Hello! Long time no talk 🙂 I’m back today with one last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale blog post. I’ll be back to my standard home decor content shortly. On top of covering the NSale lightly, I’ve been busy each night after work focusing on getting my MBA applications in. If you’re new here, I work full time in marketing. I genuinely love my job and am so blessed to work for an outstanding company with superb leadership. Anyways, I’m so very excited to hear back from the Boston universities I applied to. Ultimately, my high level career goals are to rise through my current Senior Manager roll to a Director leading the Demand Generation engine, all the way through one day leading an entire marketing organization as a Chief Marketing Officer. I know that what I learn in the classroom now in my twenties, combined with my drive, will allow me to accomplish those career goals.

I’m also excited because my husband and I have some local getaways coming up. With COVID hitting, I had five trips cancelled this past spring which in the grand scheme of things was absolutely no big deal, but missing out on Italy, Vegas and Boca Rotan was certainly a bummer! It feels good to have had some local trips planned. I missed having something out of the normal day-to-day to look forward to! We’ll be heading to Maine for our annual college bestie trip to Kennebunkport and then Nantucket and Newport just the two of us. All the precautious needed for each state will be met! I hope that whether you are at home or headed on a local getaway, you’re able to enjoy the summer sunshine, disconnect from technology and spend time with those you love.

Anyways until then, I wanted to share the items I ended up keeping from my Nordstrom order. Honestly, the loungewear quality was far off! I had thought this would be a killer section of the sale since everyone is home and wanting comfy-cozies, but I found all the product’s cuts and quality to be off. So below are the products I’m keeping which include a beauty restock of items I already use, some menswear picks for my husband and a couple pieces of clothing. There are many items I already own from the sale that aren’t below because I didn’t need multiples (like cardigans, booties, etc.). Be sure to check out this blog post for all the items I own that are included in the sale (not just what I grabbed this year).

What I’m Keeping from the NSale

PS – Here are some of the products I already own from the sale!


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