If you’re like me and constantly have an urge to decorate, coffee tables are key! You can easily move items from other areas of your home to freshen up styling your coffee table. It isn’t an area that you have to spend money on or when you do, it can be very budget friendly. When I just graduated college and didn’t have much decor, space or funds to decorate, I’d focus on scouring affordable finds at HomeGoods and freshen it up. Who doesn’t love a HomeGoods find, right? Since then, I’ve discovered additional go-to stores for coffee table and tabletop decor which include – West Elm, Amazon, Target, Anthropologie, World Market, Terrain and McGee & Co.

Today I’m sharing the seven foundational steps of how to style a coffee table. Thanks for stopping by!

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How to Style a Coffee Table

1. Keep it Balanced
Keeping a balanced coffee table requires a mix of scale. If your coffee table styling seems off, it’s probably because your coffee table decorations aren’t balanced. You likely have too many objects in one scale – like large or small. Make sure your coffee table accessories are balanced by using a mixture of different sized items.

2. Mix it Up
Just like when you decorate an entire room, mixing shapes, sizes, colors and textures of decor on your coffee table allows for a cohesive look. It looks nice to mix rounded items with straighter edges – like setting a round candle on a stack of rectangular coffee table books. Pair curved ends with straight ones, textured pieces with smooth, etc. 

3. Less is More
Just with decorating entryway tables or bookshelves, less is certainly more. Don’t feel the need to cover every inch of your coffee table, for functionality as much mentioned above, but also because it’s just too much goin’ on. Especially if your coffee table is large, just can pick one side to focus on. Since my coffee table is square, I cover about a third section that is the furthest from us, so we can kick up our feet (sorry Dad), place a game board or plates there. 

4. Consider All Sides
Since a coffee table is placed at the center of a room, you’ll be seeing it from all angles. Due to this, you’ll want to make sure all of your coffee table accessories look good from all sides. For example, a vase looks the same from all angles and is a great item to consider. A picture frame is only seen one from side, making the back visible from all other angles which makes it best to avoid placing them on your coffee table.



5. Keep It Simple
Keep your coffee table decoration simple because you ultimately need the space to be just as functional as it is pretty 😉 Make sure you don’t over due it with accessories and allow enough room for putting up your feet, setting down a plate or book, etc. like mentioned above! If it’s in a room that doesn’t get as much use, then you don’t have to worry about functionality as much, but simplicity is still key.

6. Store Away Accessories
To reduce clutter, use coffee table accessories like boxes, dishes, trays or baskets to store your remotes, reading glasses and everyday essentials. Or if you’re like me, also your nail files. I don’t know why I always need one while watching TV 😛

7. Add Something Natural
Whether some fresh flowers, faux greenery or unfinished wood bowls, adding a touch or natural pieces softens and relaxed your space.

I hope these tips on how to style a coffee table are helpful to you! Please tag me on social (@amixofmin) if you use any of these tips. I’d love to see! Xo Mindy

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