heard has rave reviews for reducing pore size. This This ‘sunshine in a bottle’ face lotion!

What’s in your online cart?! Have fun shopping! Xo Mindy



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