Hi guys – today is Amazon Prime Day where products from beauty and fashion to home appliances on major sale! In case you wanted to take advantage of these prices, I wanted to share my favorites!

I’ll recap them below, but know that at any time you can shop via my Amazon storefront! The URL is easy to remember:




I actually just bought this cleansing brush at the Nordstorm Sale and it’s a few dollars cheaper during Prime Day! I’m showing you it in action on my Instagram stories today.

A facial cleansing brush will give your pores a gently, but deep clean and ensure your face is free of oil, dirt and make up. It’s a staple in my beauty routine to keep my skin healthy!

I enjoy this product over a Clarisonic device because the silicone is more hygienic than bristles that harbor bacteria and you can easily disinfect the silicone after every use! Since you don’t have  bristle head to replace, you also won’t have a recurring charge with this one.

Shop here at 41% off!
Today with Prime: $59. After sale: $112.

We’ve had the Ring home security set up since last fall and we can’t imagine a day without it. I have a in depth review on our products here.

Not only does it keep tabs on who visits every square inch of our property, but also keeps tab on our deliveries. We receive phone alerts if someone rings our doorbell or creates motions near any of our outdoor lights/cameras.

Although our neighborhood is vey safe, I like that S can easily click into the app for real time viewings or past activity playbacks when I’m working from home. He is able to keep tabs on what’s occurring at our house while at the office and ensure MCB and I are all safe and sound.

When we leave the house, we can arm it. Meaning if someone breaks in, we are notified, an alarm goes off and emergency are dispatched. I have a in depth review on our products here.

Shop here at 40% off!
Today with Prime: $119. After sale: $200.

Everyone is raving about this product! It’s basically a round brush/blow dryer in one. You can take wet hair, run this though it and receive a blow out. Pretty cool! 

Shop here at 30% off!
Today with Prime: $45. After the sale: $60.

We received this amazing vacuum as a wedding gift and it is a game changer for every day house maintenance, especially with a pet! Muenster tracks so much litter and sheds even with brushing him a few times a week in the two years of owning this, it’s made me not have to vacuum every single day by hand to keep up with it. 

You can program the app to automatically run at certain times automatically during the day or you can run it ad hoc by clicking the ‘on’ button. 

We run this daily to clean the first level of our house which is open concept, all hardwood floor and three rugs. The cool thing it hat is remembers where it can and cannot go after a couple runs so even if you don’t have an open concept home, it’ll learn where your doors are to enter each room. 

When we lived in our apartment, it used to clean the builder-grade rugs thoroughly!

We have this one which is 39% off today!
Sale price: $549
After sale: $900 

Here is the next tier down which is still such a great quality, but $230 instead.

Are you taking advantage of the Amazon Prime Day deals? Check out this blog post for my top 10 Amazon favorites too! Xo Mindy



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