For years, I never understood the Amazon hype. Sure, I used Amazon for college books at times and the shipping felt like two months. Then fast forward a few years post-grad while we were wedding planning and we signed up for Prime via a suggestion from our wedding planner, Kelsey. We had so many items come up throughout those months that we needed STAT and Prime was a life saver.

Well, we’ve been married for over a year now and we still have Amazon Prime and we don’t want to go back to life without it! Two day shipping s more convenient that Target trips! The amount we save on basic household products compared to grocery store or Target prices, pays for the membership itself. Plus, by avoiding the store I feel like I don’t add unnecessary items to my cart.

All that to say, we have a lot of Amazon purchases we really like. I like reading other blogger’s posts about Amazon, so I figured I’d create one as well and reshare every few months.



I gifted this smart mug to my husband on Valentine’s Day. He’s a huge tea drinker and I know how annoying it is when your beverage sits and gets cold during the day so I knew treating him with this smart mug was a great idea!

So how does it work? Via an app, you can set your preferred drink temperature and it also provides suggestions based on what you’re drinking. Green tea can easily burn which is my husband’s go-to day drink and he’s said that his tea tastes much better now since he can brew it at a lower temperature than what his office’s Keurig spits it out as.

You drink stays warm due to the heater on the bottom layer of the mug. The coaster is the charger. It comes in white, black and copper right now.

Now onto my favorite mug! S gifted me this pink stainless steel mug in my Christmas stocking and I’ve used it every day since.

Just like Yeti or HydroFlask tumbler’s your coffee stays hot in the mug for hours on end. In addition to the stainless steel aspect, this mug has a vacuum sealed sippy top which is the real way it preserves heat.

I have pink, but this comes in so many colors and makes a really thoughtful gift for $25. Note that the pink is more pricey on Amazon now due to demand, but it wasn’t a few months ago so I think it’ll fluctuate every so often.

Since last Spring, I’ve been transitioning our home away from traditional products chalk full of toxic chemicals and towards clean, plant-based alternatives. I don’t want my furbaby consuming toxic crap that his toes walk on or that his dishes touch while being washed. Before we have children, I have a goal to transition our entire home!

I’ve found it’s easiest and least overwhelming to work towards this is just to replace an empty product with a clean alternative.

This past month, I ran out of hand soap so we refilled with this brand. The scent is amazing and the price isn’t that crazy at $5 a bottle.

I’ve been using protein powder to recover my muscles post-workout for ten years and personally, this one is my favorite. I’ve used it for five of those years and if I ever sample another brand, I immediately go back to this.

If you’re A Mix of Min OG reader, you know I love Tone It Up’s protein powder. Here are some reasons why:

  • It’s pea protein, so unlike whey it’s gentle and won’t upset my belly.
  • The ingredients are things you can actually read and unsderstand. Most protein powders labels have things that looks like this: ajshdjaywuyernr. Lol. TIU’s protein has straightforward ingredients like: pea protein, cacao, monk fruit.
  • In addition to the ingredients, the list is minimal. You’ll find only around five to ten ingredients in each flavor.
  • The taste is the best out of any regular or vegan protein powders we’ve tried! I suggest using unsweetened almond milk to mix and it tastes like chocolate milk!

Check out this blog post with more details!

I’m aways asked about my phone case! I got my iPhone threeish years ago and have used this phone case the entire time. I have repurchased it from Amazon once a year since and for a phone case, a year long life is really good!

It’s not only cute, but also shock absorbent and doesn’t add clunky weight to your phone. I’ve dropped my phones many times, but this brand protects it.

Ever since seeing this brand on Shark Tank, I’ve been wanting to try them. S and I pack our lunches for the office each day and the amount of baggies we were using made me cringe.

We’ve grabbed these resuable baggies in varying sizes that are dishwasher safe!

If you have Alexa, these smart plugs are amazing! Not only can you voice command anything you plug into them, but you can control them via an app. Maybe this is something everyone has, but I was amazed by them once S set them up.

We originally bought them to set our outdoor Christmas lights on a timer, but enjoy them just as much inside for our lamps. They come in a set of three for under $30.

I love my com collagen peptides! They are amazing for healthy hair growth, strong nails, vibrant skin, better sleep, joint repair, digestive health and more. You can read my experience with them in this blog post.

You can easily grab them on Amazon in three sizes, travel sticks, 5 ounces or 20 ounces.

These are my all time favorite hair ties for styled hair. Not only are they ouchless, but they also don’t stretch out (!!!), don’t lose grip and and give major pony tail volume. Just see it for yourself in this blog post.

Goody gifted me these hair ties to test for their launch a year ago and ever since, I have repurchased via Amazon in this three pack.

I have the most sensitive legs and shaving really irritates them and makes them very painful. If you struggle with this, using fragrance-free shower soap and lotions can help and did for me!

I also suggest this shaving cream it has been a total game changer. I no longer have super painful red spots or irritated patches of skin due to this product. I keep this four pack in my linen closet at al times!



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