ultimate-gift-guide-for-her-amixofminMy sister and I are total opposites. We really only share the same sense of humor, noses and love for sweets and animals. Other than that, we are pretty much opposites. My dad was talking about this over Thanksgiving and at the same time as this discussion was going on, I was creating gift guides. I thought for a minute – when I curate these guides, I feel like I try to think outside the box from other girls perspectives, but it’s hard since I’m one person which a specific personality with certain interests.

Some items like this SUPER soft cardigan or the world’s most falttering leggings are pretty universal gifts for any girl, but most gift ideas are tailored to the girls personality and we may be opposites ;-). I brought this thought into this year’s Ultimate Guide for Her. There were so many other categories I wanted to curate ideas for, like The Newleywed or The Athelete, but collages only hold so many pieces so I rounded up even more ideas for certain girls at the end of the post!

Burberry Scarf I Necklace I Ring I Flats I Bracelet I Sunglasses

While we aren’t typically grabbing a Burberry scarf for just anyone, sometimes we have a person on our list we splurge on. If you’re hear shopping for your wife or looking for something extra special for our mom, the luxe area is a great place to grab some ideas from. This cable bracelet and this scarf never, ever go out of style. They are simply classic.

Sergio gifted me this David Yurman bracelet on our wedding day and it’s not only so special, but so gorgeous. He said it was my “forever something blue”. He’s so cute. Any of DY’s pieces make a thoughtful gift.

Blanket I Slippers I Leggings I Cardi I Candle Set

No matter how extroverted we are, I think everyone has a slice of ‘homebody’ in them. We can want to travel the world and always be on the go, but being wrapped in a super soft blanket [only $30!] with a candle burning is a universal favorite. I really think you could grab any girl on your list items from the homebody section and they’d be so happy.

This cardigan is on the pricey end, but everyone RAVES about it because it’s the softest piece of clothing ever. Plus, it can be worn for loungewear or out and about. I have two people on my list I grabbed it for and cannot wait for them to see it!

Luggage Set I Face Tint I Sneakers I Tote I Hair Clips I Blanket Scarf I Jewelry Organizer I Stud Earrings I Kiss Make Up Bag

My #1 trip for smooth travels is to be efficient and organized. This requires some items to make it happen so if you have a sister that is jetsetting for work frequently, this section is for her!

When I travel for work or leisure, I make sure my carry on [under $50], and luggage [this set is gorg] are both organized to a T. Nothing is worse than being flustered in an airport. This requires lots of different organizational pieces like this one for jewelry and this $22 option for make up.

I also use this LLBean shower caddy for my eye solution, dry shampoo, shaving cream, hair spray etc. I’ve had this LLBean piece since I was 10 and use it for ANY trip I go on. It’s the perfect gift.

Even when I travel for work, I throw on these leggings and a comfy pair of sneakers for the plane because 1. comfort > everything and 2. sometimes running to your gate when security takes two hours to get through is needed ๐Ÿ˜‰ #BeenThereDoneThat. I also toss on a cozy blanket scarf for long international flights because plane temps are unpredictable and it doubles as a headrest or blanket!

And this is perfect when you don’t want to wear foundation while traveling, but don’t want to look sickly/need a touch of glow. I’m naturally VERY pale and this is a life saver so that I don’t get asked if I’m sick. Does this happen to anyone else?! Either way, it’s an AWESOME stocking stuffer.

Also – I think these deserve an explanation since a picture doesn’t do them justice. I always travel with these $16 alligator hair clips because they help my hairstyle last a whole week. I always try to pack light for work so I hardly ever bring along a blow dryer or shampoo/conditioner. At night, I’ll flop my hair on the top of my head and clip it with my alligator clips. They are easy to sleep with and help maintain your style. For $16, they make a great stocking stuffer!

Hunter Rainboots I Gold Earrings I DryBar Blowdryer I DryBar Curling Iron I Eyeshadow Palette I Chanel Perfume I Dior Lipgloss I Patagonia Jacket I DryBar Set

Hey there my girly girls. This was my favorite section to make because it’s easy peasy for me to know what girly girls like! Hair, make up, and pink everything.

I’ve talked about my favorite blowdryer before, but it’s so good that I wanted to throw it in this guide. I give myself the best at home blow outs withย this babyย and this round brush. It’d make such a great splurge worthy gift for a wife or sister! This curling iron is the one I use anytime I curl my hair. I have the T3 wand, but always gravitate towards my DryBar curling iron since I find a clamp easier to use. This set is an AMAZING value.

These Hunter Boots and this Patagonia jacket are both extra cute when made in pink, right?;-)

I hope this helps you cross off even more ladies off your shopping list or helps you generate some Christmas list items for yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Xo Mindy


  1. Cassie Rea says:

    So many great picks! Those candles are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser!
    XOXO, Cassie Rea

  2. Liz says:

    So many great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  3. megan says:

    so many great gift ideas!!

    xo megan

  4. Torey Noora says:

    I love how you covered everything in this post! I need those nikes! Xx

  5. Candace says:

    Too bad I’ve spent too much money already in the past few weeks :/ I see so many items to add to my wishlist. You picked some gorgeous items ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Leah says:

    I own that gray blanket and it’s the softest thing ever! Love!

  7. Stephanie says:

    You are not kidding! This is definitely ultimate holiday gift guide. There is absolutely everything in here that I could think of to get for friend or family member. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lauryn Hock says:

    That blanket is calling my name on a cozy Sunday morning!

  9. Laura says:

    So many great gift ideas for all the ladies on your list!

    xo, Laura

  10. nita says:

    I basically want everything on your gift guide!

  11. Elisabeth says:

    so many great picks! the husband asked for gift suggestions tonight so these are perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

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