You guys know that I love science backed beauty. Remember how in-depth my microneedling blog post was? Or the importance of balancing your skin’s pH? I’m not sold on a beauty trend or a new hot product until I’ve read clinical trials or the science behind it. I need to understand WHY it works or HOW it has worked for others. I feel that this allows me to purchase products that really work which in turn saves me and you moo-lah. 

When it comes to hair care, no one takes science more seriously than Living Proof. One of the many reason why they are my all time favorite hair care brand.

Living Proof is on mission to solve the toughest beauty challenges with science and patented technology that originated from MIT! They have twenty patents and more than 150 awards between 50 products. How cool is that?! This isn’t sponsored at all [altho I’d partner with them in a second lol], I just LOVE this brand! Right after graduating, I saved and saved to buy this shampoo and conditioner on that post-college budget. Those were the hard days lol.

I know that when I purchase a Living Proof product, my money won’t be going to waste. It’s not a gamble like other brands. I know that there has been countless testing done in their Cambridge, MA lab and the product is *perfection* by the time it hits the shelves. 

They recently launched a new product – Perfect hair Day Triple Detox Shampoo.

A detox for my hair? Do I just pour spinach juice on it? Jk. But really, I was perplexed so I did some research the benefits of detoxing your hair and tested this detox shampoo. I was skeptical, but after one use was shocked at how smooth, soft, volumized and bouncy my hair was so I just had to share with you!!


We all experience build up in our hair from three sources:

1. products
2. pollution
3. hard water

This build up weighs down your hair, deteriorates the health of your scalp and doesn’t allow other products, like serums, to grasp hair shafts.

A hair detox allows for new hair growth, weightless volume and proper product application.

To detox your hair, find a hair mask or shampoo with activated charcoal. Keep reading for my product suggestion, but first…


Charcoal absorbs impurities beyond what your standard shampoo can cleanse away. It’s especially great for the scalp because it targets impurities at the root of the hair that can clog the hair follicle and cause scalp issues.

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from a variety of things like bone char, coal, coconut shells, olive pits or sawdust. The charcoal is “activated” by processing it at a very high temperature that changes the internal structure which reduces the size of its pores and increases its surface area. This results in a charcoal that is more porous than regular charcoal. It has a negative charge, meaning when used in a product it attracts positively charged molecules, as in any toxins or dirt!

Activated charcoal is also super gentle so whether you have color treated, damaged or thin hair, you can trust that it will only help your strands.



Packaging: The bottle is a light plastic that you squeeze to get the product out. The cap needs to be pushed pretty hard to close, but it’s not a big deal. They have a sticker on the bottom on the cap remind you too!

Application: I squeeze the Triple Detox Shampoo into my palm. I use the same amount of product as my normal shampoo which is about the size of two quarters. I have a LOT of hair, so you may use less.

Since it’s not foamy, the product won’t move as drastically from your scalp to ends like traditional shampoos. To make sure I clean my entire scalp and hair, I apply 1/3 of the shampoo to my top scalp, bottom scalp and then hair shaft. Then just work in and make sure to really scrub your scalp since that’s what we’re really trying to detox!

Results: I was skeptical that I’d even notice a difference from a hair detox, but I did! Not only were my roots volumized, but I had . lot of bounce in the body of my hair. Another result I didn’t expect was my hair being so soft. 

Price: Only $28! You’ll use this anywhere from once a week to once a month so the bottle will last a long time. I anticipate mine lasting 8+ months since I plan to detox my hair once to twice a month.


So tell me.. have you done a hair detox?! Xo Mindy



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