It’s been awhile since I sat down without an outline to just chat with you, so let’s dive into a life lately to catch you up on what’s been going on!

New Car: This past weekend S and I bought a new SUV! Both cars we own are 9 years old and not having any car payments the last few years has been really nice! That said, we want to get ahead of them both going down at/around the same time and stagger the years of our vehicles out, so we traded our SUV in for a new one.

It’s crazy how far technology has come since we both bought our cars nine years ago! The panoramic moon roof and winter package are definitely my favorite parts. It’s actually been chilly here the last couple days to the heated seats and steering wheel were nice to test out hehe.

I also love the speakers and leather seats too. Two things I saw listed and didn’t realize how much of a difference they’d make! Oh and it has this setting where it will remember the seat, mirror and XM radio preference for each driver so all we do it hit 1 or 2 when we get in and it knows to set the details for me or S. So cool!

We did a lot of research over the last few weeks to zero in on what we wanted and were so happy to leave with our entire wish list and a really good trade in value. Since we have been running our old cars into the ground, this upgrade feels so nice!

*Tip* After you pay off your car, keep funneling the amount that was your payment into a separate savings account. That way, you don’t see the money in your regular savings and you’ll end up having a big chunk towards a down payment once you’re ready to buy a new car! 

26.2!!!!: A couple weeks ago I was the employee spotlight for my company’s monthly worldwide newsletter. I was asked what “my bucket list item” is and I responded with.. running a full marathon.

Running a full marathon has always been on my bucket list ever since falling in love with running in college, but it’s intimidating to say the least. I have ran half marathons and the thought of running another 13.1 after that seems insane, but ever since filling out that spotlight questioner it’s been on my mind.. if not now, then when?

I came up with so many excuses as to why this year isn’t the right time, but decided to tell my overthinking brain to ZIP IT and go for it so I’m all signed up for my first marathon in October! Have you ran one? Give me your tips! I’m researching training plans this week to get started on Monday.

If you have something on your heart you’ve always wanted to do.. that ‘bucket list’ item – DO IT!!!! Don’t overthink it. 

Favorite PJs: Yesterday I received a Nordstrom delivery and inside were my all time favorite pjs, but in a new color! I slept like a baby last night 😉 I bought my first pair two years ago and was so excited when I saw they were finally back this year! 

I love these pjs over anything else for a few reasons. First, the crop pant is my personal preference for anything lounge or sleep which is the reason I bought my first pair of these a couple years ago. Secondly the top is such an ideal fit! I hate sleeping in long sleeve because it’s too hot, but tank tops can basically just make you go to bed flashing your whole house lol. This tank is a high neck making everything stay secure. Thirdly, they are so, so soft! 

Garden Progress: Last month S and I made a raised garden bed and then over Memorial Day Weekend it was the official time to plant in New England! We built our own garden bed which I shared on my home instagram account: @HomeSweetServello. We planted: romaine lettuce, eggplant, zucchini, jalapenos, red and green peppers, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes. Then we have a pot of herbs: basil, peppermint, cilantro and chives. Whoa! I cannot wait to shop from our own home this summer 🙂

Anywho, thanks for stopping by todays casual chat 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. Xo Mindy


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