Spring Wardrobe Purchases – Maternity and Non Maternity!

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Last week the sun is shining on Massachusetts and it looks like this may the last week we dip back down to the cold temps. It was so nice to have the windows open and to lounge on the patio furniture. The extra hour of run and some vitamin D has been so helpful! Normally this time of year is when I buy my Spring and Summer clothes and the nice weather made me even more excited to. I like to have my upcoming season outfits already good to go in advance so that once warm weather hits it’s fun to get dressed and not a scramble. I knew this year may take a bit longer than normal to find pieces I like because of my growing baby belly! That said, I’d found it to be pretty easy so far by opting for loose dresses and stretchy, soft basics.

If you are also pregnant, your changing body can bring highs and lows of emotions! I found the end of the first trimester the most challenging because I didn’t have an evident bump, but was certainly not rocking a flat stomach like pre-pregnancy. It was an awkward stage that made getting dressed, something I usually enjoyed!, pretty hard. No matter when you are feeling challenged by your growing body, try to give yourself grace. Something that helps me is that I talk to myself as if I am my own girlfriend. If my girlfriend shared her body frustrations I would encourage her by saying that she’s beautiful and growing a human! How magical is that? Although I really am having fun dressing my bump now that I’ve popped, another thing that I tell myself is that I will look just like my pre-pregnancy self again in the future. I hope thinking those two things also help you!

I know from our conversations that many of you have asked for clothing suggestions for a growing bump since you’re also pregnant. I will absolutely share once I learn more since this is my first rodeo. That said, I have already found some key pieces that I can anticipate wearing through Baby S’ arrival. Whether you are pregnant or not, the pieces below work for both. Below are my favorites! Normally I’d do a styled try on for you to see each piece, but I currently am on “rest” for Baby S due to a complication I am having (baby is healthy through it luckily!). This makes getting dressed a bit painful so thanks for understanding that I can’t get in and out of 15+ outfit variations right now! Xo



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