Oh boy, the most magical sneaker there is! Today I am reviewing the Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Bliss Sneaker. You have probably seen these sneakers all over Instagram.

Spark notes? They are worth every penny according to myself and Oprah. With the price they are, that’s a big statement to say especially if you are super dilligent with purchases like me. I read every review found on the internet before making a purchase like this. So if you want my take on the APL Techloom Bliss Sneaker, keep reading!


Who is Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)? 
APL is an athletic brand that was launched in 2009 by two former college athletes who wanted to create footwear that over performed, was backed by technology and also fashionable.

The brand is known for “Techloom” which is a comfortable, breathable knit fabric that won’t stretch out like other brands. Another thing that sets Techloom apart is that it comes in dozens of trendy colors, like millennial yellow, neon pink and rose gold.


Why I purchased my first pair of APL Techloom Bliss Sneakers

I’ve seen Katrina from Tone It Up wear these pretty pink sneakers for a few years now, so I was familiar with the brand through her.

I had then stumbled upon the APL Techloom Bliss on Instagram and was drawn to the sleek look of the shoe. Instead of laces, the Techloom Bliss has a band that I thought looked cool.

So I’ve been traveling a lot lately and was over running on hotel treadmills with Nike’s. Nike’s are a cute shoe, but I haven’t found a single pair I can run even just a short distance in due to the lack of shock absorbency and ankle support.

I am an avid runner and for my stance, Brook’s has been my running shoe brand of choice for seven years and through many half marathons.

That to say, I don’t want to put wear on my nice Brook’s running shoes while traveling and honestly they aren’t cute.

I saw this pair during a Shopbop sale earlier this year and decided to give them a go. After two months, six flights, seven hotel treadmill runs and not having to fiddle with laces through security.. I already bought this second pair since they are 50% off!

My favorite details of the APL Techloom Bliss Sneaker

  • No laces: I never realized how convenient this would be! I love being able to slide on and off quickly at home and also for airport security. Super convenient!
  • Cushion: I’ve never walked in another pair of shoes that were so cushioned. It’s really like walking on air
  • No break in: I’ve heard for other APL sneakers, they require break in. The Techloom Bliss required none. They were comfy, cozy from the get go.
  • Color options: Uh – so many! If you want neutrals, they got ’em. Black, grey, white.. you name it. If you want something more spunky like blush, rose gold, neon yellow.. they’ve got those too! I have two pink pairs 🙂
  • Shock absorbency: I LOVE that I not only travel in these, but can run in them! I have ran up to three miles in these sneakers without any issues because of the shock absorbency.


How does the APL Techloom Bliss Sneaker run for size?
They run small, so go up 1/2 a size. That seems to run true from every single review I’ve read!

What retailers can I purchase APL from?
Lots! Over the last year, APL sneakers have become available via many retailers like Nordstrom, Zappos, Shopbop and Amazon.

How much do APL Techloom Bliss sneakers cost?
While these are pricey at $200, I suggest always purchasing during a sale! I found this pair for 50% off, plus and additional 20% off during the ShopBop sale making a $200 sneaker only $80!

Also, just search for the shoe every now and then and you may catch them being discounted at certain retailers like Nordstrom, Zappos, Shopbop.





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