Hi, girls! Today I’m so excited to share an updated skin care routine. While I love testing new make up and hair products, I don’t adjust my skin care routine all that often. Over the last few years, I’ve nailed down what really works for my skin and I don’t find the risk of testing products worth irritating my skin.. like they say – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. With that said, I do have a couple gem products since my last skin care post that I wanted to share with you!

Before jumping in, I want to disclose that what works for one girl, may not work for the other. Just with anything beauty related – our bodies are all different and respond in different manners! We’re all unique 🙂

While many of the products I share today are full of probiotics that actually help balance an array of skin types, I wanted to start with sharing my details on my skin type to better help you.

My skin type is ‘normal’, but often leans dry. I look for products that are super hydrating to resolve my dry patches and quench my skin. With that, I look for products that are very hydrating.

For skin issues I prioritize products that thoroughly clean pores as mine get really irritated very easily around my nose, forehead and chin. I also look to reduce dark spots as I’ve had a lot of freckles my whole life.

If I skimp on my routine, I’ll find that I’ll get dry spots, blemishes and just overall ‘meh’ dull looking skin so I really stick to what I’m sharing with you today!



 If you’re just getting started building a regimented skin care routine, I always suggest starting first with an A+ cleanser. If you don’t choose the right cleanser, bad ones can strip your face of healthy oils, cause dryness and create an unhealthy pH level [read this post to understand why skin pH levels are so important]. In clinical trials, 100% of women agreed hat their skin didn’t feel tight. I had when cleansers give you that uncomfortable dry, tight feeling and this one doesn’t do that.

The cleanser starts out like a gel, but is creamy and lathers up with light foam once you cleanse.

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When I use it: Morning and night with this silicone cleaning tool. At night, I double cleanse so I’ll do two full rounds of cleansing with this. What I mean by that is I apply my cleanser with water and use my fingers to remove my make up. After I pat my face dry, I cleanse again with this tool and cleanser. Double cleansing ensure your face is truly clean by removing make up, oil and junk.



After cleansing, I move onto acids. The word ‘acid’ can be scary and intimidating, but once you use them you realize that there was nothing to worry about. I just make sure to always use reputable brands and start with products that have low dosages from 5%-10%!

Acids are great for your skin because they repair and resurface new cells. I rotate between this for lactic acid and this for glycolic acid. Both are considered alpha hydroxy acids and ultimately result in the same thing, depending on the percentage within the product so you just need one or the other.

If you’re just starting with acids, start with a product that has a low percentage. You can also just opt for lactic acid. Glycolic acid’s molecules are smaller so they penetrate deeper and in turn tends to be is stronger.

Application: I apply this once a day at night after I cleanse. Whether gel or liquid, I just drip a bit of product onto my fingers and lightly dab into my skin. I don’t use a cotton ball because I hate the feeling of it dragging across my skin. Using your fingers wastes less product too.

While I have a few serums I enjoy, right now I’m hooked on two!

I use this serum in the morning as it gives my skin a boost of hydration, even tone, soft texture and actually makes a GLOW. I was shocked when I tested this product due to the quick results. I’m a data person, so if you’re like me just let Tula’s clinical results speak for themselves – 100% of women saw radiance and luminosity and 100% of women agreed their skin was more hydrated and plump. WOW!

Application: I apply this after toner and before moisturizer in the morning. It sits fine under make up!

For my second serum, I use this Vitamin C serum at night to reduce dark spots. I have always had freckles, so I use this to dull them. I store mine in the fridge to extend the life, plus it feels super soothing that way.

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Application: I use one pump at night after toner and before moisturizer. I let it set in before applying anything else.



This moisturizer had been my go to for thee years now. Last year I tested a top of the line moisturizer and instantly regretted it because it made me super dry and have that tight skin feeling that is super uncomfortable. Since then, I decided that testing moisturizers aren’t worth it when I’ve found what woks the best – this one!

Not only is it super hydrating, it’s soaks up into the skin super quickly and is light enough to wear under your make up.

It’s full of probitiotics which help balance out your skin to a healthy pH, whether your skin leans dry like mine or oily. When extra, extra dry in New England winters, I use this face cream at night and it is a miracle worker.

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Apply: I use a dime size amount all over my skin AM and PM. Make sure to let it soak up before applying make up. At night, I add two pumps of the product below as well.

Face oils are chalk full of antioxidants. Antioxidants boost collagen production and strengthen skin elasticity, thus reducing fine lines and putting off signs of aging. Another great proactive product to add into your skin care routine.

I have been using this one for three months now and love it. It’s made of Virgin Marula Oil which is cold-pressed using a patented process of unheated water extraction, ensuring the oil remains nutrient-dense and stays fresher longer.

After trying three Drunk Elephant products, I have to say that I’m super impressed by the clean beauty brand. They don’t use bleach, deodorize, or add fragrance which all can act as skin irritants. Their products are an investment, so I suggest trying out a mini set like this or this.

I have been eyeing this serum that was just released to that gives a touch of bronze!

Application: I apply two pumps of this oil mixed into my moisturizer at night before bed. If I am working from home and not planning to apply any make up, I’ll apply this in the morning by itself. It takes a bit to soak up.



Anytime I test another eye cream, I regret it! A few months ago I tested three four eye creams and every single one left me feeling super dry which of course leads to wrinkles, so just with my moisturizer I decided that testing eye creams has been put to the way side since this one is amazing.

While you may not have an eye cream in your skin care regimen right now, but I really suggest adding one. Oftentimes we are reactive with beauty. Rather than starting an eye cream once wrinkles have already set in and attempting to rid them, be proactive by starting a great eye cream now. Increasing moisture in this delicate area will put off wrinkles.

This eye cream works magic to hydrate my under eyes and I’m done trying out others because what works, works!

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Application: I apply a dab of this eye cream morning and night. I use my ring finger since under eye skin is super delicate and this finger has the lightest touch.

Okay now for a tool that has been a total game changer. TOTAL GAME CHANGER! I’ve been using the Foero LUNA fofo silicone, pulsing cleansing brush. After four days, my pores were visibly healthier and looked smaller. The redness in my skin had also subsided and honestly looks more luminous.

I’ve been a Clarisonic user for years, but I’m 100% converted to the Foero LUNA fofo. The Forero device is SO much more hygienic than the Clarisonic brushes since it’s silicone and simple to clean. With Clarisonic, you have to constantly buy replacement brush heads to stay hygienic. $22 per new brush head, switched out every 2 months [at a minimum] really adds up!. I also reach for it more often than I did my Clarisonic because it’s less messy to use.

Another plus is that it’s small and easy to travel with (2.5″ diameter). I never packed my Clarisonic while traveling because I have enough to stuff into my carry on and honestly I think you need to purify your skin the MOST while traveling so I’m excited that this is super small. It also worked off AAA batteries and you’ll get 400 uses before needing to replace them.

While the exfoliation feels more gentle with the Foreo LUNA fofo compared to my Clarisonic MIA 2, the performance is also much greater. My pore size is much smaller and my skin is the softest it’s ever been. I had redness around my nose and I could tell my pores were not happy, but the Foero LUNA fofo device cleared that all up within a week

The Foero LUNA fofo is also very unique because it’s equipped with advanced dual sensors, which measure your skin’s moisture index. It then sends all of the information to FOREO’s app to give you personalized tips. The battery-powered device lasts up to 400 uses and uses 8,000 pulsations per minute to give you a deep, effective cleanse. LOVE IT!



I hope that you find a new product to try or that this post was useful for you. Don’t forget that you can use code ‘MINDY’ at check out for 20% off!

I love chatting skin care, so let me know your all time favorite skin care brand or product below. Xo Mindy


  1. the sophia diaries says:

    ohhhh these sound like some great products!! i do want to try drunk elephant so bad! especially those two products, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. rachel says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about tula lately! I need to check them out!

  3. Rachel says:

    i hear the best things about tula products! def need to try them!

  4. Alix Maza says:

    I’m always on the lookout for new skincare products! Thanks for this.

  5. Azanique says:

    I DEFINITELY need to try that vitamin c serum! I have been looking for something to help lighten dark marks/scars for the past month and haven’t found anything good. The Tula eyecream also sounds amazing! 🙂

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  6. Deborah says:

    Sounds like you got your skincare routine down pat! I LOVE that Ordinary toner, it’s my favorite!

  7. taylor says:

    Awesome skincare routine! I always loved my clarisonic but Ive been so curious about the foreo for so long! Ill definitely have to pick one up one day

  8. Grace says:

    I need to try some tula productss!

  9. April says:

    I’ve heard great things about Tula products! I have the Foreo Luna too and I love it!

  10. I live getting to see other people’s skin care routines! How cool!

  11. I have oily skin, so I’m not sure that these products would necessarily work for me. I’m really interested in trying out the Foero Luna Fofo though! That sounds so interesting.

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