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Do you have an area of your home that is super chaotic? A room that causes headaches, annoyance and stress due to a lack of organization.

I found that to be our master bathroom and I really wanted to get this space organized before the upcoming holidays! With so many guests around the holidays, keeping your bathroom tidy is a must, right?! Plus, it’s a small project with a big impact on your daily routine.

In our master bathroom, I could never find any products when I actually needed them! To make my day less less chaotic and much more efficient, I knew I needed to optimize our bathroom storage. Our bathroom isn’t huge by any means, so using every inch in a way that would serve us and our lifestyle best was really needed. 

Since moving into our first house, I’ve organized our pantry, my office closet and our kitchen all with The Container Store products so I knew that I’d look to them to organize our master bathroom too.

I learned a lot along the way which I’m sharing with you today!

bathroom organization the container store


Before we jump into organization, I want to first share our bathroom set up. While this may be helpful if you’re organizing space similar to ours, the products used would be super versatile for larger or smaller bathrooms.

We have a linen closet that is probably half the width of a traditional closet, but very deep. Since it’s a smaller size closet, I knew leveraging the door as storage space would be needed!

We also have a three door vanity where I house my hair products and my husband stores his shaving products in. I am not a fan of having things on our counter tops.. I like them clear so we just have our toothbrushes on it and one acrylic tray with skin care products. 

In our master bathroom, my husband and I both have a dedicated drawer within our vanity. Organizing these two drawers made the largest dent into easing my daily frustrations while getting ready and it was very low cost.

My drawer was a mess! Hair ties, head bands, clips and junk under all of that, products I never use, but dig through every day. Somehow it just became a monster of a mess since moving in a year ago. 

My husband’s drawer wasn’t really chaotic, but the space wasn’t optimized. He had floss and q tips in there, but cotton balls were in our linen closet.

Overall, the organization on his side didn’t make much sense and mine was a total mess so we optimized our vanity drawers storage space with the Linus drawer organizers. Do you remember how we used them in our kitchen drawers?

I love these drawer organizers from The Container Store because they fit ANY drawer space. You just mix and match the different compartment sizes to match the measurements of the drawer you are organizing and also the actual products you are organizing! 

We ended up with the same combo in each drawer, even though we are organizing vastly different products. 

Shop our bathroom drawer organization:
Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers bathroom organization the container store bathroom organization the container store 2.UNDER SINK
We have a three door vanity which allows us a lot of storage, but we just hadn’t optimized that space until now.

Under our sink, I wanted to be able to quickly access a large amount of products while also storing back stock. I also wanted to give my husband more space under the counter because, in all honesty, my hair products were taking over. He’s so sweet that he’d probably not say a word if my four tubs of hair spray were in with his shaving cream 😉 , but due to that, I am ultra conscious because that’s just not fair to him.

So to give us access to our frequently used products, I opted for three of my all-time favorite lazy Susan organizers. I didn’t want to reach for a product, to have five of them fall over and cause a domino effect. That’s so annoying! 

This lazy susan allows you to easily access a LOT of products with just a quick spin. I use them all throughout our house. Do you remember how I used them in my pantry or under our kitchen sink? They are so useful and under $30!

Under our sink, we have three – one my hair products, one for my body products and my husband uses one for his shaving products.

I LOVE these specific lazy Susan organizers from The Container Store because they have removable compartments. Many lookalikes or similar options don’t have the removable sides which hinders the type and size of products you can fit within them.

Being a blogger, I have a lot of products that I test so in addition to my every day hair products being in this turntable lazy Susan, I have a clear plastic bin that houses my hair product back stock. If you stock up on certain hair or make up products during sales, you can stick them in a clear bin and stash them behind any turntables you have for daily product, so that you can easily see your inventory.

I use these clear acrylic bins from The Container Store all throughout our house because they come in varying sizes, but also have covers so that they can be stacked. 

Shop our sink organization:
The Home Edit Lazy Susan
Clear Acrylic Bins bathroom organization the container store bathroom organization the container store 3.LINEN CLOSET
Now for the linen closet!

We have this exact closet in all three of our bathrooms in our house. While the closets are certainly not all that wide, they are very deep and I found that with the right organizational tools, we now have excess storage space.

You’ll see that we have repeat products here from our vanity…

We opted two more The Home Edit Lazy Susan’s. One for my skin care routine backstock and the other for basically all of my husband’s product backstock. By “backstock”, I mean that we buy our tried-and-true products in multiples or bulk in order to save time, avoid in-store shopping. I hate shopping in store! 😛 

I then use a Clear Acrylic Bin for all my face masks. I find that having them all in one spot makes me more apt to use them! I also have one bin dedicated for our medicine, one for travel-sized products to make packing easier and one for my miscellaneous backstock like shaving cream, eye solution, etc

Shop our closet organization:
The Home Edit Lazy Susan
Clear Acrylic Bins


bathroom organization the container store bathroom organization the container store bathroom organization the container store 4.CLOSET DOOR
And just as we did in my office and my pantry, I leveraged the Elfa door system for even more storage. If you live in a home that needs help in the storage area or even in an apartment – this door system is a game changer! Shop our closet organization:
Elfa Door System bathroom organization the container store bathroom organization the container store bathroom organization the container store

I hope this helps you with any bathroom organization you have ahead! Don’t forget to check out all the additional products The Container Store has to help! Xo Mindy


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