Hi girl! I’m back today for another Beauty Basics chat. I’ve been loving this series and from my reader survey – I know you want more ūüėÄ

If you’re new around here, my Beauty Basics series covers topics from make up to skincare and breaks them down in a manner that’s easy to understand.

Today we are chatting about microneedling (!!!). EEEP!

I purchased the¬†GloPRO Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool¬†back in July on sale during the Nordstrom Sale. You’re in luck because you can grab one on sale now too at Sephora!

After purchasing, I did a lot of research on what the heck microneedling even was and have incorporated it into my weekly skin care routine for over four months now. After reading this blog post, you’ll probably want to as well!

Let’s dig in…

High level: microneedling is the process where small needed puncture baby holes in the skin that amps up collagen production and allows your skin products to reach down deeper.

Deep Dive: Microneedling stimulates collagen production by rolling tiny .33 mm needles over your skin. These itty bitty needles cause itty bitty holes in your face’s epidermis [top layer of skin] and dermis [middle layer].¬†

When your dermis is injured your skin repairs itself by triggering a natural wound-healing process that produces collagen (!!). In addition to this, these holes create a pathway for you to fill up with skin care products.

These pathways allow your products to reach the dermis layer which is key to reduce acne scares, dark spots and wrinkles. Sounds scary, but it’s not!

When your dermis is injured, your skin repairs itself by triggering a natural wound-healing process that produces collagen. This process also results in reducing the appearance of acne and other scars by breaking up scar tissue and assisting in your skin’s natural ability to induce skin remodeling.

Rolling needles on my skin made me nervous at first, so I knew when I did decide to try Microneedling, I’d save and get the Cadillac version –GloPRO Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool. This way, it’s been thoroughly tested.

Another reason is because, compared to the $20 Amazon, the GoPRO has two additional features –

  1. Vibration to reduce any painfulness [FYI – I don’t find it painful].
  2. A red LED light which promote even more collagen production.


  • STEP 1:¬†Remove all makeup and cleanse your face.¬†I‚Äôm currently testing this cleanser which I really enjoy since it’s moisturizing, 100% clean and literally melts make up. I also use this cleanser¬†since I’ve been hooked on this brand for over three years [and now S is too!]. I love it because it removes my make up easily, doesn’t cause any tightening and has chicory root which reduces inflammation and makes the appearance of firmer skin. Use code ‘MINDY’ for 20% off and free shipping! Both are great options.
  • STEP 2:¬†Press theGloPRO Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool¬† on button. The tool will lightly vibrate and the red light will glow.¬†¬†Run the roller all over your face and neck in varying horizontal and vertical lines. Roll over each area about five times, changing the direction with each pass. This takes me about two minutes and I do this three times a week!¬†Note: make sure to avoid eyelids and under eyes. Here is the attachment for those areas.
  • STEP 3:¬†The small holes will only be open for five minutes, so immediately follow with your skin care routine. Any serum, face oil or moisturizer will absorb easier, quicker and deeper – 200 times more effectively! I have been applying this amazing 100% clean face oil, then after that soaks in¬†this moisturizer!¬†Note: Avoid acid based products. Apply those on nights you don’t microneedle.
  • STEP 4:¬†Spray with rubbing alcohol on the tool to sanitizer. A spritz bottle is included with the GloPRO. Cleaning after each use so that you don’t push icky bacteria into your skin.

I think this tool is worth is because the science really speaks for itself. What the product is doing simply makes sense and it’s worth it to me to prevent aging and really target that dermis layer of skin.¬†

For my results, after continuous use I have noticed a decrease in little baby lines on my forhead.

My skin also feels plump and super hydrated and well nourished the next morning too since it helps suck in all those serums and face oils!

While it’s an investment, it’s cheaper than one salon facial treatment.

If you want a cheaper alternative, HERE are a bunch around $20. Like mentioned above, they do not have the red light or the vibration like the GloPro and I know from a girlfriend that many of them squeak while rolling, but that aside I bet the work just fine! 

If you want the package I have, Sephora VIB ROUGE and VIB members can get up to 20% this week! If you just want the tool, you can buy it here. 

  • VIB Rouge can shop now with code ROUGEBONUS
  • VIB can shop tomorrow 11/9 with code VIBOUNUS
  • Everyone else can get 15% off starting11/16-11/19 with code BIBONUS

I hope this post was helpful! Leave any questions in the comments! Xo Mindy





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