Happy Wedding Wednesday! This is always my favorite post of the week. S and I are about three months out of our wedding day which means we are about nine months through planning! Nine months sounds crazy to say because I feel like we got engaged last month, but at the same time we have so many check list items under our belt and have learned so much about marriage preparation and wedding planning! We have truly had so much fun together through his process and I’ve loved sharing this experience with you all.

One topic I thought would make a great blog post is how to stay grounded while wedding planning. This may sound foolish to some, but with Pinterest being chalk full of staged weddings, you can really get sucked into details that often times aren’t even reality. Trying to chase after these staged shoots can lead you to exceed your budget and ultimately result in being stressed. Like I noted above, S and I have been having so much F-U-N and stress isn’t a word I’d honestly use to describe our experience [except for the debate on having my hair up or down – advice needed!].

With that said, if you don’t stay grounded through wedding planning and get caught up in having off-season flowers or focusing on napkin colors your vendor doens’t offer, you won’t have fun! the experience will not be enjoyable for yourself or anyone around you. You may exceed your budget, be constantly stressed and focus on the things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of life! With that, I wanted to share five things S and I do to keep things in perspective and stay grounded through wedding planning.
1.Think Back to Your Priority List
I mentioned in this post, that S and I made a wedding priority list for the details we felt were most important. For example, if you were getting married in a back alley what are the four things you 100% need? Photography? Florals? Music?
This list helps constantly helps S and I not sweat the small stuff because guess what, there is a lot of small stuff not worth breaking a sweat about! If your venue only has white chivari chairs, wallowing that you wanted gold isn’t a productive thing to do. Were gold chairs on your priority list? If not, move on and work with what you have. It’s so easy to get soaked into the little details [and little personal details ae important], but we all can’t get our #1 pick or desire for every single aspect of a wedding so keep referring back to your priority list!

2. Reflect and Be Thankful
Taking a moment to reflect on things that have gone great puts other wedding areas in perspective. Fro example, S and I got our #1 choice dream photographer so when we were at wits end finding a DJ, we would say “Hey – at least we have Peter!”. Also, just to note we are SO thankful for the DJ we found, it just took a lot of ‘no’s’ to find the right one because apparently everyone is getting married in Maine on September 9th ;-). Either way, taking that moment in the midst of feeling frustrated to say you’re thankful for one aspect that went smoothly and was easy helps keep you cheery!

3.Work Around Your Package
Let’s be real, most wedding stress will come from the finances. S and I have taken many steps to stay within our budget [I mean he’s a CPA, haha] and one is definitely to work with what’s included in your package to avoid additional fees. Our venue’s standard items are all pretty premium, like chivari chairs and colored linens, which was the icing on the cake when we fell in love with the location! For some other smaller details like napkins, they are just a standard white hue and require a fee per person to upgrade to any other color. While we could have paid the fee, when it comes down to it they are just napkins so why waste money and exceed our budget here? We knew we could make the standard white napkins work with by tweaking a few of the others areas that we already budgeted for or are included, like linens. I really suggest taking the time to work with what you have and really think before opting to spend on an unplanned for item.

4. It’s About the Marriage
When it comes down to it, we all want to have a fun party to celebrate our marriages with perfectly Pinterst-able cutesy details, but what really matter is the marriage. The union between yourself, God and your future spouse is what’s important, not out-of-season fuchsia peonies or white napkins 😃

I hope these tips help keep you grounded through your wedding planning process! Please share any advice you have as well! You can also read our proposal story here, my bachelorette party here, bridal shoe advice here and how we designed our save the dates here.  Xo Mindy


  1. Ashley says:

    Love these! Sometimes I just have to remember that I’m marrying my favorite person in the world surrounded by our favorite people! This is such a nice post in the midst of all the other wedding posts!


    • Min says:

      So true Ashley! It’s easy to get caught up in the Pinterest world . As long as you have your soon-to-be husband and friends/family by your side, that’s all that matters!!! I hope you have the most amazing wedding day!!!! Xo Mindy

  2. Ashley says:

    Great tips! I got married last April and you really nailed it with what’s important and what isn’t. As for your hair, I’d have to say go up! I feel like updos last longer than down hairstyles and also you don’t have to worry about it while you’re making your rounds talking to people, dancing, making sure it’s perfectly placed for pictures, etc.

    • Min says:

      Hi Ashley – Thank you SO MUCH for your hair advice! I’m one of the first from my girlfriends to get married, so I’ve been trying to find other brides to pick their brains and learn from their experience. I appreciate your advice so much! There are so many romantic up-dos out there too. Xoxo Mindy

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