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Cat Make Up Pouch I Too Faced Mascara I Olly Multivitamin I Tart Lip Stain I Pink Glass Water Bottle I Tory Burch Roller Ball I Sigma Start Brush Set I Sigma Brush Cleaner I YSL Primer I Lace Undies I DryBar Hair Mask I Beauty Blender I Origins Matcha Face Mask I Tory Burch Card Holder I Leopard Clutch I Tula Exfoliating Mask I IT Cosmetics Make Up Remover

As I get older, I love hearing my friend’s Christmas family traditions. One tradition I always find interesting is the one around wrapping gifts. This week one of my friends told me that her parents used to leave certain presents unwrapped and those were the ones from Santa, while the wrapped ones were from her mom and dad. This helped her parents cover the question of “If you’re wrapping presents, how are they from Santa?”. Then I have another friend that never had any wrapped really at all! All their Christmas gifts from Santa were just laid under the tree Christmas morning. It’s so fun to hear what other’s do and to think about how traditions form.

While all my families gifts were always wrapped [good thing I’m ultra gullible and never questioned which were from santa!], another tradition in my family was that my siblings and I would all unwrap our stockings first. We’d wait for my dad to get our the video recorded [the huge old school one], to tape all three of us starting to unwrap. Stockings were just a pile of mystery.. maybe because most the gifts were so small, you were left with no idea when trying to guess what was inside! We had anything ranging from jewelry to video games, to socks and make up in them. Maybe it’s because stockings kicked off our Christmas morning, I just love them so much.

With S and I forming our own traditions now, I make sure to put extra thought into his stocking goodies. I can’t post too much about what I put in his this year because he reads the blog, but what I can do is help you pick out items that would be useful to stuff into your mom or sisters stockings. Or, if you’re a boyfriend or husband reading – this post is perfect for you grab a few items to throw into your special ladies stocking too!

So after looking at the items I gathered, they are mostly beauty gifts. The reason being is that the small sizes of beauty products are always great for stockings, they usually come in small travel sizes too [like a roller ball vs. a bottle of perfume] to hit your budget better and let’s be honest – what girl doesn’t want to be pampered? You can go pick out her bobby pins, hair ties and socks while at Target, but I’ll suggest the real “treat her” items for you today! While you may be scratching your head saying, “Uhh mascara? That’s boring..”. No guys, it’s not to us especially when it’s a really nice one she doesn’t usually treat herself to like this. We run our beauty products dry and avoid restocking [AKA use one tube of mascara for five months instead of the suggested 30 days]. Also keep in mind that in addition to helping her restock, many of the items selected are cult favorites [meaning they work so well, they have a huge loyal following of customers and are a T-R-E-A-T to have]. Let’s be honest, if she’s buying for herself you know she’s grabbing a tube of CoverGirl, not TooFaced brand. They are the creme da la creme and she’ll be so happy to be treated 😃

Okay to start, I’ll break it down by categories and list a few other products I know are tried and true, grade-A suggestions:

MAKE UP: To stock her up, let me give you the Mindy three step process for bomb lashes. Step 1: This $6 lash primer [this will prep her lashes to give them an extreme amount of fullness and length]. Step 2: This mascara is the one I mentioned earlier which lengthens lashes. It has a cult following for a reason and I don’t leave the house without two layers on, haha. Step 3: Apply this mascara for fullness and curl. [Yes I wear this much mascara everyday and yes your significant other or sister will fall in love with the look it makes!]. If you don’t want to gift the ultra mascara package I just suggested HAHA, grabbing just the Too faced one will make her jump up and down!

When it comes to gifting lip products, opt for nude. Every woman loves a classic nude lip and it compliments every skin color and hair color alike. It’s universal! This is my personal favorite [in shade ‘Hella’ or ‘Obvi’] because not only it is the best nude hue, it’s a lipstain so she can give you a kiss and it won’t come off like lipstick. It also has a great texture compared to other lip stains and lasts for hours upon hours without a touch up.

Alright – let’s move on to this holy grail product – YSL primer. Guys, if you don’t know what a primer is – it’s what woman apply under their foundation or cc cream that acts like a barrier between our pores and foundation. Primer is essential because it ensures our make up stays in place all day and doesn’t feel gunky/melty come 4PM. If you snuck this beauty under the tree, she’d dance with excitement. I know the price is steep, but it’ll last her a minimum of a year of every day use!

EXFOLIANT: S probably knows what this is because I love exfoliators so much, but to sum it up in one word – relaxation. This little tub of goodness will take her bath or shower from a typical rushed day to “I feel like I just got out of the spa and my skin is oh so soft”. An exfoliator removes dry skin, while moisturizing with coconut oil and releasing relaxing scents all at the same time. Simply put, it’s a TREAT!

HAIR MASK: Lately I’ve turned over all my hair tools and products to this brand and I’m never looking back. The quality of each product is amazing! She can use this nourishing hair mask once a week for a pick me up that’ll keep her hair healthy and shiny. And if you’re a CPA like my fiance, then that means possibly less $ spent at the salon.. wink wink.

FACE MASKS: While she’s masking up her hair, she can also apply a face mask! This pretty little blue tub of Tula exfoliating mask is a necessity. I use it three times a week and it helps clean the gunk out of my pores, while then exfoliating my skin while I wash it off. Get 25% off with code ‘MINDY25’.

I recently discovered this matcha mask too that I use every Sunday. I received it as a sample from the brand and immediately placed a Sephora order the very same day because my skin immediately looked brighter and felt so clean and soft. As a blogger I receive so many PR boxes of beauty products every week, so if I immediately place and order I’m telling you thatit WORKS and it’s worth every penny!

PERFUME: I recently tried a sample of this Tory Burch perfume and I think I’ve ask S 52 times to smell my wrists. I even apply it before bed because well, I’m weird, but it’s because it smells so good!! It’s from Tory’s 2017 spring line, so of course there is a hint of floral so I’d keep this perfume to the ultra-girly girl. If you’re lady is a tom boy or plain jane, this or this are great options with less sweet tones. Oh, and Chanel is always a great pick too ;-). Keep in mind – a rollerball is a cheaper alternative to an entire bottle of course and are practical for her to tuck into purse for a mid-day pick me up!

BEAUTY TOOLS: A set of high quality make up brushes, a make up brush cleaner, a beauty blender are always practical ideas. I don’t know about the woman in your life, but I always run my beauty blender into the ground. #Guilty I do have to say that ever since grabbing a cleaning solution, they last so much longer!

VITAMINS: I swear by these vitamin gummies! If your girl is as horrible at taking her daily vitamin pill as me, she’ll love these yummy gummies! They are available at Target, or you can place an order online, but either way they are a sure way she’ll get her vitamins.

ORGANIZATION: From a cheeky kitty make up pouch [it’ll keep her travel bag ro work tote organized] to a chic glass water bottle to an essential card holder, helping her stay organized is always appreciated.

Make sure to check out this guide for more gift ideas and this Holiday Shop tab too! Xoxo Mindy

  1. Sara Oberton says:

    So many great picks! Im loving the Loreal lash primer!

  2. Anna English says:

    Great round-up babe, love your picks!

  3. Lexi says:

    Oh my goodness, I basically want all of these things for myself! So many great picks. <3

  4. Such a perfectly girly outfit!!! Love this!!!

    Jenna from http://www.visionsofvogue.com

  5. Greta says:

    I am so sending this to my mom! I’d love to have any of this in my stocking!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  6. Meggan says:

    Love the Tula face mask – one of my favs!

  7. Brie says:

    I love all of your picks! The Tula face mask is my favorite and I love the leopard clutch!

    xo Brie

  8. Shannon says:

    Yes, to all of these! I wouldn’t mind if my stocking had everyone of these items!

    Clothes & Quotes

  9. Hillary says:

    This is a such a cute gift guide idea! I really want to try that Tula stuff and that makeup brush cleaner is my favorite!


  10. I will take one of each please!

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