Ever since originally sharing our dining room (I have an update coming soon!), I have had a lot of questions on how I achieved the look of our dining room chandelier which is the West Elm Sculptural Glass 7-Light Chandelier. Keep in mind that this entire light fixture from West Elm is customizable! So if you prefer the style I put together, today I’m sharing those details. That said, consider all your options for pendant shape, sizes and combos because there are so many creative ways to put this together.

To configure my West Elm Sculptural Glass 7-Light Chandelier, my husband and I just worked by trial and error to emulate the design West Elm has on their website. That said, I have a guide for you in order to make it a bit easier as you configure yours!

West Elm Sculptural Glass 7-Light Chandelier

west elm Sculptural Globe Glass 7-Light Chandelier review 900-2

When first starting to build this light fixture out, you’ll need to select the type of pendant, body of the fixture and the finish color for both.

Here is what you’ll selected to build my version of the West Elm Sculptural Glass 7-Light Chandelier

Pendant: Clear Globes
Pendant Sizes: 3 medium, 4 small
Finish: Polished Brass

Keep in mind that the “clear” globes are open which requires a dimmer. My husband installed one pretty quickly based off watching YouTube videos. If you don’t want to install a dimmer, you may want to opt for the “milk” pendants which are frosted and not wide open.

Alright now that you have ordered your chandelier, let’s talk about the design aspect of it. Below is a graphic. made to walk you through where to place each size pendant (small or medium) and the length of each. Keep in mind that your

-SCULPTURAL-7-LIGHT-CHANDELIE Back four – details from left to right
24” length, medium globe
21”  length, small globe
29” length, small globe
22” length, medium globe  Front three – details from left to right
23” length, small globe
26” length, medium globe
21” length, small globe

Remember that this isn’t a perfect science! Depending on your celling or table height, you may need them longer or shorter. That said, this can be a guide at least for you to know where the small and medium globes go and which is the longest vs. shortest. Start with the above and then work to refine for your personal space.

For reference, our downstairs ceilings are nine feet and our table is 31” high.

You can see even more angles and details of the light in my dining room blog post. Today this light fixture is up to 50% off!

PS – There are also so many other ways to configure this chandelier depending on the globes you opt for! I also love the look of all medium globes in the same length.


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