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→ SHOP: West Elm Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Price: Original: $1,099, Sale: $959
Length: 72″ (available in 62′ and 87″ too)
Color: Stone Grey

Ever since sharing our dining room a couple months ago, I frequently receive questions about our table which is the West Elm Emmerson Relacimed Wood Table. I figured it was owed it’s own blog post to answer your questions and provide feedback in a form of a review!

To make your house feel like a home, I believe in finding furniture that sparks joy and feels like you. I believe we shouldn’t look at a single item in our homes and think “meh” or “it’s serves it’s purpose and is okay”. I want to think “Wow I LOVE this piece, it feels like us and I can imagine it in my home for decades”. I never want to feel like we settled or spend time and wasting money replacing items.

That said, finding the perfect pieces for your home isn’t easy! It takes sweet ol’ time and a lot of patience.

Once I saw this table, I knew it was the perfect option for our dining room and a piece I’d love to look at daily and look forward to making memories around with friends and our future babies. 



When we moved into our house, I was so excited to decorate our dining room! This is out first house and previously we had rented apartments that really only had a bar and didn’t have an eat in area. S and I both enjoy cooking and baking so we are frequently in the kitchen together throughout the week! 

After renting through our early 20’s, I was so excited to have a separate space outside of the kitchen to sit down, talk about our day and eat together. We also were eager to frequently entertain friends and host family since my dad and in laws both live out of state. All that to say, a lot of memories in our home are made around food :-P. 

When decorating a room, I always start with the focal piece and for the dining room, I wanted that to be the table. I think of the focal piece as the anchor of the room as to which all the other pieces are built around to compliment. I had an idea of some pieces we wanted like these chairs, but didn’t know for sure or the color until we found the right table… And finding the right table took me a few months. 

Since we live in a new build, I wanted a table that added in character so I started searching farmhouse style tables. That said, I needed to find a modern take on it as we don’t live in a farmhouse and are’t really drawn to that style personally. I had no luck!


Then while celebrating our one year marriage anniversary with a Maine getaway, we popped into West Elm in the Old Port before dinner to kill some time before our reservation. S pointed out this table and I actually really liked it!

The wood had a grey hue which tied into the rest of our home

The design was certainly was a modern take on a rustic style.

The reclaimed wood had character which is great to add into a new build.

The price tag wasn’t obscene like some others I’d seen online.

The design, color and  mixed in both of our tastes.

It could fit 6+ people which was what we were looking for. Not too big to just take up space and not too small where we couldn’t host, feel comfortable and also grow our family around it. 

Overall, we both felt it was a huge contender. We thought about it for a couple months and then decided to buy it when it went on sale.

One of the many reasons why West Elm is one of my favorite decor brands is because they frequently run 20%+ off sales. We scored our $1,099 table for under $750 because they happened to have it marked down, plus an additional 25%. 

And guess what?! It’s actually on sale today for that deal! Shop it here.

We have the 72″ in ‘Stone Grey’.

Delivery was seamless too! We had a white glove delivery which means it was delivered and assembled by Williams Sonoma [who owns West Elm], not a carrier like FedEx of UPS. We were offered a two week time frame to select from and then the time of day. They were on time and also assembled the table super quick.

As far as clean up, it’s super low maintenance. I just use a damp towel to clean it up after a meal. 

Overall, this dining room table is the one for us and we will certainly have it for years to come. I hope this review was helpful! Xo Mindy

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