I’ve recently switched up the way I make my curls and now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner! I typically have gone for a more traditional volumized curl, but lately switched it up for a soft beachy look. Not only do I really enjoy the look of them, but they are way easier to maintain in between washes!

I just love how my hair has been turning out and don’t think I’m going back to my old curling iron anytime soon 🙂

I find that beachy waves are naturally a bit more relaxed and less tamed, so I’ve found this hair style way easier to maintain in between washes compared to traditional curls or pin straight hair. I also think that the wand I’m using is key. I have disliked wands since the curls unfold so easily, but the one I am sharing today is a miracle worker.

With that, today I wanted to share a few new products that I’ve been reaching for to make the best beachy waves just in case you want this look too!



Before I start on my curls, I do this volumizing hair routine. I’ve found that if I curl my hair then proceed to work on volume, my curls will get destroyed. If I build out volume first and then curl, I get the best results which may work for you too! And it makes sense, right? Start from the top, work your way to the bottom!

Once I have everything in this routine completed, I move on to my beachy  curling routine with the products below.

Whether blow drying or curling, anytime I need to section my hair I use these alligator clips. They are $10 for four and have lasted me over five years. I think S put them in my stocking one Christmas!

I find that hair ties are a pain to section hair because they leave a crinkle in blow dried hair and also are just annoying. When you reach your top section, you’re twisting it around the hair like 15 times.

You could use regular hair clips, but I personally always lose mine since I wear them out of the house, of course 😆 They are stuffed in my dad’s truck, my car, purses, work totes, S’ car.. basically anywhere except my bathroom vanity lol. I keep these clips in my vanity drawer and don’t wear them out of the house, obviously, so it’s never a struggle to find them!

I also like how these alligator hair clips keep my sections of hair super organized. I use the end to draw the line and then twist my hair and clip. The finished curls and working hair are both sections away from each other, which is needed for organization and efficiency if you have super thick hair like me!


I bought this wand during a Sephora sale like three years ago and I used it once, but immediately went back to my curling iron. I had used the largest barrel the wand trio offer and naturally, as my curls they totally just fell out. Bleh.

I like to curl with a smaller barrel [the other two in the trio set] because as your curls fall, they will loosen up into the bouncy, large curls you’re looking for. The tighter the curl you start with, the better. I hope that makes sense.

For this specific look, I used the tapered wand attachment.

All that to say, this brand has a cult following, so I held on to it knowing that this was just user error and I needed to give it another chance eventually. I reached for it a few weeks ago and WOW .. I don’t know if I’ll reach for my old curling iron again.

Here are a few reasons it’s a really great curling wand:

-Curls last 3X longer than a standard wand or curling iron. I do not know how T3 does it, but it’s true. And amazing.
-Five heat settings [260-410°F ]. If you use a hot tool without multiple settings, get rid of it! You’re likely scorching your hair at 450*. Ick. I use temp three.
-Heats up super fast. I’m sure this is true with
-Less damage. The T3 Tourmaline reduces frizz, smooths hair and also isn’t as damaging as other curlers.
-One-Hour Auto-Off. For a piece of mind!
-Nine-foot, 360° swivel cord. I don’t know about you, but I always battle my hot tools cords, but this swivel feature and super long cord make it annoying-free.
-Cool tip. I didn’t realize how much I’d love this feature. The end tip doesn’t heat up which isn’t the case for many wands!

It’s a $355 value on sale today at Sephora for $250. You get the wand device and three barrel attachments. You can then purchase other barrels as your hair evolves through your life.

Here are some reviews from the A Mix of Min community:

Trish, NY: Best wand ever! My long hair is difficult to curl, but not with the T3 wand. My curls last five days until I need to shower. Of course, they fall and get a little more loose as the week goes on, but they don’t need touch ups and they don’t totally slip ou tlike other curling wands do. Also the cool tip is a life saver.

Jessica, RI: I couldn’t be happier with the results I get with this iron! The interchangeable barrels allow for multiple different looks which I really enjoy. Not only do my curls last longer than with my old Conair wand, but my hair is much more healthy after making the switch. 

Amanda, MA: This styling wand is my saving grace when it comes to styling my hair. My long, fine hair has never held a curl well until I purchased this. Now it lasts two days when I use either of the two smaller barrels [and no hairspray, just dry shampoo on the second day!]. 



For a beachy look, leave the ends out when you curl. After you’ve curled everything, straighten your ends. This makes the biggest difference in a relaxed vs. traditional curl. I use this straightener and really enjoy it!

To avoid crunchy curls, I suggest using this product instead of hairspray. The reason being is that this is a hybrid between a texturizing spray AND hairspray. This will give your curls some volume, some body, but also lightly hold them in place without getting crunchy and super firm like a hair spray produces.

To use it, I hold my curls up at the top of my head and spray the product while I drop the curls. Just as all Living Proof products, it’s a ‘can’t live without’ product in my hair care routine. It took me a couple tries to figure out how to use it, but applying it while your curls drop is my go-to!


What tools or products do you use for your beachy curl routine?! Let me know in the comments! Xo





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