This time of year I love to spruce up my fitness wardrobe! Working out during the winter can be a drag since it’s so dark out. My favorite workout is running which doesn’t happen all that often this time of year in New England, so new clothes are a nice way to get some extra motivation to lift weights, spin on my Peloton or do a HIIT work out.

Here are a few pieces that caught my eye or that I already own and enjoy in case you need a fitness wardrobe refresh too!

fitness finds under $100

1. NO SHOW SOCKS: These $20 socks look so comfy! I needed some new ones and like that these won’t show above my sneakers.

2. FUZZY PULLOVER: I grabbed a similar fuzzy pullover earlier this year  by Zella and live in it! It’s the coziest layer to throw on before the gym or just lounge, honestly. This one is by the same brand and nearly identical. I went up one size, but wish I’d had gotten my normal size.

3. BEYOND YOGA LEGGINGS: I’ve been wanting to try this brand! I have a girlfriend that raves about the quality and comfiness of them. I may grab them before my work trip at the end of the month to test out! They also come in a classic black.

4. DRY SHAMPOO: You can’t think about fitness without dry shampoo! This one is my favorite one because it actually cleans your hair and gets all the moisture on your scalp from any intense work outs. 

As a tip, spray it in before you workout too! Most of your sweat will soak up as it develops while you work out. 

5. ZELLA TEE: I love a simple, breathable tee when spinning or doing HIIT workouts. You just don’t have to fiddle with it as much as you do a tank top. I own this $30 one from a couple years ago and always each for it. Grab your normal size.

6. ADIDAS SNEAKERS: How fun are these cute sneakers? While I’m eyeing the fun leopard print, they come in many colors like blush and black. I own them in white! I suggest going down one whole size because they run large.

7. LONG SLEEVE ZIP UP: This light layer is great for wearing to and from spin class or the gym. Often times exercise classes are so cold before class starts. I have a similar layer to this one that I keep on for the warm up of my spin classes so that I’m not freezing!

8. FUZZY UP UP: Another fuzzy pullover option that has a zipper and pockets! This one comes in other colors like ivory or black, but the pinkish/burgundy option is so pretty.

9. NIKE SHORTS: 9 times out of 10, I’m wearing these shorts to work out and have since high school. They are great for running, lifting weights and HIIT work outs. I often just wear them leisurely during the summer too. 

10. GYM BAG: This bag would be so cute to use for the gym or exercise classes. If you’re going before or after work, it’s always good to have a designated bag in order to stay organized. It also comes in black.


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