Right when our offer was accepted on our first home, I started researching home security systems. Some girls order a couch for their new living room, some plan our their master bedroom layout. Me? I get straight to business!

One aspect of renting I really enjoyed was the peace of mind when it came to security. Our apartments always had multiple barriers in order to access our unit, plus we were always on the very top, fourth floor – making me have even more of a sense of security! We also had someone monitoring the front door for most hours of the day and a security company outside the remaining hours.


All that to say, I felt very safe while renting, but moving into a house? Not so much – especially since I work from home so much. Even with living in a very safe town, I felt very uneasy and vulnerable thinking of our house without a top notch security system as soon as possible. So – the research started!

My in laws really enjoy their Ring home security system, so I immediately started there. After comparing what Ring offered to other brands and products in the market, I was sold on their complete system due to the amazing reviews and vast product offerings from doorbells to floodlights. Our family members and online reviews all raved about the video quality, mobile app, advanced technology, ease of setup and customization options like specific motion areas all the way to color options.


After sharing S installing the Ring Video Doorbell Pro via IG stories, so many of you DM’d me sharing how much you love your Ring system! After having ours for a month now, I totally agree with you guys! It has made our lives less anxious and much easier.


1.We feel secure because we can see our entire property at any moment.

Due to where we installed each product, S and I are able to see every inch of our property on all sides. Ring’s Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam and Video Doorbell cameras all have amazing wide angle lenses that stream in high resolution day and night. Which is great for many reasons, but my favorite? We can see our entire property at all times, in real time.

Whether I am working from home and want to see who is on our porch or we are out of state and want to check on our backyard – we can see every inch of our property!

Another great benefit is that myself and Sergio are alerted via the mobile app when there is motion in areas we have the products installed inside and outside our home.

And guess what? You set the motion parameter areas so you’re not alerted of cars passing by and the system is smart enough to ignore pet movements.


2.We like monitoring our package deliveries via the Ring Doorbell Pro.
Being a blogger, I receive a lot of surprise packages so I’m never really sure if we will receive packages when away from home.

When we visited Charleston last month, we were able to check for packages on our porch via our doorbell footage and have a neighbor grab them. So cool!

This will be super handy with the upcoming holidays as well.

3.I feel safe answering the door alone.
While I don’t open the door for just anyone obviously, it’s nice to know that if I do – Sergio knows. His phone receives a push notification via the Ring mobile app if there is motion or our doorbell rings.

In addition to the alert, he can watch the front door activity in real time or play back a recording of it. This just makes us feel even more secure!

4.We know our furbaby is safe.
Does anyone else worry about their furbaby while they are gone from the house? My dad says I have attachment issues to Muenster, but with this face who wouldn’t?

But in all seriousness, if an emergency happened and someone tried to break in, our Ring home security system would alert us, fire off an alarm [tested it – and I’m pretty sure all our neighbors will hear too!] and dispatch to emergency personnel via Ring’s professional monitoring system. This monitoring system is $10 a month, not required [totally optional add on and will dispatch to emergency personnel if someone breaks in]. Unlike other security companies, there is no long term contract which is nice.

5.Installation is so simple.
S and I do not own the title of handymen. That’s for sure! For the record, we have installed one light fixture ourselves. Other than that, my dad helps us with big projects since he builds houses for his profession. With that said, S and I installed Ring all by ourselves (!!!!!). So if you have zero knowledge of electrical, you can do it.

We installed the Video Doorbell Pro, Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam and Ring Alarm. Ring provides instructions in all forms – easy-to-follow videos, simple written instructions and tags on the products. It’s so easy.


So tell me – do you have a Ring doorbell?! How do you secure your home? Tell me in the comments below. Xo Mindy


VIDEO DOORBELL PRO c/o I SPOTLIGHT CAM BATTERY POWERED c/o I FLOODLIGHT CAM BATTERY POWERED c/o I RING ALARM c/o [includes base, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and range extender] c/o I PROFESSIONAL MONITORING SYSTEM c/o

Thank you for Ring for partnering on this blog post! All opinions and experiences are authentically my own. 


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