If there is one piece of fashion I love most, it’d certainly be handbags. I think that a great handbag can totally up level an outfit! I know that storing handbags can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of them like me. Storing your handbags with thought and care will extend the life. If you have  designer handbags, you certainly want to make sure they look in tip top shape as many brands will grow in value as they age. That  said, I don’t believe the price tag of your handbag  should dictate the level of care you give it! No matter if you have a thrifted clutch or a Gucci Soho crossbody, treating them with care and storing them properly will elongate the life. Let’s dive in!

organizing storing handbags


5 Tips  for Storing Handbags

  • Plan It Out
    Where does it make most sense to store your bags? Is it in your mudroom right when you walk into your home? Maybe you prefer to have them  all  in one spot within your closet. You’ll want to have a game plan on where they are located that works for your life.

    I like having all my clothing and accessories in one place because it helps me stay organized and it honestly feels like you’re shopping everytime you get ready! All my hand bags are stored within my cloffice – closet/office ;-). 

    Perhaps storing them on a bookshelf in your room works best. Or maybe you have an entry way closet you want them in to grab and go. Either way,  no space can be organized or an item cannot be properly stored  if you  don’t start with the foundation!

  • Freshen Up
    I always keep one “active” handbag which is the one I am most currently carrying. This will have my card holder, wallet, lip gloss, hair brush and more  in it. For all other handbags, they do not have anything in them. This means that I freshen them up before storing by removing all contents, vacuuming or shaking it over the trash to remove all debris and gently spot clean inside and out, if need be. 

    I find that having them stored freshly tidied allows for swapping over to a new bag to be much faster, maintains a “cleaning” cycle that may otherwise be skipped and allows for greater organization. If I have three active bags, who really knows where my wallet is!

  • Stuff them
    The most important thing you can do  for your handbags to not lose their shape and retain value is to stuff them. By stuffing the bag full, you’re keeping the structure. No one likes a sad bag that has lost it’s luster and shape! You can purchase bag stuffers, but I just use the stuffing that comes in the bag originally, original dust bags or simply scarves that I’m not currently wearing. 

  • Stand Them Up
    Allowing your bags to stand up right is another measure that allows them to keep their natural shape. While hanging them on a hook may be best for certain lifestyles, the trade off is the wear this causes on the handles. 

    If you have a surface to place this acrylic organizer, I cannot suggest it enough! I have two to store wallets, card holders, clutches and small crossbodies within. 

  • Keep out of sunlight
    The  final  thing  to consider is that sunlight will eventually wear at your handbag and ruin its beautiful color and look. Avoid fading by storing in the the original or purchased dust bag or just keeping out of light. While I put a lot of care into my handbags, I personally do not store them in the dust bags. Part of the fun for me in owning handbags, clothes and accessories is being able to see them and access them quickly for styling outfits. If you feel the same, I find storing them in a dark room or at least out of sunlight works just fine!

I hope these tips for storing and organizing your handbags was helpful! You can check out my entire closet system here. Xo Mindy

organizing storing handbags
organizing storing handbags
organizing storing handbags

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