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Who else has been having fun with the new IG stories question feature? Having your questions filtered through in real time allows me to reprioritize my editorial calendar and really connect with you. Love it! Earlier this week, through the question feature my DMs were filled with make up related Qs.

Last night I complied my current five minute make up routine to share with you because this allows me to answer most product questions I’ve received like what concealer I wear, what mascara I’ve been using lately and more.I love make up, not to mask myself, but to accentuate my favorite features.

At my last job, I used to get weird comments from one girl about “actually getting ready for work”, when she opted not to wear make up because she “wasn’t trying to impress anyone”. Lol – who cares? If you decide to wear make up day to day, that doesn’t mean you’re trying to impress someone. It simply means that it’s your routine and that’s what makes you feel good. If you like to go au natural, you go girl! Everyone is different. I enjoy feeling put together via my outfit and beauty routine because when I feel my very best, I perform my very best.

For the office and weekend, I have a quick five minute routine that really works well for me. While it’s ten steps, it really does take me fiveish minutes. With make up, I’m either all in or all out. I either do these ten steps quickly or wear a baseball hat and zero make up. Since I have an efficient routine down, I just do it all or nothin’.


  1. MULTI TASKING PRODUCTS: Many of the products have multiple benefits to them, so I can use one product instead of three to do the same job! With all that said, I’m not a “tinted moisturizer and run out the door” girl either. I feel like I have a routine down between that and getting glammed up.
  2. HOLY GRAIL PRODUCTS: Finding the eyebrow pencil or foundation brush that really works for you and you LOVE will allow you to spend less time meddling with fixing your application and be more efficient. Anytime I test a new product in the place of one of my holy grails, I’m like UH such a time waster when I have something that works perfectly for me!


After cleansing, I apply a small size of this moisturizer and a touch of this eye cream. Before moving on to primer, I wait a few minutes. I’ll brush my teeth or make my coffee. or each step where you layer products on the same spot, you want that product to soak in. If not, you just have a messy mush of products all smeared together.

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If you’re running out the door quickly, it may be tempting to skip out on primer. This is one huge mistake! Primer not only sets a blank canvas for your base to lay on, but it also holds product in place all day.. which is really needed in the summer.

This one has been on my vanity for over a year. It’s amazing. I have tested a lot of primers over the years and only have three worth wearing, so this one is a real keeper. I chat more about it HERE.

I let this set for couple minutes before moving to the next step.

Next up, I need some pigmentation, light coverage and SPF. This product is the perfect trifecta because it covers all three! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again today – this CC cream has the best coverage of any products I’ve ever tried. On a day to day basis, I want my skin to breathe so I save foundation for special events.

To match my self tan, I use shade ‘medium tan’ to color correct. When it’s dead of winter and I skip my self tan, I am shade ‘light’.

I highly suggest using a brush or sponge blender to apply. Using your fingers just smushes products around all over, provides less coverage [more sheer] and spreads bacteria. A brush like this one will provide the best coverage, but make sure to read this blog post on the right technique for applying to avoid a cakey result.
One of my most common questions lately, what under eye concealer I use. I have three favorites, but I’ve been wearing this one all summer. Go one shade lighter for a brightening effect that immediately make you look awake. I apply mine with the product applicator under my eye and then blend with a damp blender sponge. I take my beauty sponge all the way up onto my lid to act as a brightening product, or if I am wearing eye shadow that day, an eyelid primer!

Lately I’ve been using the bottom right color from this palette as my bronzer. The products in it are so creamy which is perfect for summer! I just suggest to avoid bronzers with sparkles because they make ya look like a disco ball.

The only blush I will wear is this one in shade ‘paaaaaarty’. You can read more about why it’s my ride or die HERE. Seriously, the best blush ever. I just dust a touch of color onto my cheeks with this brush.

To set my base, I either spritz this on or use this setting powder. I rotate between the two! If you do prefer powder, this is the best one I have ever used. It doesn’t make you dry out, doesn’t cause any cakey-ness and really does minimize pores.

I have pretty thick eyebrows naturally, but I add a touch of this pencil to any sparse areas. It’s the best eyebrow product I’ve ever tried and anytime I test a different product, I immediately go back to this. It’s just super natural looking compared to other products out there and the range of colors covers just about any girl’s needs. I wear shade ‘medium brown’.

For every day, I still use an eyelash primer cuz even with only five minutes, I’m a tad #Extra. I use this lash primer and then this amazing mascara. You can read about my full mascara routine HERE that I use when I have extra time.

And to top off the look, I throw this lip gloss, this lip gloss or this lipstick on. Those three are my al time favorites!

I actually wore this gloss on my wedding day in shade ‘sahara pink’! It’s super pigmented with a beautiful mauve color and just the perfect gloss. I’ve worn this gloss in color ‘sandy’ since college because it’s the perfect nude pink for every day and the consistency is awesome. 100% my fave lip gloss brand! The picture online is not the real life color at all, so hop into your local Sephora to see the true color. And for lipsticks, this is the only one I reach for for every day wear in shade ‘backtalk’. It’s the best consistency and such a gorg mauve!

What are you go to products for a five minute beauty routine!? Xo Mindy



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