Dermstore 20% off sale & new beauty products I’m LOVING!

Hi gf! I recently found some new awesome beauty products that I wanted to chat with you about.. especially since most are 20% off this weekend via the Dermstore sale going on. Use code ‘SUMMER’ if you want to take advantage of the sale. 

From my favorite self tanner to a gorgeous cream blush – there are lots of new goodies I cover below. 

Dermstore 20% Off Sale

1.Vita Liberata Body Blur in ‘latte’: If you’re like me and your legs don’t tan EVER, this product is a life saver. You can think of it as a CC cream for your body! It’s different from a self tanner in that, it just temporary gives you color until you wash it off [like make up] and doesn’t build up any tan. It gives you a nice touch of color instantly and blurs any imperfections.

I make sure to wash it off at night, just as I would make up, so that I don’t clog any pores. I save it for special occasions or blog shoots when my legs need a bit more faux color! 

I’ve used a similar product by Sally Hansen for years and both options are great! I’d say that the Vita Liberata Body Blur is more hydrating and has a more blendable pigment.

2.St.Tropez Self Tanning Mousse: This is an old reliable I’ve used basically every week for 4+ years. If you want a deep self tan that isn’t orange, applies easily and lasts 1+ weeks, you should try this! 

I prefer the Advanced 1 Hour Tan to the regular because the tan comes out just the same, but you only need it on for 4-6 hours compared to 8+. Basically the longer you leave this on, the darker the tan. Plus after you shower it off, the tan still develops.

Tip: I personally prefer mousse over lotion self tanners because the hours they are setting in are more comfortable. Lotion is more sticky. That said, lotion is more hydrating so there are pros and cons to both! Since I use the mousse, I make sure to be extra hydrated throughout the week to elongate the life of my self tan.

3.Glo Skin Beauty Cream Blush in ‘Sheer Pteal’: Glo Skin Beauty sent me a box of goodies to test and I’ve been loving their products lately!

Since introducing a retinol into my routine, my skin has been leaning a little dry which is expected. You skin takes some time to adjust to retinol, so for the time being I make a make up routine full of cream or liquid products and avoid powders.

Tip: If you lean dry or are going through a spell of dry skin, you want to avoid matte or powder products and lean towards cream. Powders on top of dry skin result is cakey looking, bleh make up. 

All that said, I LOVE this cream blush! I have color ‘Sheer Petal’ which is almost the exact match to my favorite Tarte Amazon Clay Blush in shade ‘Paaarty’. Blush is hard to purchase because the colors always look extreme. My suggestion is to look for muavey ones like this as they give a natural glow compared to super bright pinks.

4. Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment: Okay, I own this produt, but I haven’t tested this product just yet. I only introduce one skin care product at a time so then if I have good OR bad results, I know which product is causing it. If you introduce your skin to multiple new products, you will have a hard tie narrowing in on which caused you to break out or left you super hydrated.

I also give each product [unless there is immediate skin revolt in the form of a breakout] at least 6 weeks. It really takes 6 months for a product to really show results, but within 6 weeks you can get an idea of what is or isn’t working if you take before photos. 

Anywho, I am currently testing a retinol by this brand, but next I am trying this lactic acid serum by the same brand in hopes to lighten my hyperpigmentation and soak in the antiaging properties below:

  • High Potency, Purified Grade Lactic Acid (5%): plumps lines and exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal smoother, clearer and more youthful-looking skin
  • Licorice: naturally brightens the appearance of hyperpigmentation. [what I need!]
  • Lemongrass: boosts skin radiance
  • Aloe: soothes and refreshes skin

Since it has a cult following I needed to tell you it is 20% off!

6.Glo Liquid Foundation wit SPF15: This girl loves a flawless, full coverage base, but lately I’ve been really embracing my natural quirks like freckles! This foundation has moderate coverage so it evens out your skin tone, but allows your natural features show! Some foundations can feel ‘heavy’ on your face. You know that feeling like you’re wearing make up’ lol. Well this product literally feels like you have nothing on! Inside it has:

Glycerin: which will help hydrate your skin
Titanium Dioxide: a 99% pure, FDA approved natural sun blocker

7.Beauty Blender: An oldie, but goodie that is on sale! You can get this little set which is super handy. The little soap is a sponge cleaner. I use this cleaner once a week and it really lengthens the life of my beauty sponges.

If you use beauty sponges, but don’t have this you are really missing out.

8.R+Co One Prep Spray: I have had this product for five months and can’t live without it now. I grabbed it at my local salon, but Dermstore currently has it in stock.

At first when I started using it, I thought it was just alright. Then I stopped using it for a week to test another product and that’s when I noticed a huge difference in my hair. When I took a break, I noticed that my hair style didn’t hold as long and was more maintenance. This product adds in texture from the get-go, giving your hair something to hold on to when you curl or straighten it! 

So what are your plans for the weekend? S and I are planting our raised garden bed, hanging at a neighborhood BBQ and getting in lots of quality time! Oh and I have a sushi gf lunch date.

YAY! Enjoy the weekend Xo 



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