Nightly Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin

After S and I got engaged, one of my main priorities was to find and stick with a solid skin care routine. No one has time for foundation on their honeymoon, right?! I’ve chatted many times on the blog that taking care of my skin was really my only 2016 resolution and I’ve just rolled it into 2017. While skin care can stem into lots of different niche posts – summer body SPF, double cleansing, protecting your during the day – night time care is just as important. A great night time routine should include removing your day’s worth of make up, ensuring your pores are junk-free, exfoliating your skin and taking measures to prevent against early aging. All combined, focusing on these area will allow you to start your next morning fresh and maintain healthy, glowing, low maintenance skin.

To give some background, my skin is typically normal, but naturally, I deal with dryness in the winter so right now it’s a normal/dry combo. With that, oil isn’t an issue for me and I also don’t typically deal with acne or break outs. I would classify my skin as very sensitive so highly fragrant products are a no-go for me. With all that said, if you skin type varies from mine I’d still urge you to continue reading. Many of the products within my night time routine are from a brand I am absolutely crazy for – Tula. Why? Simply because they WORK. And they work for all skin types [insert dancing emjoi here].

Tula means balance. So whether you have similar skin to mine or you deal with other problem areas, the patented probiotic technology within Tula will help balance your skin, revealing your best looking skin. S jokes that I need to become a FT Tula ambassador because I talk Tula daily to anyone that will listen [and those that don’t want to too haha]. But who can blame me? When you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years on skin care lines to either see no results or are encouraged to wait the recommended SIX WEEKS to see a result? I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait that long to see results from a product. Call my impatient or a typical Millenial, but that’s a lot of diligence to put into your daily routine over six months to possibly never see results. And let’s not even start on products that do the exact opposite of what they claim to resulting in break outs, clogged pores and upset pores.

I saw dramatic results with Tula after a week of AM + PM use [painful dry patches healed and a pretty glow] and I also I felt immediate results after using the cleanser for the first time [softer, clean skin] and the Day & Night Hydrating Cream [woke up the next morning with smooth, hydrated skin].

If after reading this post you want to try out Tula for yourself, use code “MINDYWINTER20” for 20% off your order!

What Order Do You Use Each Product Nightly?

1. Make Up Removal
2. Cleanse: 2X daily, Exfoliate 5X a week
3. Mask: 3X a week
4. Prevent Wrinkles – 3X a week (I rotate between this and the serum below)
5. Serum – 4X a week
6. Moisturize – 2X daily
7. Eye Cream – 2X daily

What Products Do You Use in Your Nightly Routine?

1. Make Up Removal: Pond’s Cold Cream$8
I use this product to melt off my make up. I’ve found many other make up removers come in a towelette version which is known to clog pores with rubbing in your make up with a dirty cloth and can be expensive for daily use. The other products on the market tend to be a bottle of liquid or oil with is really only good for eye make up or spot treatment, not removing make up from your entire face. Cold cream is a great product because it is actually 50% moisturizer so unlike most make up remover loaded with alcohol, your skin won’t feel dry and parched after using. I simply rub a small dab all over my face and rinse with water.

2.Cleanse: Tula Purifying Cleanser$28 I Exfoliate: Clarisonic, $110 [more details here]
This cleanser is unlike any other and under $30. I’m 100% confident that it leaves skin free of make up, my pores deep cleaned and it honestly leaves my skin feeling fresh. That may sound vague, but after I use it my skin feels refreshed, rejuvenated and simply clean. Five days out of the week, I exfoliate and deep clean my pores with the Clarisonic Mia 2 alongside my cleanser. The amount of time you use your Clarisonic weekly is up to your discretion. I find that these bristle heads don’t irritate my skin at all.

3. Mask: Tula Exfoliating Mask$54
I add this mask step into my nightly routine 2-3 times a week in order to remove dead skin cells, remove impurities and again – deep clean my pores. A while back I had noticed the pores on my nose didn’t look all that healthy. I started upping the usage of this little bottle, on that one trouble area [in tandem with my Clarisonic] and saw a difference in pore size and health really quickly.

I also apply this mask as a spot treatment if I have a hormonal break out, which is rare but when you get them you need something to zap it away ASAP. I’ll dab a spot of this mask on before bed and wake up with the break out gone or at least dramatically reduces in redness and size.

4. Tula Volume Defense Serum$98
While you may have just tried to glaze over this one due to the price tag – a little goes a long way. I feel like the entire bottle will last me over a year. While I’m only 26, I want to prevent wrinkles in wrinkle-prone areas so after cleansing, so I apply a very small dab of this on my forehead and on top of laugh lines. So whether you want to be proactive like myself or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this product targets those potential trouble areas/wrinkles and and restores skin’s volume and elasticity. Plus, it protects against environmental toxins that age skin.

5. Tula Illuminating Serum$78
When I hear a product will decrease dark spots, I’m always for giving it a go. I’ve had freckles ever since I was little and while they are decreased due to my obsession with strong SPF and hats during the summer, I still love seeing them fade even more. Unless you were blessed with an angelic, clear complexion – this product will be your BFF.

Not only have I seen my freckle appearance decrease, but my skin also gets a double dose of moisture with this product. With the glow it creates, I plan on using once our wedding drawers closer. For now to make it last, I use it about 3-4 times a week.

Also as far as application, I suggest applying this before any moisturizer, rather than on top, so that you can really get the product’s full benefits. This will not replace your moisturizer either, so think of it as a compliment just like a leave in conditioner is a compliment to your actual conditioner. Just because you’re applying a leave in conditioner, doesn’t mean you’d ditch using a conditioner!

6. Tula Day & Night Hydrating Cream$52 + Tula Overnight Skin Rescue$85
Before using Tula, my biggest skin issue was dry spots. They were so painful and on delicate skin around my eyes. I tried so many products that promised a ‘surge of moisture’ and nothing delivered on what they promised. After one application of this moisturizer, I woke up to my dry spots gone. Over one and a half years later and my skin is still healthy and nourished thanks to this little bottle.
The product is so lightweight and soaks up into your skin fast which is ideal for PM pre-bed time application and AM pre-make up application.

During the harsh New England weather, sometimes we need a strong pick me up. If I spend a day outside in the cold winter air, I apply this overnight treatment at night for some extra lovin’. A perfect example is when, S and I spent a day roaming through Boston last December in negative degree weather before attending a Nutcracker Ballet performance. The wind was so intense that I really think I had wind burn all on my face. With extreme situations like that, I apply this. In addition to giving your skin a surge of nourishment, it reduces pore size, minimizes fine lines and balances skin. It’s a combo product well worth the price tag. To make it stretch longer, apply when really needed like when tromping through negative degree weather for ten hours 🙂

Also to reiterate – Tula balances your skin so if you’re afraid of moisturizers because they make make you oily or break out, Tula will work to restore the natural balance in your skin.

7. Eye Cream: Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream$52
Say good bye to under eye circles, puffiness and a reduction fine lines. I apply this product morning and night to hydrate the delicate skin around my eyes. Like I mentioned above, I can develop dry spots on this delicate skin if  I don’t give it the TLC needed. I personally don’t struggle too much with under eye darkness, but have heard great reviews from friend’s who have this as a skin struggle.

What Products Do you Suggest to Start With?

I highly suggest the Discovery Kit because you receive a sample kit of the necessities. If you want to jump in with full size products, I suggest these three to start – Purifying Face Cleanser, Hydrating Day & Night Cream and the Exfoliating Treatment Mask. This triple threat combo is my ride or die. I cannot live without them!

I hope you enjoyed my nightly skin care post! If you want to try out Tula for yourself, use code “MINDYWINTER20” for 20% off your order. You can also check out my double cleansing blog post which deep dives into how I use my cleanser and Clarisonic.

Pond’s Cold Cream I Purifying Cleanser I Clarisonic Mia 2 c/o I Clarisonic Bristle Heads c/o I Volume Defense Serum c/o I Hydrating Day & Night Cream c/o I Overnight Skin Repair TreatmentExfoliating Mask I Illuminating Serum c/o I Eye Cream I Floral Robe

  1. Sara says:

    I’ve heard such great things about Tula products and this post makes me want to try them even more now!

    xo, Sara

  2. Sarah Zerbe says:

    Tula is my go to, it always leaves my skin feeling amazing!

  3. Oh I’ve always wanted to try Tula! I’ve seen so many bloggers using their products and I love their packaging! Always fun getting to see other people’s skincare routines!


  4. Love! I’m always fascinated by other people’s beauty routines haha! I’ve been dying to try Tula, everyone raves about how great the products are. Never had a problem with under eye circles until recently ugh. I am now obsessed with eye creams and wrinkle serums lol!

  5. Stesha says:

    these products look and sound amazing! I love a good skin care line and think it is SO important!


  6. A) I really love your tray.
    B) Those products look amazing!!! I definitely want to try Tula – I’ve heard so many great things about them!
    XO Amanda |

  7. Sam says:

    I’m dying to try this brand! So many great products!

    xx Sam | The Heart of the House

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