Happy Friday! I’m just now getting this post live that I’ve had ready to go since Monday, but have been so busy. I just got home from my company’s headquarters in Denver. I love that city! Have you been?! We had our whole WW marketing team in town and it was so collaborative, fun and rejuvenating. I’m writing this while on the plan home!

S and I are heading into our anniversary weekend and I could not be more excited!!!! How has an entire year gone by since marrying my love?! Everyone says it goes by fast and that’s so true. We blinked and now it’s been a year!

In S style, he has a weekend of surprises ahead. If you’re new around here, we got we got engaged and got married in our absolute favorite city, Portland, Maine.This city holds so many memories for us through high school, college, post college and over the last two years, our engagement, wedding planning and wedding weekend! Having them all take place in this one area was something I treasure now because going back makes me teary-eyed with love and have total butterflies in my belly! I can’t wait to see his surprises and relax, reminisce and make new memories with my handsome husband.

Okay onto today’s outfit! This dress is so cute, right?! I’m dusty blue and blush obsessed. I have worn this outfit to the office, but will also throw it on for church and an upcoming rehearsal dinner too. Dresses are the comfiest thing to wear, next to PJs in my book 😆

It’s the perfect length, has such a pretty design and looks even cuter with a light cardigan sweater. Adding that layer will move you from late summer through fall. The little drop waist adds a touch of cuteness while the embroidery hem makes it even more feminine too!Loft dresses are always long on me so if you encounter this as well, I have a tip! I personally like my dresses to hit me just above the knee, but theirs are always much longer. I’m 5’7″ and this dress was too long for me, so I grabbed my normal size, but in petite. I consider myself tall so naturally never hit the petite section, but I was so in love with the color, print and style that a lightbulb went off in the dressing room.

The petite fit me perfectly in length since it shopped a couple inches off! If your my height or shorter, this may be a great option for you.

Now if you remember this post, I am super picky on cardigans! Oddly enough, Loft has a huge selection right now that don’t have bulky pockets, unneeded buttons and are such great essentials to stock up on. They are the perfect cut and style. I actually grabbed three in store, which says a lot since I buy maybe one a year since I’m picky. You can see the other two in this blog post.

To complete the look, I grabbed this cardigan, my favorite work tote and paired my favorite low block heels with a nude ankle strap that extend your legs. If you work in a more formal office or want more height, this pair of heels would be chic for a more formal office. I actually threw on these straw slides and it was just as cute!

The fun thing with this dress is that you can dress it up, dress it down and wear it for work or weekend. More bang for your buck!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by. Xo Mindy



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