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I cannot believe that I am typing these words! All my life I’ve dreamed of the day that I’d be a MOMMA and I cannot believe it’s finally here!!! Ever since S and I started dating at 16, I’ve day dreamed about what our future family would look like. I cannot wait to see him as a daddy, our furbaby, Muenster, become a big brother 😉 and meet who this little miracle baby is! 

Little did we know after finally sharing our fertility journey, the same month we would conceive! This timing was certainly a huge blessing and it’s just amazing how things came to be. I really believe that God wanted me to share my experience to help other women feel less alone in a journey that can be very depressing, painful and lonely. Since sharing, I have had so many uplifting conversations with women that had gone through or were currently going through something similar. If this is also you, I encourage you to read this post and know, even if our journey is different in some way, there will be similarities that I hope can allow you to feel understood and your feelings valid.

One thing that got me through both the really great days and the really hard days when trying to conceive was a quote I heard a doctor say – no matter what you will be a momma one day. Whether through IUI, adoption, IVF, without medical help, surrogacy.. there are many avenues to building a family, and though they take time and all come with their own challenges, it’s comforting to know that you WILL be a momma one day! I really hope that little sentence will help you through as it did for me. 

We are just so excited to welcome Baby Servello int o our family this summer!! Xoxo

  1. Annaliese says:

    So so so happy for you both Mindy! What a blessing!!

    xoxo A

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