Hi girlfran! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Ours was relaxing after I spent all of last week at a fun work event in Denver. Now that I don’t have any work travel booked for the next month, I’m focusing on our warm weather vacation with S in March! Yay. 

Anyways, I’m here today to chat through a blog post idea I’ve had for awhile – 4 unique ways to preserve wedding memories!

Of course we all frame our photos and create a wedding album, but what about preserving some of the more unique details like bridal jewelry, and flowers? Keep reading for some ideas!

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Framing pictures is a given, but framing your wedding invitation gives you another daily reminder of your wedding day. This may be my favorite piece in our home because we walk past it every single day. 

Zola gifted me this gorgeous Kate Spade frame as a wedding present and it’s just so pretty. I love that it has one slot for your wedding portraits and the other for your invitation. Our guests always compliment it!

Of course, you can use any frame that’s special to you, but if you’re a bride-to-be this is a special piece you could add to your registry.

Wedding shoes are sentimental. I don’t think they belong just kicked in with every day shoes and they are too pretty to be stuffed away in a shoe box!

I haven’t begun designing my office just yet, but I do have a bookcase I purchased right before our house search since it was on sale and I knew I could use it whether renting or in our first home. I’ve eyed it for years and knew it’d be perfect!

I’m sure my dad will ask why I have a pair of heels on a bookcase next time he visits, but hey they are pretty!


Wedding decor is where the real personal touches come in and how you nail your wedding theme. Without any personally sourced decor, it can come off ‘cookie cutter’ and no one wants that! Adding in cohesive decorative elements, unique escort cards, displaying favors in a fun manner and more make your wedding day, YOU!

Since these elements can cost a pretty penny, we made sure that we could either sell [like gold chargers, donut wall] or repurpose our decorations through our home [terrariums, chiffon runners].


We had lots of gold terrariums with moss and votive candles spread throughout cocktail hour and the reception. I bought a bunch in varying sizes from World Market for a really great price!

We also played off this design element with our pretty card box [sadly sold out, similar].

I felt comfortable buying each since I knew knew we’d be able to leverage them as home decor post-wedding. We have the terrariums on our fireplace mantel and other areas of our home. I fell in love with this cardbox and knew I’d use it to display my bridal jewelry and, if we have a girl, gift to my daughter someday.

We also have our grey chiffon runners on our dinning room table which is where our marble escort cards were housed.

All that to say, don’t be scared to spend on money on personal decor. These elements are what tie together your theme and make your wedding day feel unique. Research the market to know if it’s in hot enough demand to easily resell after or fit into your every day personal style to use throughout your home and serve as a daily reminder of your wedding day!


I’m so happy I had a plan to save my bouquet and if you’re a bride-to-be, I highly suggest it! What do you do with old flowers? I’m sure there are many creative ways you can preserve those memories, but I personally have my bouquet dried and ready to be preserved in a shadow box. I always knew I’d want to save my bridal flowers and display them in our future baby’s nursery 🙂 

You can get creative and see how you can work them into your life! 



  1. Annaliese says:

    Such special ideas! I have a folder that I save all of my friends wedding invites and save the dates in- weddings are just so fun!

    xoxo A

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