When I met S at 16, I had never been on an airplane! My family went camping throughout summer, so those were our family vacations growing up. S’ family vacations looked a little different. They had an annual trip to tropical destinations. When my [now] father in law heard I had never been on an airplane, he made it his mission to cross that off my high schooler bucket list 😛

I’m so lucky to have experienced five different countries and cultures via their annual family trips. This even included my first international flight and trip to Italy!

All that to say, traveling with S is one of my favorite things. Together we have experienced seven countries and I can’t wait for a life of adventure to cross off many more. We are actually planning a trip to Europe for next Spring!

While traveling with someone or a group are both full of fun, laughs, memories and adventures.. traveling by yourself can be full of each too!

Other benefits of traveling solos? Well, you get lots of quiet time to unwind, have only your wants and time to abide by and also are more apt to strum up conversations with passerbyers. The biggest benefit I’ve learned? More independence!

I had my first solo trip at 25 and have had 20+ trips since then. I’ve learned so much about myself and grown more independent from these solo trips. So today, I wanted to share five reasons you should try a solo travel trip.

5 Reasons You Should Try Traveling Solo


Before traveling alone, I always considered myself independent. On my first solo trip, I quickly realized I hadn’t truly relied on myself solely. While I was all acting I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T all this years, I wasn’t in all scopes of life. I could always use a lifeline by making a call to my dad or FaceTime S.

When traveling alone, you’re in it alone [well with Google Maps].

You have to build your own travel schedule, logistics, itinerary and be fully aware of your surroundings at all times.

When traveling as a duo or group, some people take lead on specific tasks and you have a mentality that ‘they got it.. it’ll just all work out’ since you’re safe and together. Ultimately for some portion, you go on autopilot knowing your husband has the flight logistics covered, your bestie took on the trip itinerary or your parent took on ‘that slice’ of responsibility.

My first trip solo was as close to a disaster as it can get, but I came home a new woman! With each mistake I made or new path I crossed, I had a learning. I knew I’d grown in leaps and bounds being on my own.

I learned more about myself than I had in years, truly relied on myself 100% for the first time ever and gained actual independence.

With each trip since, I have grown, matured and relied even more on myself. I think real independence is not batting an eye at going into a restaurant and saying “one, please!”. Haha! While hotel room service is fun, going out and trying a new restaurant solo [and not feeling like and odd ball] is better!

When you’re traveling for one, no need to build an itinerary factoring in other people’s needs, preferences or wants.

Luckily, S and I are an exact pair for travel preferences. We both get up super early, always find the coffee shop first, have 1-2 things planned for the day and let the rest be an adventure. But if you and your travel partner are different in some areas, traveling solo gives you all the ropes!

You get to drink at the coffee shop of your choice, eat at the restaurant of your pleasing and honestly change plans at the drop of a hat without disappointing anyone.

Traveling in a group or duo is always fun, but it is a total different refreshing take when you get to just do you!

From sitting at your airplane gate, walking through an unknown city alone or heading to bed in your hotel room, you learn to enjoy the stillness. There is nothing like getting to know yourself like .. only being with yourself!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m with my loved ones, I’m in a little bubble. When traveling in a group or even as a duo, you silo in.

Traveling alone makes you naturally more aware of your surroundings because you need to be. You’ll find that you’re far more apt to drum up a conversation with a stranger and learn about a new company, new culture, new or or even just find similarities. Connecting with people is fulfilling.

While I take after my dad with being a social butterfly and will talk to just about anyone, I definitely meet more people when I’m flyin’ solo.. literally.

Ultimately, you really get to know yourself. I don’t think I’d have some of the skills or know some quirks about myself unless I’d experienced traveling alone.

Want to see a new sight? Does your work offer the option to attend conferences? Have an office in another city? Go for it!

As humans, we naturally feel vulnerable and outside of our comfort zone if we don’t have someone by our side experiencing what we are going through, but it’s in the moments [often high stress ones like travel], that we learn the most about ourselves and truly earn our independence!

Where do you want to experience next? Xo Mindy


  1. Annaliese says:

    Love this! My first solo trip was a big one- studying abroad in France in college! It definitely wasn’t a perfect experience and a lot of things actually went wrong on that trip- but I came out better than before!

    xoxo A

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