Buzzword: a word or phrase that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context.

I hate buzzwords. The marketer in me eyerolls whenever I hear one. All I can picture are people in Corporate America sitting around a huge oval conference room table slapping the word on product labels, print ads and commercials because it’s what’s resonating in the industry.

You can bet that one year ago, these eyes were rollin’ at ‘clean beauty’. 😆 We can all admit, clean beauty is a huge buzzword right now in the beauty world and honestly, it is overwhelming!

But what I’ve realized over the last few months while dabbling in clean beauty, not all buzzwords are frauds. It makes logical sense that what we apply to our skin, whether toxic or clean, will be soaked up inside us. Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Did you know that?!

I mentioned a couple months ago on Instagram stories that I wanted to remove companies that test on animals. I was shocked at the amount of brands that still do this! All of a sudden it just clicked. If a brand is crappy enough to test on sweet animals, what are they willing to do to humans?

Then after an innocent google search on clean beauty, I saw a stat that slapped me in the face.

The United States hasn’t passed a law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.

1938, guys… What?!


Meanwhile the European Union has an abundance of laws that have in turn banned close to 1,400 chemicals (!!!) in product formulas of personal care products and has also restricted the levels of over 250 more chemicals in products as well.

The United States has only partially banned 30 to date. WTF.

All this to say, after reading those stats I decided that ignoring the clean beauty buzzword wasn’t an option in my life anymore. But where do I start? It’s overwhelming, right? What products do I have that are clean? What ingredients are toxic? What brands are claiming to be ‘clean’ when they aren’t? Do I seriously gut my entire skin care and make up collections just to start over?

After my brain ran a mile a minute, I realized I do not need to conquer this in a day, week or month. This is a life change that will take many months and years.

To avoid being overwhelmed, I decided that my phase I plan is to focus solely on my skin care products. Then down the line when I have some knowledge under my belt, in phase II I’ll be conquering make up! 

If you’re still with me, you’re probably a part of the 78% of A Mix of Min readers that are intrigued by clean beauty, but don’t know where to start. I just launched something super eciting…..


Whether you need help starting, are looking for clean beauty products that actually work or just want the ‘need to know’ information hand plucked from all the data out there – this email series is for you.

Sign up for my clean beauty email list where we will go through this clean beauty journey together via ‘coffee chat’ emails. I’ll take my research and learnings and update you on my latest findings!

Right off the bat, you’ll receive a free download: 5 Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid.

This free download will help you kick off your clean beauty knowledge by narrowing in on the five most common toxic ingredients to look for on your current product labels. I break down what is so dangerous about them too which is alarming to say the least.

I also share a really cool mobile app that rates beauty products on a scale of super clean or highly toxic.

To join, just type your email in the sign up box above!


If you’re still on the fence about joining, know that in addition to exclusive content, I’ll be giving way free skin care goodies this holiday season to my clean beauty tribe! And who does’t love free products?!

Next up? I’ll be sharing clean beauty products I have tried that actually work. As a sneak peek – here’s my #1! This product overhauled my dry skin overnight and hydrates better than any moisturizer I’ve ever tried!

Now tell me, are intrigured about clean beauty or still skeptical! Xo Mindy


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